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  1. Thank you very much for the explanation, Now everything works and no error messages, Thank you , thank you Ed 😊 God bless you , you made me very happy
  2. Ed , I did exactly that, but when I try to save it gives me a message saying that I am not authorized to open this type of file. It asks me to contact the owner of the file
  3. You are welcome , Ed the P3D V3 don't have Cessna 172 as default , unfortunately, will be that can be issue with windows update ? Because my windows 10 isn't updated , but I can update if necessary
  4. I am using Baron G58 as perfil and turboprop generic, but I am going to test C172 afternoon
  5. I don't know Ed , I am going try and give you a feed back ok
  6. And Prepar 3d version 3 , 32 bits , very old , 😀 omg
  7. And Prepar 3d version 3 , 32 bits , very old , 😀 omg
  8. Yes , I am using version 32 bit , because mindstar still don't have version 64 , correct ? My windows is version 10 , my aircraft is B200 from Carenado and this errror msg happen when I try to use any buttons in the first time. After it disappear but not work this communication with short keys, did you understand?
  9. Hello Ed , i got buying finally and now i am with another problem ... I have installed G1000 in other aircraft " B200 from Carenado " and i have received msg of error and i am not getting to work my short keys in G1000 input settings. The error msg is this: Microsof Visual C++ Runtime Library Debug Error Program: ... Files (x86)\ Lockheed Martin\ prepar3dv3\gauges\MPI_G1000.gau Module:... Files (x86)\ Lockheed Martin\ prepar3dv3\gauges\MPI_G1000.gau File: Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP was not properly saved across a function call. This is usually a result of calling a function declared with one calling convention with a function pointer declared with a different calling convention. How Can i resolve this, please ? Marcel
  10. Hello Ed , my request is 7308 and still i didn`t receive any information about this problem , only automatic e-mail Thank you
  11. Error This page can't be displayed. Please contact support for additional information. [ph] 1-800-654-9256 Your incident ID is: 7055156927252950370 Hello Ed , i am trying to make a new purchase and i can`t it finish it, i have already tried it on four Browsers and nothing. Can you help me Thanks Marcel
  12. Hello , by any chance, have you already solved the problem of duplicating waypoints in some SIDS in Brazil, a problem that was reported a long time ago? Thank you Marcel
  13. Is that how you treat your customers? leaving them with no answers?
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