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  1. Cool video. I wonder how this compares to FlightControlReplay?
  2. The A320 sucks big time. Tried to do a flight from Ottawa to Toronto using Simbrief and my plane crash when I arrived close to Toronto. For no reason the plane just dive while I was in autopilot. Until Toliss or other reputable developers produce a study level aircraft, I am only going to fly VFR with MSFS 2020 GA aircraft's. Can you imagine if X-Plane would team up with Google that would be amazing.
  3. This is a good sign for developers as long they do not overprice there material. Also the community are providing add-ons for free, so far 807+ and counting. I even found an add-on that remove the annoying tool-tips on the switches. Today I downloaded my favorite airport, Chicago C Meig KCGX.
  4. Cool since I found a drop in frame rate when using the Little Navemap map.
  5. My question is since I been looking at videos with 4K ultra settings and usually the video card is a RTX2080 to achieve 30fps in dense area, how will Xbox manage that?
  6. Thanks for the awesome video. I also have a 1070 and was about to buy a new video card for the new sim. Now I can relax and wait for the new video cards coming out soon.
  7. I use X-Camera and disable the zoom in the views that I choose.
  8. Yes you do just go to your properties than set your beta tab to unstable_public_beta-Unnstable Pre-Release. Just did 2 flight with y Toliss A319 using the latest Geforce driver 451.67
  9. Yes I have the pro version. Unlimited pages and 105 keys/page
  10. Hi, I am glad someone else is starting to use it. I have started to map X-Camera for X-Plane 11 views to Touch Portal. I made two main templates one for general aviation and one for commercial aviation. This permit me to copy the button assignments and use it to specific aircraft's. I have already map my Airbus, Cessna, Citation views. I included a section for world traffic and geforce experience to take screenshots capture and recording. I will be working on DCS world to config my F18 and other aircraft's and move on to configure Elite Dangerous. If i could paste a picture of my Ipad screen here I would do it but do not know how.
  11. No problem let me know how you make out.
  12. What voice program do you use? I have voice attack.
  13. Wow no replies. I do not understand that people never look at this. No more control keys to remember all macros buttons. I have set up all my x-camera views , world traffic and even my geforce experience recording controls on one single page. All buttons via wifi on my Ipad.. You can put 105 buttons per page and you have unlimited pages. I also use it to control my apps and web pages. I will set-up DCS World and Elite Dangerous. This will also work with android.
  14. Well in my opinion if I do no like something I just move on. Maybe P3D would suit your needs.
  15. Before the updates are on Steam, Laminar Research want to make sure that there are no major crashes. So should be in this weekend if everything is good. oh did not see the unstable beta.
  16. Does anyone use this program with X-Plane 11 I have started to use it with different plugin views. https://www.touch-portal.com/
  17. I use X-Camera and you can disable the zoom button on different views you create.
  18. I have both, the Aerobask Eclipse and the S550 Carenado Citation II. After watching the Corporate Pilot Professional Series from V1-Simulations on you tube I decided to purchase the S550 Citation II. I can tell you, this aircraft is an absolute fun to fly. Now my two favorite aircraft's so far are the Toliss A319 and the S550 Citation II.
  19. I been using the latest beta without any issues with Laminar Research aircraft's. I am waiting for my 3rd party aircraft's to update since some will not work properly and this is quite normal since 11.50 is beta. There is a sale on for Carenado aircraft's and I am looking to purchase a business jet. I am hesitating since Carenado updates are not as frequent as other developers. Is there anyone that is using either S550 Citation, 390 Premier 1a or FA50EX with beta 11.50B4?
  20. That may be true. I have to admit that I have stop purchasing anything until I see the new sim. Beside I live in Canada and our dollar is so low now. I was looking at Traffic Global $52.99 USD that is $76.34 CND way to expensive for a person that is retired. Will wait for the new sim to see what they offer.
  21. Carenado has a sale on right now. Do anybody know why X-Plane 11 is not included? They have been a few sales for P3D but never seen one for X-Plane.
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