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  1. mderosa3

    PMDG 777 - Triple Monitor Config

    There is no 2d panel for the T7.
  2. mderosa3

    Photos: Home cockpit with PMDG 777 undocked avionics

    Absolutely amazing. Well done sir. Is that the wife in the Capt seat in one of your photos on your website? I don't think I'd ever leave the sim....
  3. mderosa3

    777L/w With Sp1 - Sudden Abnormal Behaviour

    This happened to me the other day. Auto pilot engaged on my way from Auckland to South Pole level at 360. Uncontrollable in all sense...I stopped the Spin? for a little bit by lowering the gear but since I lost control of my yoke during this it didn't matter. Into the pacific I went. I figured it was the Pole magnetic variation throwing the Flight computer into a crazy state?
  4. mderosa3

    Help in optimizing the zoom

    Are there people who actually fly like this? I.E sitting in the observer seat?
  5. mderosa3

    Help in optimizing the zoom

    Does anyone know how to set the default eyepoint at startup? I adjusted the camera.cfg file so the default zoom starts at .6 where I want it but every flight i'm moving the eyepoint back,up and slightly right for my personal preference (I like seeing all three displays when flying). I tried to adjust his in the PMDG folder (camera.cfg) but that was a big no no (no VC after changing this file.)? Thanks for the help. PS. I tried EZDOK but I think it hurts performance on my machine.
  6. Are you running SP1? If so, are these saved flights from pre SP1?
  7. mderosa3

    Pmdg 777 Asn Ctd After Sp1

    With the sound still playing it could be the known "Pause" issue that PMDG is currently working a fix for. Can you try and see if it does come back from the 'freeze' by just letting it go for as long as you feel comfortable, maybe 20-30 min? I think it's important to isolate the symptom first. The good news is that ASN and the SP1 work together as I've done multiple flights without any CTD, Pauses or OOM errors. I was also having issues not sure if it was ASN related but in the end I did a fresh install of FSX followed by an install of PMDG and then ASN...all along the way doing test flights before moving on to the next install. I'm not saying that is what you have to do but just know it works together.
  8. mderosa3

    Pmdg 777 Asn Ctd After Sp1

    JJ Does the sound continue playing during this freeze? How long is awhile when you wait? Michael
  9. mderosa3

    Pmdg 777 Asn Ctd After Sp1

    JJ You need to sign your name by going into your profile settings and putting in a signature. The first thread in this 777 forum explains the process. Please provide more details to your issue: 1. What exactly are you doing when this happens? What exactly do you do following a CTD to see the FSX is not responding? 2. Does ASN show FSX Connected, does it actually load the weather, are you running ASN on a client PC, do you have it set to Auto load a flight plan from the 777 into ASN (settings in both PMDG and ASN) etc etc The more information you provide the better help you might get in the responses. Good luck Michael
  10. Before the 777-200 SP1 I would get the Pause (about 1 min in length and at random times, random flights) and only when I ran REX Wx Engine. I stopped running real time wx through REX and the pauses went away. I would also get CTD randomly but only when I crossed from one continent to another (North America to Europe). I was also running FTX Global as an add on. So prior to SP1 I would NOT run REX Real Time Wx and I would stay in one continent during flights. During this issue free flights, my system was overclocked and stable at 3.8 (Prime, OCCT, Memtest etc). I never experienced OOM but this is not to say the CTD's weren't related. Post 777-200SP1. I switched the WX engine to ASN and the Pause returned but this time in greater length (5+min). I also attempted another long haul (different continents) KWRB-OMDB but somewhere over the Med I got the CTD and during that flight I had 3 5+min Pauses. I just reloaded FSX following the guide below (same procedures PMDG recommends.) I have not added any add ons besides the PMDG 777-200 and I haven't the SP1 for the 200. I just completed the same long haul flight from KWRB-OMDB and interestingly I have not had any issues. None, no OOM, No CTD, No Pauses. I'm going to test this same flight with my CPU OC and if that goes well then test with SP1 and if that goes well, load ASN and then FTX Global. More to follow... Michael
  11. mderosa3

    No More Pauses or Freezes...

    Freezing after SP1 install! I just did a flight from BIKF to LOWI and experienced 5 min long freezes about 3 times before I couldn't take it any longer and shut it down. I had a few freezes pre SP1 but I attributed it to REX. I quit running REX for live WX I had zero freezes. I installed ASN for this SP1 and WAM, FREEZE is back and the worst I've experienced. This is extremely annoying! The cause seems to be computer/system specific from other post.
  12. mderosa3

    An incredible detail you may not have noticed!

    Awesome write up! Every product of theirs is truly remarkable but the T7 is just in a class of it's own....Pure Opulence! Check out the main gears during the moment of touchdown and the animation and details they've created!
  13. mderosa3

    I have the momentary freezes, but not with with NGX

    Has anyone ever reported these freezes with baseline FSX installed only. (No other add on's except the T7 or NGX?) I personally think these freezes are add on related and their interaction with the T7 or NGX. Just food for thought. Mike
  14. mderosa3

    What is this?

  15. mderosa3

    What is this?

    He didn't ask for it to be included. He asked will it be included oh great one.