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  1. I have close on 100Gb of free space and I got the English(US) version of SP1.I have shut down firewall, spyware, anti-spam and I jave even tried safe mode: all to no effect.I am out of ideas.
  2. Nils,I am using XP Home with SP2 and I have the admin privilegs.
  3. Nils,I can activate and run FSX with no problems/error messages. I have been to the MS solution centre and tried all the sugestions there. I have just uninstalled FSX, checked that there are no trace of FSX in the file system and registery and then run CCleaner I reinstalled FSX checked and then tried to install SP1 - got the same error message as inmy orininal post.I don't where to go next???
  4. After a lot of trouble I have managed to reinstall FSX. The next step was to install SP1. When I tried this I got the following message "Flight Simulator X SP1 installation did not complete successfully. To contact support.........".I uninstalled FSX and reinstalled it again, but I still get the same message.If anyone has any ideas I would very grateful.
  5. I have both B1900 versions, B737-6/7/8/9 and the B747 all for FS9. How can I tell which upgrades I have for theses a/c?
  6. Erik,Should you be posting in the forum for the a/c you are flying?Regards
  7. Ken,Have you used the option to rebuild the scenery database?Are you trying to land at a default airport or an addon?
  8. Sorry guys - Memory trouble on my part.Adding the NDB had worked. I had forgot to run the Database setup program for FSNAV. The NDB was there all the time.That's the problem with getting old your memory goes, now what was I talking about...........Many thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks for the replys.After setting up the NDB with AFCAD I restart FS and it displays the messages about rebuilding the scenery databases. When FS is up and running I use FSNAV to check the NDB and it is not there.Also have recently aquired AFX and that produces exactly the same results. When I use AFCAD it displays three bgls for the field I am modifying, a MOD which is the UK2000 bgl and two stock bgls, they are both greyed out but accessible. I have put the NDB in all three but still no NDB shows up.
  10. Can someone point in the direction for some help putting an NDB on my local airfield. I have followed the instructions using AFCAD2 but the NDB does not show up.Thanks in advance
  11. Mohammed,Aerosoft!!! Is this the right forum?
  12. Paul,Could you ask the question again but in words that can be understood.
  13. If you check the NOTAMS box on the controller page you will be alowed more control of you altitude, I can't remember the exact words used but this should solve your problem.
  14. If you have a registered vesion of FSUIPC there is an option on one of the pages to set up a keystroke to sync all engines.
  15. Can I say a big thank you to all those people who identify which a/c they are talking about in the Subject Heading. For those of us that are not upto our necks in the 747's it realy makes life easier. Now a moan - this is to those people that for some reason decide to change the Subject Heading. Avsim gives us the ability to have a daily email of new/amended topics. If you change the original heading it really is a pain trying to keep track on a thread.PMDG have said they don't want to set-up forums for each product and I think that is right. So please help those of us that want to read about the products we don't have.To conclude, this is one of the best forums I have been involved with, keep it up.Thanks
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