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  1. Win 1.6 Pro Linda 3.04.728 P3D v 4.1 MJC 84PRO 1020a 1. I have installed MJC 2.5. When Linda opens MJC settings, the version is verson 2.4 dated Jan 2017 not 2.5. Default was changed to LUA. Should the version 2.5? 2. The redial button (10 to 240) does not change in the MFD1 panel. The button moves left and right but does not change the settings. I do not know if the installs are corrects files. Any bugs here? Popi
  2. popi

    737 NGX Com 1 & 2.

    Thanks to all.
  3. popi

    737 NGX Com 1 & 2.

    @icemarkom or anyone How do I change the radio to set to 6 digits frequency?
  4. popi

    737 NGX Com 1 & 2.

    How do you set the radio from 5 digits to 6 digits. 137.37 to 137.375. William Taylor
  5. popi

    Where is download Op Center

    The Op Ctr is working OK. Popi
  6. popi

    Where is download Op Center

    The Op Ctr is not in the Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center. I will download [again] the PMDG 737. Thanks to all. Popi
  7. Hello Where is the Operation Center download. William Taylor
  8. Hi Bert I am requesting the GTN 750 mod. The first post may have been deleted pilotbigred@gmail.com Bill
  9. I am requesting the GTN 750 mod. pilotbigred@gmail.com William Taylor aka Popi
  10. popi

    LUA Functions

    I believe that I lost the previous post, as the internet went down. Where can I download the PMDG and Q400 functions? William Taylor Forget this post. I found it. William Taylor
  11. popi


    Where can I download the lua functions for PMDG 737 NGX and Q400 aircrafts. Bill Taylor
  12. Mark, My late reply is due to my moving to a different city. The new house internet wiring had to change several remotes and wiring. My internet address was changed four times by the server and all is working again. The old ipad does no like ver 2502 and could not get it to operate. A new ipad will be purchased later. I installed ver 2200, with an old backup, and that version, is connected to PMDG 737-8-9. No errors or problems. Thanks for your time and replys, Bill Taylor
  13. Mark When I click on simsever.exe, this error displays. System.I.O.FileLoadExecption: Mixed mode assembly is built against version 'v2.0.50727 of the runtime and cannot be loaded in the 4.0 runtime without additional configuration information. at.)( at( []gnirtS). How do I fix this? Bill T
  14. Win 8.1 6.3 ipad ver 5.1.1 9B206 Runtime ver 4.0 Fire wall approves 32111+ 32118 =54133 Desktop address Simserver ver License installed Server status: Connected to PMDG 737 NGX + 777x, 747v2 Connected Clients = 49846 QR Code left is correct. P3D 737NGX is on. The CDU is on the computer and the ipad. Both reads is same info. The ipad does change any FMC lines on the desk computer. Using the mouse clicks on the computer FMC lines, the ipad changes the same lines. The problem is the CDU's are in reverse applications. The earlier version did work with this same computer and ipad. How can I reverse this applications? Regards William Taylor
  15. Scot, Bad question. Solution here. Saitek Pro Yoke users may find that the Mode Switch is not visible to Linda. To solve, go to Windows\System32 and rename this file SaiD0BAC.pr0 to SaiD0BAc.pr0.off. Full text here: Page 5 of 15 by----16 Mar 2015 Copyright @ Andrew Gransden My mode switches are 9 10 11.