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  1. You have to run your notepad (assuming you're using notepad) in admin mode. Your file access is blocked from you, for your own protection. Thankfully, Microsoft is working hard to protect you. So... 1 - Open Start menu and type ‘Notepad’. 2 - Right click on the program that appears in the search results, and click ‘Run as Administrator’. 3 - You will need to click ‘allow’ when the User Account Control box pops up. Now you will have to use Notepad's File|Open command to open a dialog and navigate to where the G1000.ini file is located.
  2. The 172 from FSX would have worked as well... however.. Try doing this: 1 - Locate the G1000.ini file in the "Mindstar\Flight Simulator Addons\" folder and open it in a text editor. 2 - Find the"[G1000]" section in the file. 3 - If there is an entry for "USE_TERRAIN_DATABASE" in that section, make its value after the equal sign "NO",otherwise... 4 - Add "USE_TERRAIN_DATABASE=NO" as an entry in the "[G1000]" section. Do NOT add quotes... they're just for clarity in this post.
  3. Thank you. While I expect the problem to still be there... the 172 is the simplest aircraft and thus removes the off chance that it's something Carenado related. To be honest, I don't think it has anything to do with Carenado...
  4. That didn't actually answer my question.. ??
  5. If you load the default 172, does it suffer the same issue?
  6. Without knowing specifically what you're doing/where the aircraft is at/what flight plan may be loaded/etc... can't offer much response. Also, I am assuming this is the 32-bit version, correct? FSX? P3D v??
  7. I think you're going to need to ask this in English, as well as in the X-Plane forum.
  8. I see your request, but you didn't state what you were trying to purchase... they will probably need that information.
  9. You're going to hate me.. but, that's going to require a support ticket so they can work with you to do something via Paypal. If you post the ticket number here... I'll try to keep on top of it so that you get it taken care of in a timely manner. Best I can do. 😞
  10. The irony of that is that the card processor is requesting you contact them, not us. We have no idea why they're doing what they're doing and they're telling customers to contact them. Yet, no one does. As for PayPal... I'll notify the support group that you want the information.
  11. I have already asked about your refund, and am still waiting for a response myself. Not that it really matters, but the email issue was not on our end... so, we had to deal with multiple issues at once. Microsoft had issues with their Exchange servers (which we currently are on) and we had a few email addresses literally go *POOF*.
  12. The error you received is from the credit card processing company and has nothing to do with our process. We don't know why they're not processing your card. This is an issue that appears to only impact cards from outside the U.S. Because of that, we're currently working on moving to a new card processor. They provided a phone number to call to find out what their problem is, have you tried that?
  13. Except... I told you I was aware of your email regarding a request for refund on the Home license, which was the last email you had sent and that one came from your .nz account which is not the account you used to open the support ticket with. Did you send another email after the refund request?
  14. Your original support request came from a GMail account... all subsequent emails from you came from a domain ending in .nz
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