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  1. No... it is not. The About shows Just to be clear, you uninstalled your 4.1 before installing 4.2... right? Because if you didn't... then your install is now messed up.
  2. Yep... works just fine.
  3. That would have been my next step... having you download the latest. Glad it's working.
  4. When did you purchase the GNS?
  5. Ok... does this work in other aircraft, like the 172?
  6. I edited my post after realizing it was the default CRJ... please check the things I added to my post above.
  7. Is there a MOdules folder in your FSX main folder and if so, is there a Hypergauge.dll in there? While we're at it, please show me the content of your dll.xml file.
  8. I have v4.2 on my system with no addons and the numpad keys work correctly.
  9. Post your panel.cfg please.
  10. Read: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526956.aspx
  11. It has been my experience that Lufthansa (NavdataPro source) and Jeppesen (Navigraph source) do not always match up on procedure definitions... nor do they always use the same name for certain types of FMS waypoints in a procedure. So on the surface you would think they are identical... but that is not guaranteed to be honest.
  12. A USB port doesn't have much load capacity... typically less than 1 amp.
  13. To resolve the license issue, contact our support department via email.
  14. None of our config files would have any effect on this. You have something seriously broken on your system and will require help via our support email.