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  1. Did anyone manage to get an improved Scenproc config for generating more buildings and trees, specifically for Europe? 🙂
  2. Hi all Another question if you guys don't mind. So I'm using now FLAI which seems to work really good, thanks to those that recommended. Just a question, for aircraft that have the type as B77L on vatsim, the FLAI doesn't seem to recognise it so it shows as whatever I have set for the default aircraft. I went into the Boeing 777-200 folder for FLAI which is under FLAI_B772, and looked in the aircraft.cfg and found this section: [General] atc_type=BOEING atc_model=B772 editable=0 performance=Cruise Speed\tMach .84\nMaximum Range\t5,720 nm\nService Ceiling\t35,000 ft\nMax Takeoff Weight\t660,000 lb\nSeating\t\t336 to 550\nCargo Capacity\t20 standard LD3 containers \n Category=airplane Under the atc_model, would I be able to add B77L to that so that vpilot then recognises that type code and displays it as a 777 instead of the default aircraft? Can I simply just change it to atc_model= B772 B77L, or would it need a comma like atc_model=B772,B77L ? Hope this makes sense and thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks everyone for the info! Much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, With vPilot, is it possible that if you don't have a correct livery installed for a user on the network, let's say as an example there was a BAW A320 but I didn't have a BAW livery installed, is it possible to get that aircraft to show as just another A320 with a different livery, rather than the default CRJ - I believe xPilot does this, just wondering if it's possible with vPilot? Many thanks
  5. Hello all, I am running FTX Europe along with FTX trees HD, FTX global and vector with latest libraries. However, I feel like my trees are not changing seasonal colour like they should, they seem too brown. Hopefully these shots will explain what I mean, as these were shot in Summer season in the sim: I think for summer there is too many brown trees? Is there something I am doing wrong or is this the way it should be? Regards, Daniel
  6. That's great, thanks very much for the info! :-)
  7. Yet another question for you guys...... I've noticed in real life pictures of Flybe Dash 8's, that the window wipers are placed in the 'up' position and kept there. I read this this is to reduce noise in flight? I was wondering if this is true and if the wipers stay in that position for the whole flight? Many thanks, Dan
  8. Great, thanks for the info! :-) I'm hoping landing in gusty winds will be covered somewhat in the FO version :-)
  9. Hi there, Yes I do use the AURASIM App, great piece of Kit! I was unsure whether this software took into account the wind speeds, and also as you can not implement wind gusts into this software, I was wondering how I would implement the gust? Many Thanks :-)
  10. Sorry guys, another question from me regarding winds again. What is the maximum cross wind landing for the Dash, and is this figure the solid wind speed, or is it also the gust? Many thanks :-) And sorry for all the questions, just wanting to learn as much as I can about this beautiful aircraft!
  11. Hello again, I was hoping someone could explain to me how wind speeds are taken into account for takeoff and landing. Say for example if we had a departure with winds 120 @ 12 knots gusting to 30 knots, and a landing with the same wind speeds, how would this be implemented onto the takeoff and landing speeds? Many thanks, Dan
  12. Just for anyone who wanted the Earth Simulations scenery featured in the trianing (and they also do other sceneries), although they have shut down, you can still buy the DVD version here: http://www.flightstore.co.uk/flight-simulation-c499/microsoft-fsx-add-ons-c814/scenery-fsx-c543/uk-scenery-for-fsx-c547 Guernsey: http://www.flightstore.co.uk/flight-simulation-c499/microsoft-fsx-add-ons-c814/scenery-fsx-c543/uk-scenery-for-fsx-c547/vfr-photo-x-13-guernsey-p2773 Isle of Man: http://www.flightstore.co.uk/flight-simulation-c499/microsoft-fsx-add-ons-c814/scenery-fsx-c543/uk-scenery-for-fsx-c547/vfr-photo-x-15-isle-of-man-p4053 Kind Regards, Dan
  13. Hello guys, another quick question. I have noticed on takeoff, if I advance the power levers forward too quickly, the FADEC doesn't always kick in and the powers shoot all the way to max instead of stopping at the takeoff power. The same happened yesterday on a go-around, is this something that happens in real life, or am I doing something wrong? This only happens if I push my throttle lever straight up instead of doing it a bit more slow and gentle, similar to the way you would in say an Airbus where you set 40% n1 Many thanks, Dan When I say overshoot takeoff power, I mean it shoots passed 90% and goes into the red
  14. Afternoon gents. I recently took a trip the Manchester airport for a couple of days of spotting, and noticed on the night time ops, none of the Flybe Dash 8's had their logo lights on, I was curious if this is SOP, or if they do not come fitted with a logo light in the real world? Kind Regards, Daniel
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