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  1. Have any of the beta testers here performed an apples to apples performance comparison between these two versions? I know Jordan King stated that he did not see any improvement in performance, but I have read otherwise in a few other places, etc. It is hard to determine in Rob As. video because he is locked out at 30fps @ 30hz (4k nonetheless). Any input here would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Has anyone used this for P3D? Is it worth the price instead of the standard GTN750 gauge? http://www.flight1tech.com/products/avionicssimulations/g750simulator.aspx
  3. Does anyone know if there is a list of P3D graphics settings that explains a specific feature being either GPU or CPU driven/limited. i.e. If I move the vegetation slider full right, that affects GPU performance. I do have an idea of some, but I would like to be able to tweak my settings for my GTX 1080.
  4. DCS was released over 10 years ago though, if you count LOMAC.
  5. Without starting a huge 30fps is perfectly fine argument, I have a question for those of you who know more about programming than myself. As some of you know, DCS World 1.5 dropped yesterday. I was on the hoggit subreddit and there is a thread posted on average framerate improvements people are seeing. I have say, the results are spectacular to say the least! https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/3n5fsu/performance_thread_post_your_specs_quality/ Looking at the data, I am curious what DCS did that LM did not.
  6. In Bobs defense... Before recently upgrading, I had Core i7-2600k @ 4.6 GHZ 8GB Ram 2X GTX 780ti Classified (OC'd) video cards In this day and age, a 60 fps minimum is what I should see, otherwise, it is just sloppy coding and resistance to change. There is not another title that exists that I can't run at least 60fps in 1920x1080 so tell me again why I need a more powerful machine? It will be interesting when DCS 1.5 drops to see average framerate results. I can guarantee you they will be over 60 fps...
  7. Meanwhile at P3D Should we improve FPS or stutter issues? No, we will just add trees that look like a 70mph wind is hitting them. We will call them speed trees and profit!
  8. I would say no this day and age, especially if they are moving past 2.6 right to 3.0. IMO, if there is not a significant performance boost, this is just a money grab from Lockheed Martin, following in the footsteps of EA and Ubisoft.
  9. Anyone know if there is any framerate improvement? Rob seems to lock his at 30fps, i'd like to see if it can be locked at 60fps.
  10. It's humorous how other members say nope, DX-12 not going to happen in 3.0. Just curious, are you guys Lockheed employees?... Or maybe you have super secret cameras set up in their offices?... Or perhaps a backdoor to their servers?...
  11. I agree, it would. This is all we can deduce/hope for with them going from 2.5 -> 3.0
  12. There would probably be no reason for anyone to upgrade to v3 unless they plan on updating to Windows 10. As jabloomf1230 said and I agree, this will be a 32bit update with DX12 integration. From what I have read of DX12, this should help immensely with draw calls and help move most all the processes to the GPU. I would hope we will see at least a 60fps average now with better than average hardware. I know this has nothing to do with P3D, but it is amazing nonetheless (DX12 Demo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=28&v=SN2ayVd9-3E
  13. Hopefully we will finally see a stable 60fps...
  14. I was running GMapHD on my Android a while back with P3D. I recently picked up a Surface Pro 3 and would like to run the same type setup on it. Does anyone have any experience with their EFB for FSX? I am really only looking to stream a moving map overlay onto a sectional chart. Will their EFB perform this? Or is their any other software I should take a look at? thx
  15. It isn't rude when it's the truth. I am in the same type of business where many of my milestones are dependent upon when my customers can get me parts/raw material. If my projections are wrong, I take the heat. It seems like software companies these days have never even heard of setting milestones or even setting release dates for projects. I mean, even though P3D does not have a working SLI profile, the least they could do is allow us to leave the feature enabled with P3D crashing and/or bad framerate.
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