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  1. Yes! Waiting for Maddog version come out.
  2. I can 100% confirm FS2crew is blocked since 2020. See this post below. https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv7696839?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0 If you still choose to ignore this issue, the only way to support FS2crew is using pirated versions. No joke. Order #9548
  3. Have no issue with MSFS and AVSIM at least. Maybe you can provide another DNS setting or so. This is really annoying.
  4. Hi Fs2crew, I just purchased FBW project. I have problem with the connection to Fs2crew server. I live in China, I have vpn to bypass the restriction. But, can you guys give another solution to not use vpn all time? Because the vpn connection is not that stable.
  5. Nope. Actually the opposite in reality. Mining guys are throwing their GPUs to second hand market like crazy.
  6. And get around god damn 500 watt only on CPU itself with a mobo only provide 8pin power connector? Think twice.
  7. Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: BlackBox Sim Aircraft: Widebodies A330/340 Series Comment: Although their products are still in prologue period, but I trust them they can make it the best they can. Also despite with their experience in Flight Sim addons for more than 10 years, the final V1.0 and beyond won't let us disappointed.
  8. I would recommend you freesync by AMD. using DP cable and Freesync capable monitor, once you get more than 30fps, you wouldn't feel any stutters. Only your refresh rate= your fps, stutters are gone.
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