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  1. I have tried several times to complete the tutorial flight from EGKK to EHAM.Everything is set up exactly right in the CDU (FMC).On the descent profile I should be at or above FL055A at the NIRSI intersection.For some reason, every time I approach FL060, the aircraft levels off.In the altitude on MCP I have set FL020 (2,000).There really does not seem to be any reason for it not to continue it's descent profile.After passing NIRSI, I get an error on the CDU that I am unable to maintain or keep the descent profile and of course I overshoot the runway.Any help would be great.The speed and altitude restrictions programmed into the MCP are exactly as they should be.Thanks for any help.Phil
  2. Hi, I'm not quite ready to join a virtual airline but I would like to enjoy a more real ATC environment in FSX. What is the best full featured ATC payware to enjoy a more real life like experience? Thanks for your recommendations. Phil
  3. Hi, I am ruinning FSX alonf with REX 2.0, GEX and Ultimate Terrain. Can I install ASE along with this setup or would I have to uninstall REX 2.0? The two programs seem very similar but ASE seems tp provide a more realistic cloud and weather generator. Do I require FSUIPC or SIMCONNECT if I install ASE? If so, where can I d/l (purchase) a current version of SIMCONNECT? Thanks for your help. Phil
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