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  1. Maybe Flightchops😀 https://youtu.be/KMJ1dWa850w
  2. Will all of the posts in this forum be integrated into the new forum eventually?
  3. I am still getting the odd CTD that I had with the last beta.
  4. I haven’t purchased the product yet, but is there a fictional United livery yet? Bill
  5. They mentioned at FSExpo that this might come on this day. Pretty clever to release the 717 on 7/17.
  6. CaptainJoe just started flying for Cargolux is what I meant, not Joe and his Incredibles.
  7. I mean YouTube CaptainJoe actually.
  8. Is this livery a nod to CaptainJoe?
  9. You gotta admit though that aside from the weather transitions, this program works pretty good now. Nice job REX.
  10. Already did 😀 Not that big a deal, more just wondering if it was possible...turns out it is not.
  11. Really, I didn’t think this rose to that level, but I can do that. 😀
  12. Correct, too much stuff in there I don’t need.
  13. I only have P3Dv4, but my OC is cluttered with all the FSX, FSX SE, etc choices that I don’t need or want. Is there currently a way to have the OC only show the options I have installed or some way to delete all the other ones? If not, might be a nice option for a future upgrade. Bill Barrette
  14. I already guessed that one, so based on what Rob said above, not going to be this.😄
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