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  1. Since there are no SIDs or STARs in the core data, it's a moot point... however, at this time there is no intent to support what isn't there. RealNav, as well as products like Navigraph exist for this exact reason. To provide what isn't in the core data.
  2. Prepar3D has not updated any of the airports and is using the exact same data release as FSX. There are no SIDs or STARs in the core FSX data for the airports. While it is possible for the sim's core data to include SIDs and STARs... they were never implemented by Microsoft, nor L-M.
  3. FSX-MS

    Uh... your FSX installation is gone.
  4. I will have a hard time justifying the significant cost increase to attend.
  5. The problem with relying on any method that directly modifies the config files is that you are assuming absolutely nothing regarding those files is going to change in the future. You are assuming that their format will remain unchanged. You are assuming their location will remain unchanged. You are taking a risk/gamble that can result in issues in future sim releases. The command line options are there and should be used before any other method. If they don't work, then L-M needs to be made aware of it so that it can be addressed. I know that everyone wants to do it the 'easy way', whatever that happens to be... it's human nature. I strongly urge you chose to do it the 'right way'... whatever that happens to be.
  6. Wasn't FlightSimCon in Connecticut this year?? Or is this a totally different convention?
  7. With v4 you shouldn't be touching the .cfg files at all. There are command line options with Prepar3D to install items.
  8. Technically I believe it's 32bit first... not simply FSX.
  9. No worries. I rarely remember how to do something with the Garmins and have to go read the manual to answer the questions. LOL :)
  10. 1. Press the FPL Key on the MFD. 2. Turn the small FMS knob to select the Flight Plan Catalog Page. 3. Press the FMS knob to activate the cursor. 4. Turn the large FMS knob to highlight the desired flight plan. 5. Press the ACTIVE softkey; or press the ENT key twice; or press the MENU key, highlight 'Activate Flight Plan', and press the ENT key. The 'Activate Stored Flight Plan?" window is displayed. 6. With 'OK' highlighted, press the ENT key.
  11. You can not install any addon for FSX or Prepar3D v3 or older into Prepar3D v4 if it uses 32-bit code. Period.
  12. More importantly... GPS approaches are legacy approaches designed by the FAA when GPS was still fairly new. They use fixed minima based on controlling obstacles like traditional radionavigation approaches. ... The RNAV (GPS) approaches were then born, which contained minima based on differing levels of GPS precision (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV).
  13. He is correct in that the zoom only affects the center (white/gray background) are of the forums. The blue side bands maintain their sizing and appear to be unaffected by the zoom controls.
  14. Yes, but we can not offer a timeline as to when this will happen. I personally look forward to when we are 64bit compliant and move away from supporting 32bit... but that's just me. LOL
  15. Did you ensure you have the hypergauge.dll in the Modules folder of the sim? DId you ensure the dll.xml file has an entry that tells the sim to load the hypergauge.dll?