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  1. What exactly is a Linda aircraft module?
  2. Yep. QTR pretty much uses whatever they have available at the time. I remember I was once booked on a 77L but was put on a 320.
  3. Dubai-Doha with Emirates and Qatar. Only 1 hour.
  4. Minus the 772 that crashed at KSFO... so that's 13
  5. Of course Yes! It's like buying a Ferrari with not steering wheel...
  6. Please release the 777 for god sake!

    1. UAE77L


      I'm about to go insane! can't pass a day without thinking about the 777.

    2. sidhantsv


      for steam? haha me too! I m going insane without it!

  7. That's a SH*T load of countries! How long did it take you to go visit all those?
  8. Middle East: UAE(home#2),Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and Syria. Africa: Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Europe: UK (home#1), Denmark(birthplace),Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. North America:Canada. Asia: None (no joke!)
  9. I have feeling that BETA testing for the T7 will start late June and be released early August. :ph34r:
  10. Naah! Maybe something in early March.
  11. +1! There's nothing better than having the complete package! I'll mostly be flying the -300ER and -200LR for EK, and -200LRF for UAE Skycargo and also the -200ER (with the GE90-90B only) for BAW. I don't expect PMDG to make the -300 due the RR engines. I guess I have the General Electric (GE) bug. I earlier posted a thread "Orgasmic 777 sound", just listen to those sweet babies! http://forum.avsim.net/topic/399582-orgasmic-777-sound/
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