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  1. An RNAV approach is not guaranteed to have a vertical guidance. An LPV has vertical guidance, an LNAV+V has vertical guidance, an LNAV has no vertical guidance. All three of those approaches are RNAV approaches.
  2. I understand your frustration. There have been COVID-19 and other health issues impact our business in the past month. I will see if I can get someone to reach out to you soonest.
  3. A photon is a physical body that travels at the speed of light. It's mass-less. It's size is based on the wavelength.
  4. Events... not commands. In the SDK documentation for SImConnect... it's Event IDs.
  5. The sad part... I thought the topic said Plan 9 or Black Hole. Was going to go in depth about how bad Plan 9 was as a film, let alone a sci-fi film... and then point out that Black Hole was better, only because it was in color and didn't use three different actors for a main character... but... well, wrong topic. Never mind!
  6. I see you having a ticket posted this morning at 09:48 am Eastern Time U.S. as well as one posted last Wednesday at 12:34 pm Eastern Time U.S. Flooding our help system with requests isn't doing you or us any favors. We are not a multi-billion dollar company with a help staff of hundreds. Just a small company that deals with issues as well as can be expected given our size. Please be patient, someone will get with you as soon as it is your turn in our support queue.
  7. We do not support that type of setup at this time. We currently don't have a timeframe for the possibility of a stand-alone G1000 product that would be used in such a setup.
  8. If it took five years to develop a given aircraft addon for FSX, and you can't convert/use any current code... it's going to take another five years to develop said given aircraft for FS2020. Minimum. There is a great deal that goes into the code behind the scenes to make what people like to call a "study-level" aircraft addon. It's far more complex than anything currently available for FS2020. There are entire parts of the aircraft's simulation that the core sim literally doesn't make/support/etc. So custom code must be written. Complex aircraft addons, such those from PMDG utilize a single DLL (.gau file) that contains all of the code to represent the aircraft's avionics and systems. Inside that DLL (.gau file) then can share data and cross communicate with ease. Unless there have been changes since I last looked, each gauge in FS2020 is an independent gauge that works in its own isolated "sandbox". No cross communication, no shared data. I won't even go into the fidelity of navigational data... especially for training fidelity.
  9. They block you if you're using an ad blocker. Which I do. I pay for my bandwidth... they don't. If they want to show me an ad, they can pay for my bandwidth. If you think that's wrong of me... consider: ISPs charge customers bandwidth usage (either flat rate per month or in data size blocks). Business customers pay for bandwidth, home users pay for bandwidth. In short, ISPs have you coming and going. It's like making a long distance phone call and both sides of the conversation have to pay for the call by the minute. Another reason for ad blocker... dangerous ads (they're out there). I only allow trusted websites to display ads... like here! 🙂
  10. Could you please contact our support team via email at support@mindstaraviation.com so we can take a closer look at this issue.
  11. WarpD

    Check my math.

    In December of 2019 there were 74,163 aircraft operations at KATL for that month alone, transporting 9,094,827 passengers.
  12. Uh... no. The statements are in fact rather insulting. I am willing to bet you would not use any of the statements regarding their abilities if you were face to face with them. And that, is the crucible of test.
  13. No, no... that was the OP. The rest of the thread is about insulting Asobo's skills, professionalism, knowledge, etc.
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