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  1. Incorrect. ESP is based on FSX. Prepar3D is based on ESP. Also, when Flight Simulator was originally created you had computeres lie the Commodore 64 with a 6502-based processor and a VIC II display interface that was 160x200 pixels in 16 color mode. It wasn't a math genius and technically neither was the processor. The sheer fact that a flight simulation of any type was actually accomplished on a system so astoundingly limited in capacity is something I'm willing to bet not a single one of us would be capable of accomplishing. In my opinion the design of flight sim didn't take a wrong path but rather it opened up the only path that was possible... without them taking said path, you probably wouldn't have a flight sim at all.
  2. WarpD

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Primary roadblock to getting younger individuals into becoming pilots is cost. A PPL is prohibitively expensive these days when you consider that due to cost of living how many younger individuals still live with family.
  3. WarpD

    GNS and UK 8.33

    Ya never know... maybe by the time we get our stuff moved to 64-bit for Prepar3D L-M will have added the functionality... just never know.
  4. WarpD

    GNS and UK 8.33

    The tuning resolution is part of the core sim... until it supports 8.33... you won't see it. No matter if you have the real frequencies, you can't get the sim to tune them.
  5. Hi, We are not currently offering a separate license for our STEC-55 autopilot that is part of the Cirrus setup. If this is something you are interested in, I suggest you contact via our support email asking if/when a separate license may be available. Using our support system puts this type of question in front of those who decide what we offer.
  6. This has zero impact with Prepar3D. I have no idea why people keep thinking otherwise.
  7. Their 'product' is a hamstrung attempt to push a half-baked sim to the masses. They cut functionality. They cut developer support (I know there was an SDK finally released, but it killed most of the FSX SDK capability). They tried to nickel and dime the crap out of what they had purchased from Microsoft... apparently assuming we would have absolutely no choice but to buy whatever they offered. It was clear from the start that Dovetail intended to make FSW a product that was marketed and controlled exactly like TSW. Rumors of having to pay 60% of the asking price for a developer's addon to Dovetail/Steam didn't get any developers to embrace FSW. Rumors that the devleopment license EULA would claim any third-party development would become property of Dovetail didn't get any developers to embrace FSW. Dovetail did absolutely nothing to address those items. In short, Dovetail has only Dovetail to blame for their failure.
  8. WarpD

    A Concern...

    I think you misunderstand. I have no issue with ads displaying... I have issue with malicious ads displaying. Would you prefer I not notify you that there are malicious ads being posted on AVSIM pages? I'm not trying to say the ads need to go, I am saying that there are ads being displayed that need to be brought to the attention of AdChoice as being a potential threat to visitors to your weibsite... and that's something only a client of AdChoice can legitimately take issue with.
  9. WarpD

    A Concern...

    Jim, It is entirely possible for an "ad" to push a trojan/virus down onto a user's computer. I have seen where ads being offered by AdChoice sits there and cycles through literally hundreds of ads in seconds. There is a reason I have an ad blocker... and it's honestly not because I find ads annoying. I generally don't. The ads I saw were for known trojans. Had someone been duped into selecting them, it would have no ended well. That's why I brought it up. Not because there are ads, but because AdChoice really doesn't screen the ads of their clientele very well. After all, they get paid and they're not liable for actions of said third-party. Since I brought that ad up, I have not seen it since... so, maybe it got pulled? Ads... I can handle... ads that offer up trojans... not so much.
  10. WarpD

    Identifying NAVAIDs not working...?

    Sounds like scenery issue perhaps?
  11. I do hope you mean that in jest... while doing what you suggest is a good idea, it doesn't increase access to more VAS... it reduces amount of VAS needed. If we're greedy... you're a snake oil salesman making unsubstantiated claims. LOL :)
  12. Of the 4gb... 1 gb is reserved for OS. It's not yours to use.
  13. WarpD

    G1000 Powered On All The Time

    Since you are attempting to install our G1000 into an A2A aircraft that is not designed for a G1000, there is some issue regarding power conditions. While our GNS units (430/530) have been designed to work with A2A aircraft, our G1000 is not. We will have to make modifications to our G1000 to support the modified power system in the A2A aircraft. No timeframe is offered regarding the resolution of this, however it is now on our list.
  14. WarpD

    G1000 Powered On All The Time

    Battery1Switch, BatteryElecPower and AvionicsElecPower LVARs are not default sim variables. By default the G1000 looks at MASTER_BATTERY and AVIONICS_MASTER_SWITCH which are default sim variables. I will check with A2A regarding this as there seems to be something that isn't set up quite right.
  15. WarpD

    G1000 Powered On All The Time

    Have you confirmed that the sim's variables for battery and avionics power are off? I am wondering if something is triggering them on behind the scenes.