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  1. Amazing!! thank you so much, least this will tie me down till the rest catch up with their profiles. Kind regards. Nick
  2. Yeah I had the problem too with the switches in the cockpit going black too, it’s annoying but it’s sort of a risk I’m willing to go without for the sake of having a little more realism, sort of getnused to it after a while🙂Ok I’ll give this a try tomorrow, no harm in trying, I’ll keep you posted. thanks again for your input.
  3. Interesting🤔...but doesn’t the/a profile (for example PMDG 737-800WL) apply to all 737-800WL anyway? As I only have one livery at the moment which is the 738WL😕
  4. Thanks for the fast reply krazyk, i feel happier knowing it’s a high possibility it’s the profiles that need updating, I thought it was s9mething I was doing wrong, which gets frustrating when you try pretty much everything. i found a link to V20 yesterday and the profiles didn’t work, but I can’t find a way to get V24 back, And I wouldn’t know where to start either. do you by any chance have a link? I know R&D is V25 as I’ve already tried it many thanks Nick
  5. Hi everyone, so i just updated Tomato Shade to Version 25 two days ago, and it seems to have updated the Reflection maker also. The drama i'm having (which I have wasted two days trying to figure out) is the reflection maker just doesn't give me the gloss (mirror) reflections on the aircraft anymore (PMDG 787-800WL), ever since I've updated it, my presets don't work (R&D, LiveCockpit), the render preview window is just black (so i cant edit anything myself), I've tried the QW 787 preset, some areas are gloss but the fuselage is matt finish almost, while the PMDG 737 is 80% matt finish with stabilisers being the only thing slightly glossy...im so confused and frustrated with all this, I'm running out of ideas😭 I'm losing so much time trying to figure it out, I'm hoping if there is anyone out there that can help or has had the same or similar problem and has a solution? I have messaged R&D, but with no reply. i dont even know who made Tomato shade so i can message the developer😕 kind regards Nick
  6. im also getting this issue, have you not found a solution yet?
  7. im getting the same issue too, black preview screen, and the profiles i want to use doesn't work, I cant think of anything else to do. ever since i updated to version 25
  8. @Lionwing I had the same problem, check the order of your library, mine sits as follows from top to bottom: LYTV X-Tivat, LYTV X-(Photoscenery), LYTV X-(LC), and 'Library' being the last. i have had some scenery conflicts within the area where patches of Orbx comes through, but its minimal. give it a try and see what you think. Birdy
  9. not to worry...ive just fixed it...im just such a rookie with all this...had to replace the old files to the new ones, all is working! but thank you so much for your time to help me out!
  10. thank you for getting back to me! i just received an email from Evgeny, it was in fact i didn't have the simconnect installed!! only problem now is landing and taxi turn off lights dont work/light up....any ideas on this?
  11. I’ve sent messages to DD but getting nothing back. I’ve also noticed runway and turnoff lights don’t appear at all. Apparently there’s a fix which I’ve added as per the intructions but it doesn’t seem to fix this also. Really confused by all this, I’m new to the pc scene also and I just need some guidance on this issue. Still cant figure out why the castle is still floating and some buildings around it float too, but then sometimes there on the ground, and also the river which is 100m away from the castle is elevated as if it’s in a slope. Ive looked into FTX and LOWS isn’t in the elevation correction tool. I have p3dv4.1. Anyone getting the same issue??
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new to flight sim, and currently having the same problem with this add-on, castle seems to be floating above its terrain along with buildings around it, GSalden i checked out the forum you posted and this doesn't seem to work either, if anyone could shed some light on the matter id be very grateful.
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