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  1. Yes! Waiting for Maddog version come out.
  2. I can 100% confirm FS2crew is blocked since 2020. See this post below. https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv7696839?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0 If you still choose to ignore this issue, the only way to support FS2crew is using pirated versions. No joke. Order #9548
  3. Have no issue with MSFS and AVSIM at least. Maybe you can provide another DNS setting or so. This is really annoying.
  4. Hi Fs2crew, I just purchased FBW project. I have problem with the connection to Fs2crew server. I live in China, I have vpn to bypass the restriction. But, can you guys give another solution to not use vpn all time? Because the vpn connection is not that stable.
  5. Nope. Actually the opposite in reality. Mining guys are throwing their GPUs to second hand market like crazy.
  6. And get around god damn 500 watt only on CPU itself with a mobo only provide 8pin power connector? Think twice.
  7. Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: BlackBox Sim Aircraft: Widebodies A330/340 Series Comment: Although their products are still in prologue period, but I trust them they can make it the best they can. Also despite with their experience in Flight Sim addons for more than 10 years, the final V1.0 and beyond won't let us disappointed.
  8. Good thinking, either DX11 or DX12, we are talking about more performance, and we really eager of performance.
  9. There's no extra cost if you wanna upgrade to Win10, unless your licenses are Pro ones, all other licenses are free of charge to upgrade to Win10. No more cost in licenses, and the system is quite stable. Most applications you' re using today can run under Win10, less issues than the time when Win8 came out. I just can't understand why users and companies refuse Win10.
  10. I would recommend you freesync by AMD. using DP cable and Freesync capable monitor, once you get more than 30fps, you wouldn't feel any stutters. Only your refresh rate= your fps, stutters are gone.
  11. Er...I don't get the point, I'm not english native, so I probably miss some. This thread is somewhat a speculation thread if somebody think so. I treat it as what DX12 will give us thread. I don't know how to let you understand even, seems you missed lots of stuff about DX support and DX capable. Why separate? Ashes can run in DX11 and DX12, see the video I posted on #1. So, P3D can also run in two or more DX version. Actually, P3DV2 have the ablility to capable DX9 (or DX10 maybe, not sure which version) and DX11. There's always someone says the new OS system has these or those issuses, and they refuse to upgrade. See people who refuse to upgrade to WinXp when Xp was coming out, and remain using their Win2000. Also Win7, Win8. I don't know what they thinking, for capability? For stablility? But after some years, they have to move on to newer ones. Some people just be that conservative, they refuse to use new technologies, but finally, they have to accept it and refuse newer technologies. Strange people.
  12. I think there's no one could be as professional as a moderator/ beta tester. So I just take what he said as a truth. Maybe he just made a joke, or he can come here and say " yes, I'm joking", and we stop this topic, right? Good thinking with some mistakes. 1-Absolutely, DX12 only comes with Win10 and DX12 capable Video Card. But that not means you have to buy a new card like GTX980Ti (Maxwell 2.0), or a R9 380 (GCN 1.2). Almost ALL THESE current DX11 capable cards are capable with DX12 except HD6000, HD5000 and intel 3rd ones. 2-just as J Van E said, P3D has various DX version capability. My friend had a GT240 which could only capable with DX10, but he could also use P3D 2.5, but run in DX9. So, you know, the OS is not that serious, and P3DV3 mostly will also remain DX11 support for old systems. Er...right, home simmers are not LM's priority, never will be. But look at the route map from P3DV1 (DX10), P3DV2 (DX11), and possible P3DV3 with DX12. Each version update came with DX version update. Maybe V3 will not initially support DX12, but it nearly 100% will in the near 3.1, 3.2 etc. Personally, I think LM is quite aggresive in obtaining performance for their simulator. Maybe, we all make speculations.
  13. This is what n4gix posted, seems make sense because he's a moderator. If I may inject a few salient points. I am one of many v3.0 beta testers. Rob is quite correct to be "excited." JV views v3.0 through his own particular filters, and is quite likely to not be focused on anything not related to scenery and folder/file management and how it impacts his company's products. v3.0 is not 64bit As for DX12, please everyone keep in mind that this would require a complete revamping of the minimum requirements for Prepar3D: OS must be Win10 Video card must support DX12 Video drivers must support DX12 Item #1 is the major sticking point for the next few years at least. I got AMD and Nvidia both. Nvidia said they have a problem about display driver, Ashes uses a DX12 feature that NV hasn't fully supported, that sounds like a joke, but maybe true, guess NV will take over of it. Let's just regard P3DV3 has DX12, in my view, V3 will not use that much features in DX12. AMD just said that there's no "fully support" of DX12, both developers and chip designer take useful features from it but not all of them. I do know what you mean. That's why I post Ashes demo, not other DX12 benchmark. Ashes and P3D have a same property, they both require huge amount drawcalls. ​
  14. As n4gix said before, let's regard that P3DV3 is DX12 compatible, no 64-bit, we still couldn't max out our scenery settings. But look at this video, I think we could get more from performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuUcIfcMDtc
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