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  1. Thank you very much for the explanation, Now everything works and no error messages, Thank you , thank you Ed 😊 God bless you , you made me very happy
  2. Ed , I did exactly that, but when I try to save it gives me a message saying that I am not authorized to open this type of file. It asks me to contact the owner of the file
  3. You are welcome , Ed the P3D V3 don't have Cessna 172 as default , unfortunately, will be that can be issue with windows update ? Because my windows 10 isn't updated , but I can update if necessary
  4. I am using Baron G58 as perfil and turboprop generic, but I am going to test C172 afternoon
  5. I don't know Ed , I am going try and give you a feed back ok
  6. And Prepar 3d version 3 , 32 bits , very old , 😀 omg
  7. And Prepar 3d version 3 , 32 bits , very old , 😀 omg
  8. Yes , I am using version 32 bit , because mindstar still don't have version 64 , correct ? My windows is version 10 , my aircraft is B200 from Carenado and this errror msg happen when I try to use any buttons in the first time. After it disappear but not work this communication with short keys, did you understand?
  9. Hello Ed , i got buying finally and now i am with another problem ... I have installed G1000 in other aircraft " B200 from Carenado " and i have received msg of error and i am not getting to work my short keys in G1000 input settings. The error msg is this: Microsof Visual C++ Runtime Library Debug Error Program: ... Files (x86)\ Lockheed Martin\ prepar3dv3\gauges\MPI_G1000.gau Module:... Files (x86)\ Lockheed Martin\ prepar3dv3\gauges\MPI_G1000.gau File: Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP was not properly saved across a function call. This is usually a result of calling a function declared with one calling convention with a function pointer declared with a different calling convention. How Can i resolve this, please ? Marcel
  10. Hello Ed , my request is 7308 and still i didn`t receive any information about this problem , only automatic e-mail Thank you
  11. Error This page can't be displayed. Please contact support for additional information. [ph] 1-800-654-9256 Your incident ID is: 7055156927252950370 Hello Ed , i am trying to make a new purchase and i can`t it finish it, i have already tried it on four Browsers and nothing. Can you help me Thanks Marcel
  12. Hello , by any chance, have you already solved the problem of duplicating waypoints in some SIDS in Brazil, a problem that was reported a long time ago? Thank you Marcel
  13. Is that how you treat your customers? leaving them with no answers?
  14. Good morning , any news about my questions ? or i will have my cash back ?
  15. I would also like to know when I will be reimbursed for almost 3 months that my simulator is stopped? I'm already tired of this stalling to be honest.
  16. Hello WarpD , How's everything there ? any light at the end of tunel? I already have my simulator stopped for 3 months, TODAY , do you have any predictions to solve my problem ?
  17. Good Morning Mr Wilson , i Hope everybody is gone well and with health , as soon as possible please try to solve this problem , its is very important to me ok Best Regards Marcel
  18. Well actually, i only sent 2 emails , one in a week and the other in the following week, and this is not flooding your help system and another question is , you don't need to be a Multi - Bllion dollar with help staff of hondreds to be efficient, they just need to be more organized and treat their customers with more respect, it has been almost 40 days since I sent my problem and so far I have had no answer about it except this answer in the less convincing forum. I would just like to have my problem solved or to know the expected date for its resolution. thanks
  19. Hello , How are you ? I have problems with waypoints duplicate in almost all departure as example attached and I would also like to know why I can't see the ETE into FPL. I am using king air B-200 of flight 1 V2 and P3D V3 I already sent an email to the support more than a week ago and still have no answer. how can i attach photos from my PC to the forum? Tks Marcel
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