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  1. About two months ago I had to reinstall Windows 7 and most of my FSX software. As of a week ago I was going to install my MegaScenery Earth DVD's (5 states) and none of them will install. I have tried ORBX software DVD's and other data DVD's and they are appearing and installing. I went so far as to swap out the CD/DVD drive for a new one and I get the same results. When I put the disc into the drive, it will appear in Windows Explorer and I can see the individual files on the disc. I right-click on the installation file, the disc, or rather DVD drive will spin and there will be a green progress bar moving slowly to the right at the top of Windows Explorer. The green progress bar gets almost all the way to the right but does nothing. No install sequence and the disc just continues to spin. I have tried letting Windows update the driver, but I keep getting the message that the driver is currently up to date. I have also went to Miscrosoft's website to try their software that will detect issues and none were reported. There are no yellow flags showing up in Device Manager. I have removed the CD/DVD drive from Device Manager and rebooted with no positive results. The Region Code for the drive is set to 1. I have tried a different SATA cable and nothing. It's weird that it is just the MegaScenery discs so far. Anyone have any ideas on this for further troubleshooting? Thanks for any help. Doug