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  1. Yet another "I've not a clue but I'll make stuff up!" thread... yay!
  2. I think that if one were to make an assumption (and I would urge one to never do that, bad choice), that one should assume that the Bing 3D cities represents the absolute minimum of what the sim's 3D world will offer and probably doesn't represent enough. I also wouldn't assume that MSFS is flying in Bing. I think, based on screenshots provided, that the MSFS world appears to be far more detailed than the the Bing 3D world.
  3. I don't believe Asobo or Microsoft has stated that the list of 3D cities is representative of exactly where things are 3D and where things are not 3D in the sim.
  4. No.. you're beating a dead, misleading horse. As I stated (and you apparently missed)... this has already been discussed in this very forum.
  5. This thread is a repeat. This "discussion" has already happened in the past. This thread should have been locked after the very first post. Asobo (the developers) have stated publicly that the sim will be available for purchase outright (no monthly fees or subscriptions). Microsoft announced last year that the game would also be available as a GamePass product... that's an also not an exclusively. Stop reading into things. Yeesh.
  6. This one has to go to the support system from our website.
  7. It's still light years better than anything else offered at this time.
  8. Uh... it's called TrueSKY... not TrueGROUND. While the lighting on the ground may be questionable... we're actually talking about the SKY... not the GROUND.
  9. You've got something messed up with your install. Go check in with our support queue.
  10. ESP doesn't exist any longer. Hasn't for years. Not sure why you feel the need to claim otherwise. Prepar3D has had a ton of the original internal coding that was part of the ESP product replaced. Even MSFS2020 still uses some legacy code but you're not calling it FSX. 🙂 Also... Prepar3D isn't for you... it's for the training industry... and the training industry will not find MSFS2020 very useful at all... for a great deal of technical reasons.
  11. I am always astounded that the minute some new detail regarding MSFS2020 comes out... there's a pile-on to find fault. As it stands that sim offers more than any sim you can currently purchase, out of the box! Yet, there are still complaints about what there is to come when it's released. Just astounding.
  12. Here's Prepar3D v5... Not sure how you can be disappointed by the MSFS version over everything else that's available. Honestly.
  13. I am amused. Dismissal of 20% gain. Honestly... very amusing.
  14. I am not French... there was an absolute need for me to use Google as a comparison.
  15. The notorious Google translation: Either it's really wrong... or your translation's pretty good.... 🙂
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