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  1. What exactly is a Linda aircraft module?
  2. Will this also be implemented into the upcoming PMDG 777?
  3. Yep. QTR pretty much uses whatever they have available at the time. I remember I was once booked on a 77L but was put on a 320.
  4. Dubai-Doha with Emirates and Qatar. Only 1 hour.
  5. I hope you didn't take my sentence seriously. I was just being sarcastic.
  6. There are nifty features for the 777 but still no nifty release date:)
  7. Do get the option to remove the no smoking switch? Since most airlines have them controlled by the cabin crew in the cabin rather than in the overhead panel.
  8. Minus the 772 that crashed at KSFO... so that's 13
  9. Happens to me as well. I am at OMDB and when switching views using the the S key, the world camera thing sends me (not the plane) to Seattle and when changing views back to OMDB my plane is floating in the water and the airport disappears for about a minute or so.
  10. Of course Yes! It's like buying a Ferrari with not steering wheel...
  11. Please release the 777 for god sake!

    1. UAE77L


      I'm about to go insane! can't pass a day without thinking about the 777.

    2. sidhantsv


      for steam? haha me too! I m going insane without it!

  12. That's a SH*T load of countries! How long did it take you to go visit all those?
  13. Middle East: UAE(home#2),Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and Syria. Africa: Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Europe: UK (home#1), Denmark(birthplace),Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. North America:Canada. Asia: None (no joke!)
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