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  1. G1000 Powered On All The Time

    Since you are attempting to install our G1000 into an A2A aircraft that is not designed for a G1000, there is some issue regarding power conditions. While our GNS units (430/530) have been designed to work with A2A aircraft, our G1000 is not. We will have to make modifications to our G1000 to support the modified power system in the A2A aircraft. No timeframe is offered regarding the resolution of this, however it is now on our list.
  2. G1000 Powered On All The Time

    Battery1Switch, BatteryElecPower and AvionicsElecPower LVARs are not default sim variables. By default the G1000 looks at MASTER_BATTERY and AVIONICS_MASTER_SWITCH which are default sim variables. I will check with A2A regarding this as there seems to be something that isn't set up quite right.
  3. G1000 Powered On All The Time

    Have you confirmed that the sim's variables for battery and avionics power are off? I am wondering if something is triggering them on behind the scenes.
  4. Headset recommendation

  5. A Concern...

    It is because of questionable ads such as those above that I utilize an ad blocker. I don't run it here at AVSIM because until now I have never seen anything to be concerned with.
  6. I saw something show up in the site ads that is concerning. At the top center are two small adds, one for emailloginnow.com and the other for emailaccessonline.com I took the time to google both domains and they are both treated as virus/trojan installers. I realize we need the advertising to help pay for the site, but I hope we don't need to support malware like this. Here is a picture of the ads displaying... I have highlighted them with a red rectangle area: Information on emailaccessonline: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/214495-removal-instructions-for-email-access-online/ Information on emailloginnow: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-email-login-now-extension/
  7. Can I safely delete these foldes?

    Deleting them will break the ability to do a repair or uninstall.
  8. Well, if it was easy.... just sayin' It takes time to put detail together.
  9. Synthetic Vision

    We offer no timeframe or planned release date.
  10. I'd post a picture, but that would be advertising... soooo...
  11. Weather Conditions

    Ok... icing exists... just not visually. The visual element would require that the 3D modeler create visuals on their 3D model for icing. However, under icing conditions the aircraft's weight will increase and the wing's performance will degrade.
  12. What you are trying to do is simply not possible. XML will never see actual hardware input from the joystick button as the sim doesn't expose those. The closest you could come is to write something that sees a custom event come in, assign said custom event to the button vial spad. I don't know if XML can see a custom event happen or not.
  13. G1000 Holds?

    I have reviewed G1000 documentation and it appears user-defined holds are a newer feature than our current version. This has been forwarded to our development team for further review. We now have issue with the slippery slope of "in my aircraft..." and we must carefully explore the possible impacts at flights schools that utilize our G1000 and yet may not have this new of a firmware version in the aircraft they're training people to fly.
  14. P3D 4.1 compatiblility

    I am fine with people asking, it's why we have this forum. I don't even mind if I have to repeat myself. There are far worse things to deal with in life than answering questions.