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  1. WarpD


    There is no awys.txt file in the Eaglesoft Citation X v2 installation.
  2. Go to our website and download the latest installer, run that installer on top of your current installation. Allow it to re-register your installation and you should be up to date. If for some reason that fails, email our support on Monday and they should be able to assist you further.
  3. I believe the suit you refer to was struck down. The current suit is about them breaching the non-compete clause. I am aware of Mr. Smart. Impressed I am not. We'll leave it at that.
  4. The GLA dictates the CryEngine licensing covered both Squadron 42 as well as Star Citizen, both games are mentioned specifically by name in the GLA. That isn't what the suit is about anyway, your post is misleading, by a great deal. The actual suit is where Crytek is claiming that CGI/RSI is engaged in business of selling their own competing graphics engine. It doesn't have much legal standing (CGI sells games, soon... not quite yet though) and unless something odd happens (has in other IP suits in U.S. courts), Crytek is probably not going to win this. Please list what legal judgements they have lost, don't just make nebulous claims. That too is misleading. Aside from the lawsuit from Crytek, I know of no legal battles they've lost. I have issues with the state of Star Citizen and the cost thus far... but I don't think it's appropriate to make misleading posts regarding Squadron 42,Star Citizen, CGI or RSI.
  5. WarpD

    Good G1000 add-on for FSX-SE

    Yes and Yes.
  6. These values: GPS1_RAIM_PREDICTION_FAILURE_TOGGLE= GPS1_RAIM_ACTUAL_FAILURE_TOGGLE= GPS1_FAIL_GS_TOGGLE= GPS1_FAIL_GS_SET= are blank, and thus don't count... literally. They are the four I mentioned that are used for training. Had they been assigned events, the license requirement would have bumped to Professional. You have made an assumption that all of the possible entries in the .ini file are the total count of possible events that you can utilize. I can understand the possibility of confusion there and apologize, however, I have explained to you the math, and it is correct. I have pointed out that you got both an upgraded license at no extra cost as well as a full refund. You have misrepresented what actually has happened as well as what support you did or did not obtain. Here is the screenshot of the message sent to you directly out of our support system: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NWoP5DEuGvtCwUwq9
  7. It's not about 'bad guy'... it's about being reasonable and straightforward. I have now read your support tickets and am up to speed. The advanced license is what is required to use the hardware you're trying to use. There are twenty-seven (27) basic events for a given GPS unit. The math of 24 divided by 27 comes to 0.8888~ which exceeds the 0.80 level. The four additional .ini entries you were seeing were most likely the events only used in training environments. For training environments, a professional license is required, no exceptions Here are the twenty-seven (27) events for the GNS front panel: GPS1_COM_VOL_PRESS GPS1_NAV_VOL_PRESS GPS1_COM_FREQ_TOGGLE GPS1_NAV_FREQ_TOGGLE GPS1_LARGE_CV_INCR GPS1_LARGE_CV_DECR GPS1_SMALL_CV_INCR GPS1_SMALL_CV_DECR GPS1_SMALL_CV_PRESS GPS1_CDI GPS1_NRST GPS1_OBS GPS1_MSG GPS1_FPL GPS1_VNAV GPS1_PROC GPS1_RANGE_INCR GPS1_RANGE_DECR GPS1_DIRECT_TO GPS1_MENU GPS1_CLR GPS1_CLR_HOLD GPS1_ENT GPS1_LARGE_GPS_INCR GPS1_LARGE_GPS_DECR GPS1_SMALL_GPS_INCR GPS1_SMALL_GPS_DECR GPS1_SMALL_GPS_PRESS That covers both the 430 and the 530 versions. I believe that clears up the math issue. As for not hearing from us, on Sept 12 @ 09:48 you were sent a reply from our support system to an email address at a domain of sbcg*****.net, which contained the following: I am uncertain what MFD he is discussing as I thought this was a 530 we were talking about. I will also ask if you ever determined how to use the no bezel version of the 530 as it appeared from your support ticket that you didn't understand that you needed to edit the panel.cfg files and were instead trying to edit the gauge itself. In short, every effort has been made to assist you. You have not been mislead, we did not sell you something that you could not use and even addressed the problem rather generously by giving you the license upgrade as well as a refund. I do not believe a reasonable person can claim foul.
  8. I notice you didn't use your real name here in our forums, which is required. That makes it impossible for us to even begin to attempt to sort things out, but in the interest of doing what's right... I'll give it a go. Your post above states we offered to refund your purchase price and elevate the license so that you could use the 430/530 with the hardware you were wanting to use it with. So, you were given what you desired (the ability to use the 430/530 with the hardware without paying more) and were given your money back to boot. Not certain that's a valid complaint on your part, to be honest... but to each their own. Now as to why you haven't heard from us, perhaps it's because no one knows who you are or how to reach you?
  9. We don't offer a Phenom... so, this clearly isn't a Mindstar issue.
  10. WarpD

    Tomatoshade Virus warning

    If it is getting blocked by AV software,then it needs to be forwarded to the AV developers so they can evaluate. You pay for the protection... trust it.
  11. WarpD

    Tomatoshade Virus warning

    If you see a 'false positive' from most AV scanners... you really need to stop, notify the developer of the software in question. They can send it to the AV companies who can look into it an determine whether it is or isn't a virus. If it isn't (a truly false positive) then AV companies will adjust their software to prevent it from triggering again. Until that happens... I wouldn't recommend installing any software that trips pretty much every AV scan out there. Just my advice.
  12. There is no entry. You would need a valid aircraft.cfg combined with a valid panel.cfg.
  13. WarpD


    Then I would recommend you ask them how to accomplish it.
  14. WarpD


    The Baron is a twin engine aircraft, the screenshot is a single engine aircraft on that MFD. We are unable to integrate with any Carenado aircraft due to the way they design their interface for their avionics.
  15. WarpD


    You are using an installation that uses a KAP140 autopilot. That does not support altitude entries. To use altitudes with waypoints requires an aircraft with an AFCS autopilot interface. We do support an AFCS configuration with our G1000. It looks like you are flying a 182, if it is the one we install with our aircraft, there should be a variant of that 182 with the AFCS. Also, please don't "double dip" with support. If you are here in the forum getting support, we don't need you asking for the same support via our email. Your email support ticket has been closed since I have provided a response here.