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  1. WarpD

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    Read: https://www.navigraph.com/Copyright.aspx
  2. WarpD

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    Maps are indeed protected by copyright despite the fact that the roads depicted are public knowledge. As for the raw data being a presentation... the reality is that the format is owned by ARINC, the content is created by Jeppesen/Lufthansa. They compile the raw data from sources around the world. It is copyrightable and thus my original statement regarding the fact that still stands. When Microsoft created the original data for FS and compiled it into the BGLs that the sim uses, they purchased a license to use the data from a company, most likely Jeppesen. Purchasing said data would typically come with a license that expects you to protect the content of said data as you use it. If the data for all of this was as what was originally suggested, editable, then it would probably violate any expectations of data protection.
  3. WarpD

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    Feel free to take on Jeppeson and Lufthansa to prove me wrong. :) They are the two global providers of that data in a raw format and they indeed protect it. Last I checked... no one really wanted to spend the money to test your theory.
  4. WarpD

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    The data that is used to create all of that is protected by copyright. No one seems to even consider that.
  5. WarpD

    no keyboard input in gns 530

    Can you tell me the name of the GNS setup executable you downloaded from our web site? It should have some numbers in the name, that's what I'm looking for.
  6. WarpD

    no keyboard input in gns 530

    Have you had all of these other addons installed with our GNS and been able to use the keyboard?
  7. WarpD

    run time error 5

    When you open the sim up to the create a scenario screen... our G1000 isn't even loaded into memory yet. So it is not going to be causing any errors. However, I am wondering if you have an aircraft.cfg error somewhere that could perhaps be a possible issue. I am going to recommend you contact our support team via our support email (support >at< mindstaraviation >dot com<).
  8. WarpD

    run time error 5

    What addons are you using?
  9. WarpD

    installation tool ?

    Carenado does not support the use of any third party software outside of the RealityXP GNS units. Without access to their VC events we simply wouldn't be able to integrate our G1000 with any of their G1000 based aircraft. On a side note, you said you reinstalled after a long time. Did you do that by downloading the current version from our website?
  10. WarpD

    no keyboard input in gns 530

    I am willing to bet you installed an addon that modifies your dll.xml file and it has killed HyperGauge.
  11. WarpD

    run time error 5

    If none of our aircraft are loaded when you open the browser, it is unlikely to be our G1000... however stranger things have been known to happen. When the sim loads, the default flight is what shows in the 'create a flight' screen?
  12. WarpD

    P3D 4.1 compatiblility

    In a prior post you said "the consumer market that supports your pro market"... that is not a correct statement, nor are your conclusions in your latest post regarding volume sales. I will attempt to clarify: The pro market supports us offering products to the consumer market. Without it, there would be no products available. None.
  13. WarpD

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Ok... any individual thread runs on a single core. Doesn't matter what the software is. There are multi-threaded applications, which utilize multiple threads to improve performance, and those individual threads can run on separate cores and typically do. Prepar3D certain accomplishes that. It's performance isn't about threading at all. It utilizes multi-core/multi-thread performance enhancement. I have no idea where you get the opinion/belief otherwise.
  14. WarpD

    Is this a fake?

    The focus of the video makes the power lines "invisible" because of where the focus actually is with relation to the aircraft's surface. A thin line can easily disappear visually in motion shots like this.
  15. WarpD

    How to create a dummy P3D install folder?

    This is how systems get mangled and messed up....