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  1. Hello, This issue has been most probably resolved by disabling Shadin Fuel Computer. Since then not a single freeze. I was unable to locate which plugin shall interfere with that, as I am using only few of basic and very common plugins. Pavel
  2. Hello Jean-Luc, Unfortunately 2.5.7 has frozen yesterday. All seems to be exactly as previously described here. I am sending our crash report here: https://mega.nz/#!KE9Bla5Y!S5Ei2fDoL2IrNrje2q9DUaf4oWPdllkCItvU5GZTphE (nothing relevant is in RXP logs or X-Plane log). Is it still the same problem with dividing by 0? I have just disabled Shading Air Data Computer and Fuel Data Computer in both my units and will try using them this way for some time to see, if they freeze or not. Thank you! Pavel
  3. Good, thank you for your support. I will report if I see any crash in 257 Pavel
  4. Hi Jean-Luc, thank you for quick reply. I have updated to 2.5.7 just now, but I have not done any flying, so no crash observed sofar. For the first 20 minutes after update it is still running. Shutting down engines has no effect and does not trigger the failure. My overhead is not done yet, so I am actually using the GTNs in "always on" mode all the time, and sometimes it fails during flight with engines running, sometimes it fails while standing on the apron with engines off. Shall it help if I disable Shadin Air Data Computer and Shadin Fuel Data Computer for both GTNs? Pavel
  5. Hello, I have come to a problem which I didnt find documented anywhere else on this forum. I am using XPL11 and the GTN 650+750. Both gauges work nicely (I am keeping them in popup undocked window on my two touchscreen displays), but sometimes they freeze. Sometimes I can fly the whole day and they are ok, sometimes they freeze after 3 hours of flying, sometimes they freeze after 5 minutes of standing on apron. They freeze worldwide, regardless of location. When they freeze, the whole GTN display remains as it was, but nothing is clickable, nothing moves - just a stationary image. Sometimes they freeze upon a key touch, sometimes they freeze when nothing is being done, just flying with moving map open. They always freeze both at the same time (650 and 750). The freezing is hard to replicate - sometimes it does not happen for a week, sometimes they freeze 5 times a day. I was unable to find the exact procedure that would trigger the freezing. All my Program Files, Program Files (x86) and X-Plane folders are removed from default Windows 10 defender. No other antivirus is used. The freezing ocurs with any aircraft, even with default-like ones (no complicated addons - just slow general aviation birds). No unusual plugins running at the background. There are no useful information in RXP logs, but there are two reports at each freezing in Windows Event Viewer. I am attaching the whole report (should be viewalbe in youe eventviewer, I just hope that it automaticaly translates to English, as my computer is running in Czech). Textures/VRAM are not a factor - see attached rendering options screenshot. My 1080Ti is not very busy with my current xplane configuration. Attached I am sending all relevant info from my system here: [link removed] I will be very happy for any assitance. I am quite experienced with XPL/computers, I can do any debuging you would like. Thank you. Best regards, Pavel Brodský
  6. Ah, I completely missed that. Works perfectly! Thank you. Pavel
  7. Hello, First of all, thank you for this wonderfull addon! I love the 750, it works perfectly. The only thing is that it seems that no failures are implemented in it. I have tried all those sim/operation/failures/rel_(something), and none of them have any effect. The radios in my 750 are still on. I have tried writing those offsets to "6" using datarefeditor, or xplane instructor station, both of them having no effect on the unit. The unit also stays on, regardless of all electrical systems of the airplane being turned off. Can you please check this? Using latest XPL11 and latest GTN 750 (purchased last week), with trainer 6.21.0 (the installer was failing to download the trainer for me, so I found this one on Garmin website). If you need any assistance like debuging log, or teamviewer access, just let me know - always looking to help any developers. Thank you! Pavel
  8. Hello, I am here with a question regarding datarefs of GTN 650/750 for the EFIS which I am developing for my homecockpit. 1) Is there any chance you could add "Custom Datarefs" also for the second unit? My plane has GTN 750 as master and GTN 650 as secondary, but EFIS is able to display navigational data to both of them. Currently as far as I understand I can have those Custom Datarefs only for the 750 as this is the master device. 2) In not so far future I would love to program a moving map display which shows the GPS route (again, both from the master 750 and the secondary 650). Could you somehow publish flight plan waypoins from those units? I guess you can access them in the trainer, because you are feeding them into XPL default GNS 530/430, so you could probably make them available as some array dataref. Or is there a way to access those default XPL GPS flight plans somehow? I havent find the correct dataref for the flightplans. Are they available via XPL SDK, so that I could write a custom plugin which would extract them? I would be pretty happy with LAT/LON only, waypoint names are not needed as they are not visible on the EFIS map. 3) can you please specify RXP/radios/indicators/gps_discrete_out? I wonder what are all the information which I can read there. Thank you! Best regards, Pavel Brodský
  9. brodhaq


    Dear myanzet, could you possibly share which company has released a G1000 interfaced trainer for FSX/P3D? All I have seen were just a copies, not actual trainer implementation yet. Best regards, Pavel Brodský
  10. Ok, my problem and my testing is over. I tried re-installing with UAC turned on but not to Run as administrator. Same results multiple times as before. I tried disabling Microsoft Security Essentials (which is my only virus protection software), no result. My Windows User interface language is Czech, not Turkish :-) I have no chance to change it, using Windows 7 Professional the change is not supported without reinstalling the system. Multilanguage User Interface is only available for Ultimate and Enterprise editions. I even tried changing it to English by installing some strange online found exe and doing registry changes which almost bricked my system so that I needed to restore registry by "last known working configuration" tool, but no result. Next I tried installing that 2.4.5 version which...works :-) Again I got those trainer errors during installation (maybe they are connected with the language pack, I dont know), but after installing the trainer manually everything works just perfect. Just for reference I tried turning the Microsoft Security Essentials back on, without any result on the 2.4.5 - it kept working. I even tried disabling UAC again, no result - 2.4.5 working. So the good news are that my 650 is now working, bad news is that I did not find the real cause what was preventing 2.4.0 from working. Thank you for your support, Pavel Brodsky
  11. Okay, my update: First of all, I have been using Windows 7 with UAC turned off since it was first introduced and I have never had ANY problem caused by UAC with FSX or Prepar3D addons. Never. But ok, for testing purposes, I turned the UAC back on to its default settings and restarted PC to apply changes. No result in X-Plane, Map and Terrain still not showing. I uninstalled the RXT GTN plugin and the Garimn trainer, manually erased any files that were left in Program Files or ProgramData, checked registry, not a single trace of RXP or Garmin being in my PC ever. Computer restart again. Then I installed the RXP GTN again using the rxpGTN-650-XPL.exe with Run as administrator. During install I got the error message again (picture 1: translation says Sstem can not find the specified file). After finishing the installation, I manually unzipped and Run as administrator installed the trainer from C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\GtnTrainer\GTN_GDU620PCTrainer_6211.zip to its default path. Then I tried starting the trainer manually from Windows Start menu, it works, map is great. Then I started X-Plane 10 64bit (Run as administrator), but the problem was exactly as before - Map and Terrain pages not working. I moved the trainer "sim" and "GTN Trainer Data" folders to my own "D:\X-Plane 10\GTN_Trainer" to avoid anything being loaded from system drive, or program files, or programdata. I added windows envorinmental variables as per the second image, started X-Plane and...wait for it...same problem remains, Map or Terrain not being loaded. I did another test: uninstalled everything from RealityXP and from Garmin. Restart of computer. Installed Garmin trainer manually to its default location and started RXP installation afterwards. During the installation the RXP found the trainer installed thus not asked me to download those 2GB from internet again, and thus did not report any error during the entire installation. After finishing, same result in X-Plane: no map or terrain page working. Last test: uninstalled everything from RealityXP and from Garmin. Restart of computer. Installed Garmin trainer manually to D/Garmin folder (sim and data) to avoid anything with C drive, program files, programdata, etc. Trainer working perfectly. Installed RXP GTN, no error message or trainer download during instal. Starting X-Plane, same problem - no map or terrain page. Any other testing I should do? Pavel Brodský Side note: could you fine tune the uninstaller so that it removes everything that RealityXP installed? When I uninstall RealityXP GTN from my Control panel/Uninstall software menu, it leaves: 1) empty folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GTN Simulation\X-Plane 2) at folder C:\ProgramData\Reality XP it leaves Common folder with flightplans, checklists and the Trainer.zips inside and Reality XP.dll, rxpGrnSim32.dll, rxpGtnSim64.dll and WinSparkle.dll there
  12. It was something like that the installer could not find the trainer files, I believe. But they were at Program Data sucesfully downloaded. I do not use run as administrator as my User Account Control is turned of, so it has no real reason. Shall I try uninstalling it all and doing over again, or shall it keep broken for further analysis now? Pavel
  13. When I manually start the trainer outside of XPL, it works, map works great there. Pavel
  14. Hello and thank you for your effort. I have just bought the GTN 650 and installed it in XPL 10. I installed the version from the official RXP store, not the release candidate from this forum. During installation I got the trainer install error, but I continued the installation. After finishing the RXP installation I manually unzipped and installed the trainer which the installed downloaded. I did not change any paths, and this is the only Garmin trainer installed. In ProgramData/Reality XP I see foru .dll and one .rxp file. My rxpGTN.xpl.log contains only 17/04/15 18:52:38.748 08836 - ] # win.xpl version My rxpGtnSim.dll.log contains only 17/04/15 18:52:43.370 08836 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version Windows 7, latest X Plane 10 version here. After loading my Carenado C172 in the X-Plane at LOWI, I was able to show both of the GTN units. They powered up. I see the home page, and buttons Traffix, Default NAV, Flight Plan, PROC and Nearest were tested and work (subsequent menus appear, I was able to start a simple LOWI DCT LKPR flightplan and even Review it in the Flight Plan menu. The problem is that when I click either Map or Terrain, the unit freezes. No chance to use anything else than until Xplane restart. The Map button remains blue after clicking it, the Terrain button not. Tested twice with XPL restart, both units same behavior. Any ideas? If you need any testing or debugging, let me know. Pavel
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