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  1. "NOTAM: This is a P3D v4.2 fix ONLY." For those who remain at 4.1 and do not install this update, what does that mean for future updates and purchasing the -8?
  2. Simply stay with whatever flight sim you are happy with it is nothing but a personal choice. How many of you are still with sublogic and Apple II? I was totally happy to stay with Win7x64bit and FSXx32bit ... but ... putting lipstick on a 32bit flight sim ... well you know the rest ... My personal choice after my last system build (2013), was to limit expenditures on FSX and wait until a viable and supported 64bit flight sim surfaced. I have been watching P3D v1,2,3 over the years and simply said no. A 64bit flight sim is a game changer. I wait at least on revision cycle before I purchase most software. I purchased and P3D 4.1 after a little soak time and recently rebuilt my flight sim platform around Win10x64 and P3D v4.1. You CAN have both concurrently. Either on the same hard drive or ... In my case I installed Win10 in a dual boot config. I simply boot into Win7 and use FSX or I choose Win10 and use P3Dv4.1 I have P3Dv4.1 with Orbx global, North America and SAK, PANC Pro for P3Dv4, Active Sky v4, utLive, chase plane and of course PMDG products. I only install products that are v4 ready. I have never has a crash, never a chime for low VAS (no monitoring required), never an OOM. I fly and do not tweak and do not worry about ending a flight with a CTD. No Nvidia Inspector, no 3rd party tweakers and on and on. The cockpit sun/shadows are very impressive and immersive, the visuals are excellent. Things run very smooth despite my 25-30 fps with all of the above software piled on (my hardware is getting old but with modest settings and the gtx780 runs absolutely brilliant for my own personal needs). Orbx scenery is totally impressive, the clouds and weather with Active Sky are phenomenal (again my own personal opinion) not to mention the working Wx combination with PMDG. It appears to me that many many developers are going the P3Dv4 route. PMDG already mentioned that some features on the upcoming -8 will be P3Dv4 only. Since I fly mostly PMDG and PMDG is developing for P3Dv4 then not much choice and the writing is on the wall it seems. Since I installed P3Dv4.1, I have never gone back to fly in FSX once, in spite of the effort I put into the dual boot thing! After a little time and expense, I now have a flight sim platform with some headroom for the foreseeable short term and goodies like rain and EFB on the upcoming -8. <RANT ON> I must admit, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned. It is so brain dead and so ridiculous, it deserves an immediately firing of the people responsible ... Ok I'm over reacting (maybe ) ... Why would LM not have fixed the more than silly looking AI aircraft large and disproportionate nav and strobe lighting after so many releases. There is a 3rd party fix out there but it should be a no-brainer to correct in the core product without resorting to hacking in a fix! Also, we need a scenery config tool for v4 such as the one described in the PMDG introduction docs. One will surface sooner rather than later hopefully! 64bit means more can be loaded and therefore my load times are are longer than I like. <RANT OFF> Conclusion? Overall, it was worth the time and small expense (relatively). IMHO, it is a much better looking, rock solid stable platform. It runs extremely smooth, the GPU enhancements such as cockpit shadows, clouds, water, fog, hue, night lighting are super great. It has never crashed on me to date and I now have a sim platform that can absorb the goodies to come from PMDG and other devs. If you change over, you will not be disappointed! Good times for us old dogs that cut our teeth on subLogic and Apple II. (Go ahead you young folks, look it up on youTube and see how far we have come!!) Cheers, Scott
  3. Guys, I have always had a completely functioning and stable platform with the NGX singing beautifully with no problems with an all-dressed setup (Active Sky 2012, UT2, AES, ORBX, Ezdok, Track-IR etc.). I have been occupied with other distractions over the last year but always had time to do a proficiency flight every month. This weekend I fired up FSX and had 2 problems. 1) an Ultimate Traffic message saying that I need to register (I am fully licensed and up to date) and 2) my EZdok cameras would not function and would give me strange external views (cargo areas in the NGX). I tried re-installing EZdok and running the config utility but with the same results. I discovered that windows update updated my video drivers and I did swap out an SSD for drive C:. I did NOT use Inspector to redo my settings. Could this be related to my EZdok problem? Can anyone shed any light on these problems. It seems weird that one month everything works and things do not after a video driver update. Anyway any clues would be appreciated! Cheers, s
  4. Chris, Things are indeed moving along much better. I purchased almost immediately last August and although the wait was a bit longer than I imagined, I am very happy with the coverage, depth and quality of the video and content. The amount of material (when all is said and done), the content, quality, presentation, fun/learning etc. are worth way more than the initial asking price IMHO. I appreciate your honesty and forthright approach in communicating with us during the difficult ramp up period and am glad that things are turning around. I will be an AoA customer for a very long time. Cheers and thanks!
  5. Can't thank you enough! This is where I do 90% of my flying.
  6. apparently reduction and accel alt do not currently function correctly. The reduction from take off to climb thrust setting on Takeoff pg 2 was being ignored. I submitted a ticket and was told that it would be fixed in SP1. Thinking that the fix might be in HF4, I tried different altitudes for reduction and accel alt and it seems that it is still is not fixed. Since this is a complex sim, it is possible that I am not doing something exactly correct so if others can alter the transition from takeoff to climb thrust using the reduction alt on pg2 of the Takeoff page then please report back. No matter what I set reduction alt to, the NGX switches to climb thrust around 800'.
  7. Ryan, thanks. You are the "PMDG" of customer service. Hmmm, somthing strange about that analogy...
  8. So ASE tells FSX what the weather is by knowing your current location and FSX displays this weather based on the REX-OD texture themes selected?. I consider REX a must have. Would you say ASE is in the same catagory? How much "admin/tweaking" time is required? Overall comments anyone?
  9. If you can (I know its hard to do), wait the 5xx round out. Skipping a cycle lets you spend more on future hardware. Buying the "value" card every cycle is more costly than waiting out a cycle and getting the "big one". If you can't wait, perhaps you can buy one (even if you RMA it), and do some solid scientific "Cloud performance" benchmarks a la SpiritFlyer's post on the 580. That way no would ever think you are a pest :( .I was about to pull the trigger on a 580 myself. After tweaking and tailering my fsx.cfg file, I discoverd a large jump in my 480's % utilization. In some scenarios, I see it hovering in the 90% range and sometimes pinned at 99% (PMDG 747, photo scenery at KSFO at 3-6000'). No real FPS gains on Final where we all need it but ... larger LOD, more AA, higher texture definitions etc. Makes YBBN (Orbx) very enjoyable. Highly recommend "FSX Go" by Orbx. Allows effortless and seamless lanching of FSX with tailored cfg files for every different class of flight.
  10. Tabs, your timing is impecable. I just went thru a little “day surgery” and replaced my HDDs with SSDs which involved a much needed clean sweep/install on my FSX system. So it came to the point where I needed to do the Inspector thing so I went naturally to your post and what did I find? Your latest installment with all my questions answered!!! IThe SSDs really add to the overall PC enjoyment. No noise, clicking, whirring, heat, defrags… but most of all everything happens almost instantly (almost). Pretty amazing to see how fast things load in FSX. No real FPS gains to write home about however. One of the biggest advantages of the SSDs shows up when you need to reload your installation. I redid my entire system extremely quickly and all the “This may take a few minutes” boxes were reduced to seconds. Can you or anyone else suggest a good weather engine for FSX. This is an area which I have neglected over the years. After upgrading to REX OD with the HD textures with the HD skies and clouds, I thought it might be a constructive avenue to pursue while waiting for a good aircraft to come due. What are most people using?
  11. >...Triple vid cards? One is a dual head AGP, the other single>PCI. That's the way the world was 4 years ago I suppose. Safe>flying!>Alex Reid CYYJ Alex, thanks for your input! I crown you the
  12. >ATI do make PCI-e x1 cards but I wouldn't recommend them with>your nVidia 8800. What I would do in this situation is>either:>>1. Run your Widescreen from one 8800 output and run the 2 19">monitors from the second output through a Matrox TH2Go or a>DH2Go. >2. Get a PCI (NOT PCI-e) graphics card eg nVidia FX5200/5500>http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814133007>Get the 128-bit version rather than the 64-bit>>Regards>>JimThanks for the reply Jim. If I understand correctly... I have my 8800GT feed the center wide screen and the PCI FX5200 feed the 2 19" screens on each side of the center screen.Can I now set up the screens using LFwd, Fwd, RFwd. What is involved and how do you set this up in FS9 and FSX. Alex, is it possible to write a up a mini tutorial on this (or is there one available somewhere?).Alex, I was curious why you used 3 separate vid cards instead of 2.
  13. Can one of you multi-monitor cutting edge guys comment on the following?Currently I use 2 19" monitors using a 7600GT. All is well in FS9 with my OC dual core 6600. Now, I am moving to FSX and will be puchasing a 8800GT and a 1920x1200 LCD. I wanted to use my current 2 19" monitors and the 7600GT in a 3 monitor/2 vid card setup.Seems like a plan I figured ... But ... The 7600GT is a PCI-e x16 card and my mobo has only one PCI-e x16 slot. I assume I cannot plug the x16 card in a x1 slot. So is there a PCI-e x1 card that you would recommend that would co-exist with the 8800GT.What is the procedure to install multiple vid cards (sequence of cards and drivers)?Thanks for any advice
  14. >>All this bowing and scraping to what is after all a>>commercial enterpise is most unseemly. May I remind you >Gerry>>>I agree. I read a post on one site where continual>announcements of upcoming product launches are one technique>employed to detract potential customers from purchasing>competitor products.>>There's no doubt as to the quality of PMDG products, but>personally I'm of the view the announcements by PMDG are a>commercial tactic rather than customer service.>>GrahamGraham,If you had been around for a while, you would have understood that we as a PMDG community have been asking for more communication from PMDG. When they oblige, you and others slam them. What is the point and what is your point? Gerry,If folks want to express thankful consideration regarding something that is important to them why does that incite you to respond negatively? This forum is for a wide variety of folks with different backgrounds and motivations for communicating. It might be for gaining more tech knowledge or simply to pass some retirement time connecting to others who share a common interest. Let
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