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  1. There is that now. LOL. Great point. I'm not a scenery guy per say. I just want a great platform for good glass aircraft. At the moment I want to see what DX12 does for us if anything, before I upgrade and build my next sim rig.
  2. So sorry I missed this and did not get back to ya. First what FMS are you using? Example: I was flying my A380 at .85 Mach and was already at cruise alt FL390. I entered my cruise alt (39000) into VNAV and hit Calc. It showed 510/39000 at each Cruise Alt waypoint. So each time I passed the next waypoint it auto set my Mach setting to over 1.15! (which would be the correct Mach number if 510 was IAS). If I understand you correctly, you are using VNAV during cruise? VNAV is used for mostly descents from cruise attitude. If you are pressing VNAV during cruise you will get undesirable results. That is as far as I can answer until I know your situation a little better.
  3. Ya I got smart and went over to the hardware section and found all the info I need there. THANK YOU so much guys
  4. That is GREAT news! Did it come with DX12? I did the DX10 upgrade a while ago and that helped FSX out a bunch. I did the NickN install, Avsim Guide, then DX10 and have yet to go back to DX9 So I (with others) have high hopes for DX 12. I've seen that you have recommended P3D to other simmers. I like the idea if for no reason, somebody, anybody, is at the helm with support and it looks like we will see improvements etc unlike FSX. So I am preparing for the leap. LOL
  5. I hear ya. I have a lot of addons too. At this point I am looking into it. Question for you. Do you have any stutters? I was talking with my local computer store today and we were thinking that with that sort of power and the higher GPU, that should eliminate most of them, my thoughts are too with the SSD and the faster access, I would think stutters ought to be eliminated. He further stated that all might be for not with the upgrades. He has a commercial demo version of Windows 10 Looks very nice. The thoughts are DX12 is going to be included. Windows 10 and DX12 are geared towards gamers along with a lot of other features. Any thoughts, ideas I'd appreciate.
  6. Needing CPU/GPU Advice for P3D Been searching the better part of the night to no avail. So. I am seeing from the forums here that P3D is more GPU then CPU. Got it. Q. Which CPU, i7 or i5? Q. Then which one? 4690k etc. Q. If I go i5 which GPU? Q. If I go i7 which GPU? I am mindful of the DX12 solution (maybe) coming. In those days we'll have to see about upgrades. As you can see my rig, it's upgrade time for sure, even if something is coming down the pike. Thank you guys so much!!
  7. I have actually hit 6 controllers in one zone. Are you getting this in EVERY ZONE? Would be great to know thanks. Also altitude plays. If in RVSM and depending on where you are, you can really go through some controllers in the RW environment. I drive a CE-680 and when we get up to FL470, there is hardly anyone to talk to. That all said though, thanks for the answer to the question. Your advice will help me make my decision!
  8. Now that was funny Bert. That said, don't you see us all over at P3D in the not so distant future? So is this about it in regards to the "tweakfest"? No NickN Bible? LOL I am considering swapping mobo/processor, upgrade memory, get a good card and jumping in to P3D myself.
  9. Hey Sascha, No worries! Actually I just went ahead and re-installed FS9 from the ground up and re-installed EVO as well. I am happy to report all is well and working like a charm. Looks even better than before so I suspect I did something wrong somehwere in the last installation. Sorry I didn't get to you sooner.
  10. Hi Sascha Were you able to come up with anything?
  11. That is mostly correct. Early jets of any kind had no FMS or even GPS. Old school VOR Vicotr airways and Jet Routes. One might want to go over to ISG. His FMS equipment is WELL worth the $$. Looks like this will be the good model to put those into. IF you do that however, do yourself a favor and get FS Panel Studios to go with it.
  12. I noticed that I had not set up my fs9.cfg file per your edits and tweaks. I just did, and still the same. No matter what I do. I load deafault textures and all is well to 150 miles. I cant even limit my vis to 20 miles and I still get the fallse textures. Possibly an entire reinstall is in order? Could it be something from another program? I am using ADE airport editor to edit airports. I am also using instant object. Anything from them? I really hope I dont have to go back to regular textures.
  13. Yes I did rename the file. Everything was working ok. But... I decided to grab a copy of Eaglesofts Citation X for FS9. Everything was going great until I noticed some texture oddities around 23k. I really never took my Beechjet any higher as I was working engine stuff, and also redesigning my home field. When I took the CitX for a spin I notice some really weird texture things going on. The first three are with EVO. Yes that is the default Lear. Made the save flight easier. Anyway. Look at the Atlantic Ocean off Florida. It has become Angular rather than a nice horizon. There are blurries in one of the others. (OF the first three) These second three are where I loaded up that saved file you had us make so we could revert if EVO did something we didnt like. [url=http://s281.photobucket.com/user/jetblst/media/Screenshot%202015-01-31%2001.10.21_zps3jxgbznx.png.html] These are all at the exact same altitude and location while on pause. In FS9 it is hard to get the exact same angle on the place while doing screenshots. Sorry. Any ideas?
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