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  1. I have actually hit 6 controllers in one zone. Are you getting this in EVERY ZONE? Would be great to know thanks. Also altitude plays. If in RVSM and depending on where you are, you can really go through some controllers in the RW environment. I drive a CE-680 and when we get up to FL470, there is hardly anyone to talk to. That all said though, thanks for the answer to the question. Your advice will help me make my decision!
  2. Shall we raise the ante? How about not only stick time but what type ratings do we have Hawker 400XP, Mitsubishi 300 Raytheon Premier, Dassault Falcon 10, King Air 350, (Schools) King Air 200, King Air 100, King Air 90, Caravan, Pilatus PC-12 stick time/checked out in. C210, C182, C172RG, C172, C-152 Belanca Super Viking, Mooney 201J, Piper Arrow III, Scenca III, Navajo, Aerostar, Apache, Jeronimo, Warrior From there I have been on DC-9, DC-10, 727, 747, 737 KC-135, 757, 767, UH-1, CRJ 200, CRJ 700, EMB 700, Convair 580
  3. Wow!! Impressive. Just stopping by for a quick look. Keep up the good work!
  4. UPDATE - Madcatz just sent me extra throttle caps and mounting screws no charge.
  5. Hi Guys, I am a line pilot for a jet chart company, ATP and I was a CFI in days gone buy. I fly the Simuflite (KDAL) or Flight Safety simulators a bunch. Now I have an X52 as well as a relatively new Saitek Pro Flight Yoke. I find the detent not annoying at all. I have never flown an aircraft where you would pull back on the controls and have them merely stay there. IN FACT they will spring back to center just like the Yoke or X52 does. It is the Aerodynamics (Positive Dynamic Stability) that brings us back to SnL over time. Unless you are in a fighter and then it's Negative Dynamic Stability controlled by onboard computers then. Sol to have totall accurate feedback would be costly. To me Saitek has done a good job since (as all of us simmers know) there is a huge plethera of models out there for us to fly. What you guys might want to do is go into FSUIPC registered versions and calibrate the yoke so that you don't move the yoke so much to turn, climb, etc How you do that is to move the yoke back maybe 1/4 travel or whatever your needs are and press the max button or min button etc wash rinse repeat. Another item may be of interest, is that many of the jets out there are hydraulically operated. They have a system onboard called an Arthur Q (google it) and that gives us "feel" ha ha so to speak in the cockpit. So to expect feedback from a controller here in FSX is a little odd. To expect NO feel is simply gaming then at its best I'd go fly Xbox at that point. Real World. The feedback you feel from a Piper Navajo is a world of difference away from say a Cessna Caravan. Both of which I have over 1,000 PIC. Not trying to toot the horn here but simply giving you some real world input. On a last note, I was just speaking with the techs out at Simuflight Dallas while I was there for training in April. The programming involved to give us the full motion experience takes (servers) to get it even close to being right. And I still laugh when I train at the 1/4 to 1/2 second delay for the motion to catch up with my control inputs. :) I sorta like my cheap springs in my new Saitek Wonder box! :) I would bet that everyone wants the controls to "feel" like they feel while on the ramp. My thoughts are Saitek designed this yoke to give the BEST of all realms as it cannot be all things to all models to all people and all their wants wishes and desires. My two cents. Have a great day. :) Well said. I use FSX just for that too. It actually is that good. We have 8 aircraft of the same make and model on our line that I fly. Every single one of them flies different, feels different, sounds different, etc. For me I don't get all into the "enth" so to speak here in FSX every RW flight is different, FSX might as well simulate that too. :)
  6. OR? Just take off the knobs and pretend. :) JK. Creative, Ill give ya that!
  7. So we can all agree? THEE Guy(s) who can make knobs for corporate, and airline jet knobs, then sell them for $9.95 per set Throttle, Flap, Spoiler, (Heck Id even toss in the friction knobbette), would make a fairly good haul on this? OR send it in a nice storage box. Knobs for your favorite three aircraft. They could make custom sets for Saitek.
  8. Thanks for the great fix. I know this is an old post but wow. 5 hours without a hint of a crash.
  9. Wow I never knew Mike and wished I had. What an excellent post and thread! Im moved by your experiences and heart in what you do and hold dear. Thank you by the way for sharing and being candid here. This really is an awesome hobby we all share.
  10. Uh I have a different problem now guys, 1984 came by and screwed all my tweaks DAMMIT! 8P :help: :Party:
  11. Hi Guys. I hate to do this, but I am a little short on time and I have probably not done due dilligence in my searching. IF someone would be so kind as to point me into a good troubleshooting guide for the st.. sttt.. sttuddddeerrrss. that would very much appreciated. I just did all of the tweaks Ryan taught. I have noticed a wonderful improvement in frame rates. LOVE IT! But the studders are killing me. I am also a follower of NickNs install as I built this machine for FSX and it was working great when I did that his install method and I also defrag with OnO 15. So I dont think I have issues there. Does anyone know if using System Mechanic to re-align files might have any effect on studders? It is similar to Ultimate defrag and moving files to the outside of the disk. Those are areas of suspect in my opinion. I am far from any sort of guru that is for sure. This is question 1... Question 2 is, now that I have pretty good frame rates locked down around 30, I would like to eeek out a little more. What sliders have you guys felt are the biggest performance hits? For me I have noticed Autogen is huge as well as global complexity. I am in need of performace more than stunning reality visuals as I fly jets and I am using this for an upcoming pilot interview so guages cockpit etc are key for me. I also am using Sivionics and ISG for some well placed FMC work. Ernie Alston did a fantastic job on those. Anyway if you guys could point me to well respected resources I can take it from there. THANK you so much in advance!!
  12. Oh I hear you Rock, I am just dissapointed they dont make a nice yoke like they did with the Warty. It looks like a nice piece of equipment for sure and I may go get one. I just wish they would make a yoke in the same manner EVEN IF the yoke had to be a little gamey.
  13. Ok. I need to chime in here. I read most of the posts and well, they're great. I am a fan of my X52. I am also looking for something better. I have looked close up at the Pig. Looks great again if your thing is fighter games. The thing that is the most disapointing for me with ALL of these great gee whiz sticks is that they are BACKWARDS. I happen to have an hour or two of RW flying under my belt and as we are all simmers we are almost all Captains right? Well what Captain flies from the right seat? In other words the throttles are shapped molded etc for left hand use which is how the right seater operates. Yet we are all seated in our left seats in our Virtual Airliners, those of us who fly strictly commercial aircraft that is. Sorry it is hard for me to get past that. As nice and shiney and well put together as the Warthog is, it is geared for flying just that, an A10 or other single pilot fighter. So for me the expense will just get me a better X52. Now that I am becoming almost a PHD in FSUIPC I have gone back to using my keyboard for a lot of switchology I dont have room for on my X52. (If you use the combo key presses and releases you can call up two pop up screens for the price of one throw of a switch effectively allowing you to use many more switches in case you are new to FSUIPC paid version). So that being said, as long as I am going to be flying left seat backwards throttles LOL, I may as well save my money and hang on to my old X52 rather than buy the Warthog as NICE as it it looks and thanks ROCKLIFF for such an EXCELLENT video. QUESTION Is or are there ANY good yokes out there with decent (JET) style power levers and quadrants. Every PC store or magazine I pick up has throttle quadrants and yokes that do not make it past a Piper Navajo? It is silly to me to be flying a 747 Heavy and have my left throttles be 1 and 2, my prop controls be 3 and 4 etc on and on. Ugh. I am really not a fighter guy otherwise Id be all over the Warthog. Left Seater looking for Left Seater yoke and levers. Thanks guys!
  14. I tried this in FSX just to give it a whirl. Does not work. I heard over at McPhat Rui that the Feelthere FSX paintkit is out. So give it a whirl.
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