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Found 12 results

  1. Ok so here's my problem. the Turkish 77 screenshots were taken with 16gb ram and my old motherboard. the British airways screenshots are taken after my motherboard and ram upgrade giving me 32gb ram. the same setting and the same cfg config were used on both flights. its really frustrating because i cannot get rid of the blurries. ive verified and reinstalled all orbx products at least twice now, ive done a full reinstall of windows, if done the terrain.cfg trick ive deleted my scenery.cfg and p3d.cfg to allow my p3d to create new ones and still nothing. im literally begging for help now lol. on my old motherboard i was getting between 20 and 25fps over London. with my new ram and motherboard dim getting around 30. so its not as if im getting any lag or stutter. my autogen doesnt have an issue keeping up with me, the tile below me in the a319 is crisp and how it should be but all surrounding tiles are blurry. i have the purge tile setting in the cfg set to default 16 in both flight also.
  2. All, I'm unable to find the analysis that states what hardware supports the graphic settings in Prepar3d. I'm looking to improve blurries (default setting) and choppy flying through clouds. CPU? Memory? Tim
  3. Please, could anyone help me out here ... The blurries, especially over GEN and GES and UK from ORBX are killing me. I've tried every trick in the book, and read extensively across the Internet and tried every tweak and suggestion and still when I fly over any 'third layer' of scenery, either ORBX or other photoreal scenery then it's blurries all over the place! I've reinstalled P3D4.1 already ... it did not help I've disabled FS_Global_NG_FTX ... it didn't help I've 'migrated' a few times in FTX Central ... it didn't help I've added TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT= all the way from 40 to 150 as suggested on other forums ... it didn't help I've added FFTF from 0.01 all the way to 0.3 as someone claimed it cured his blurries ... it didn't help I've stayed away as far as possible from AffinityMask because that's a definite blurrie puke on my rig ... it didn't help I've deleted prepar3d.cfg and started all over again because all the BS in cfg files doesn't do anything but trouble ... therefore it didn't help I've even installed Lasso and although there is a definite improvement in smoothness, (less stuttering) ... it didn't help with the blurries I've tried HT on and off in the BIOS and it makes no difference on my rig although I do think HT OFF is the better option for smoothness ... but the blurries remain I've already posted on ORBX and LM P3D4 forums ... they didn't help BECAUSE - on my i7 7700 @ 4.2 and 32GB DDR4 with a 1080Ti on Win10x64 with 4K monitor, it should really really not be a problem! It seems to me, after many years of FSX experience, that you have the 'default' ground layer, then you add Global, then comes Europe_LC, and on top of it you add Terrain Scenery like GEN, GES, NOR, UK and to finish it off you have 3rd party scenery and then P3D4 on my rig just go, "okay, I give up!" It's not so evident when flying over areas that has no Terrain Scenery ... e.g: when flying over Italy or France with only Europe_LC there is hardly any blurries but the moment I hit Germany, it's all over the place until I switch it off in SCENERY I will really appreciate some help here! Please and thank you.
  4. I got orbx global base but after I fly away form the airport thr ground starts to get blurry and buildings dont spawn. Please can you help me with this issue. Thanks
  5. I reinstalled the whole simulator an it got even worse. I tried flying on default scenery and nothing is loading, Not that they take long to load, no they even don't want to load. My sliders are on max and my settings on the AMD Control Center are all on default. I haven't touched my my fsx.CFG file yet. It's not the first time I have reinstalled fsx but this is the first time that this happens..
  6. Hello! I've got a pretty annoying problem in p3d v3.. With blurries it seems like im the only one who really has this kind of problems with them. Here is a picture with everything maxed out in p3d: https://gyazo.com/ebdc688e216fd626232f607b06d96a2f it don't really make a difference in the distant blurries if I put all the settings to the right, but I just don't understand why this only happens to me. Yes I know that there is distant blurries in P3D, but I don't think there is on this level. Thanks PC Specs: i5 6500 3.2 - 3.6 GHz GTX 960 4GB OC 8gb 2133 MHz ram Hope that pretty much describes it all. btw I've think I've tried most of the tweaks out there and even tried Nvidia Inspector and reinstalled many times. Thanks. Morten
  7. I reinstalled the whole simulator an it got even worse. I tried flying on default scenery and nothing is loading, Not that they take long to load, no they even don't want to load. My sliders are on max and my settings on the AMD Control Center are all on default. I haven't touched my my fsx.CFG file yet. It's not the first time I have reinstalled fsx but this is the first time that this happens..
  8. Apologies if this question has been asked a lot before, but I've searched everywhere and tried everything and I'm still getting blurry ground textures on FSX. I'm running an i5 4670k, 8GB RAM, GTX 760 and I have FSX installed on its own hard drive. I've tried quite a few fsx.cfg tweaks (set LOD RADIUS to 6.5, AffinityMask=14...), I'm using Nvidia Inspector and have tried changing settings there, but none of this seems to be having much of an effect. I have all sliders at max, frames locked at 30, and this doesn't seem to cause any problems as I get smooth performance, but the only problem is that ground textures look bad. I tried deleting my fsx.cfg to get rid of all previous tweaks and slowly started building them in again to see if that would help, but I'm still getting blurry textures! Does anyone have any advice, I'm running out of ideas?! Thanks fsx.CFG Image
  9. The last couple of days flying my Airbus around FL340-370, I noticed when I looked at an external view I had terrible blurries. Some times they would clear up after 10-20 seconds. I had never had this before, so this was a surprise, and I was trying to figure out what had caused this. At first I increased the FFTF from .01 up to 1.5, but this seemed to have no effect. I still don't understand if FFTF does anything with a multicorp processor like I have anyway. Then I remembered that last week I was playing around with the frame rate setting in P3D and when I switched from 30FPS where I had it locked since day 1, to unlimited, I noticed I gained a few FPS at the ramp where I was parked, so I left it at unlimited. Seemed Ok for a couple of days, and then the blurries started. Today I switched the FPS back to 30 limited and the blurries disappeared. I noticed that when it was set at unlimited the FPS was quickly dancing all over the place from 30 to maybe 55 fps at times at high altitudes. I guess that these faster FPS was not giving the scenery time to load properly.
  10. Hey all, I'm having a problem with FTX Orbx Scotland where the scenery gets really blurry, to the point where even if I pause the sim it still stays blurry. Everywhere else is fine, FTX England, Wales, Ireland etc, just Scotland. Any idea how I can fix this? Many thanks, Daniel
  11. Hello guys, I have a huge problem. I have both prepar3d v3 and FSX. I enjoyed both of them for a long time. Then i updated windows 10 to the latest version. It seems to mess up my prepar3d. I tried everything and reset my windows. I thought it would fix my problem but no luck. And the worst thing is i can't go back to the old windows version because i reset it. My problem is blurry terrain at the distaance and autogen popping. Tried; Different autogen settings, different LOD distance settings, HT on off, frame rate limiter and affinity mask settings. Both FSX and P3D have the same symptoms. I realized that my CPU usage was absurd. Usually core 0 at 100 percent and the rest are chilling at 10-20. I tried disabling core 0 with affinity mask but another core became 100 percent used. The rest are still at very low percents. So this might be the cause of my problem but i don't know how to fix it. Windows version: Latest updated Nvidia driver: 388.43 PC SPECS: i7 4790k GTX 980 500 GB SSD 1 TB HDD 16 GB DDR3 RAM Thanks, Arda
  12. Win 8.1, 4770k, Titan, 4k monitor. Microstutter: Fixed it by using Nvidia driver 337.88 instead of the latest one. (just me having trouble with that driver?) Autogen popping up late: Fxed by turning on hyperthreading (are you guys using that?) 1-2 sec freezes: I can live with that… (until Skylake I guess). Blurry textures: This is why I have my finger on the "delete P3D button"! I find this so irritating that I can not use Prepar3d. Better use that expensive SSD space for something else. I had the same problem in 2.3 (never used 2.4) Textures loading really slow. Changed the affinitymask in task manager everytime i started Prepar3d and it was fine. Now it´s the same but there is nothing to change about the affinity mask. Maybe I will try 2.3 again!? So… Anyone out there with some magic that I have not yet tried? I have tested all settings in Nvidia inspector/control panel, all tweaks in prepar3d.cfg imaginable… basically all that can be "googled" about blurry textures I have tried. I really don't want to but …. I think I have to give up... or have a break... will be back... the eyecandy in prepar3d is very addictive! Haze
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