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  1. Oh dear you are right... Took about 15 min here!
  2. Can not uninstall MCE. (with the control panels uninstaller. It just gets stuck) and therefor not install the update. Win 10.
  3. That's what I did... silly me! Tossed them back in from a backup. (But good to know about the wizard) All good now... flying the Fenix for the first time now! 😎
  4. Quick and excellent support! Thank you! Seems to be working now. Copilot is moving the armrest! Something went wrong when I did the reinstall earlier today though... All VoxScripts are gone!? Nothing at all in the VoxScript overview. Nothing to import either!?
  5. Hi Have the same problem as above: "In order to allow co-pilot to control all switches accurately, please restart the flight (not the simulator, then restart MCE." Deleted fsuipc-lvar folder I've reinstalled MCE Checked fsuipc folder recreates as above Tried fenix livery and restarted a few times without luck. Just started flying again after about a year off... Got the Fenix about a week ago but have not been able to start MCE. (Except once or twice... very odd! But then MCE can only control very few of the buttons in the Airbus) (Another odd thing... The parking brake is set to off when MCE is started and when finished loading set to on again) Have not started any other aircraft except the Fenix at all.
  6. I'm using P2ATC and MCE in XP at the same time. Copilot is on in P2ATC. Using the same voice so it feels like one copilot. P2ATC is doing all radio work. Planning to do the same in MSFS. Mistakes happens, but at the end of the day no real passenger-lives are being lost! 😉 Sometimes the two copilots engage in a very confusing dialogue... Extremely entertaining! 😂 The bottom line is that I would never fly an airliner in any sim without MCE, P2ATC (and the Reverb VR kit).
  7. Reinstalled MCE in default dir Meanwhile Raveena who should have gone to flight school instead went to the pub... OD'd on something and passed out right before take-off in Geneva. For the rest of the flight to Nice she ignored all commands but kept on nagging and making weird statements every now and again... towards the end a lot about localizer and glideslope being captured... on and on and on again... long before it was captured!? Fully configured on final approach she woke up again disconnected the autopilot, sat speed to 101 and flaps 1. One of the most enjoyable flights ever... Nice sunset over the ortho4XP covered alps... and this crazy woman from India... Great fun! How I wish I had recorded it... pretty unbelievable... But I swear it's true! I give it a rest for a while... David Herky: No FS2Crew for XP. I use it in P3D.
  8. Have I missed a registration somehow? I bought the program 13 november. And run the latest version. Am I suppose to use the B737NGX MCE FLOW for Zibo 737? About half the commands are not done or checked. Will not start the engines, set autobrake, yawdamper for example and is definitely turning of the autopilot and/or the flight director at the most inappropriate moment! Wonder why it´s not working well at all for me? I have not installed in default C:\Program Files (x86)\Multi Crew X-Plane\ folder. But I'm always logged in as admin. MCE is so much smarter, natural and more fun than FS2Crew A scripted solution is the last resort... But that´s where I am I'm afraid. Better than nothing! But I will try a full reinstall!
  9. Dear Raveena, my TTS based copilot from India, I have to let you go... You really brought another dimension to flight swimming… Fun and laughter! I will surly miss your nagging… And you arguing with yourself. (via Pilot2ATC) Great fun! And Sten the Mechanic who scared the word not allowed out of me when I accidentally ran him over! Priceless! Well done! Yes I’m Swedish. I say no more… But Raveena… Your suicidal tendencies are not good in a cockpit and I tend to spend more time correcting your odd actions than what is being saved by you work! Go back to flight school! Learn not to do all those things that a real copilot never would do! I hope that MCE for X plane in the future will have: Options to make it a bit more scripted and fully scripted like FS2Crew. Option to stop the copilot from listening (to herself) while she is talking. I can not use headphones and therefore get feedback. A more detailed manual with all the tips found here and there on forums and on Youtube. I guess that Zibo 737 is a moving target at the moment… But I hope that eventually it will get full support. It’s not working very well at the moment… Or at least I don’t know how to make it work properly. Oh and… Can I program the “disable microphone button” to a switch on my joystick? Actually a PTT button might be the best solution. One for ATC and another one for the copilot. How is the pushback meant to work in X Plane? Maybe some of these thing can be fixed already… I should probably check the documentation and Youtube again…
  10. Hi Any news, plans about integration with World Traffic 3? A possibility to have the map turning and keeping the aircraft pointing up would be nice! Thank you for the best flightsim add on ever!
  11. FS2crew is a great addon for P3D! I think I will buy MCE to get something like it for XP. The copilot in Pilot2ATC handles the radio and almost all ATC communications for me now... Works perfect and results in a more reasonable workload for the pilot flying (me). Agree with Jason: There is something special with IXEG. The sounds, the shaking and vibrations, the feeling of flight... Very high immersion-factor!
  12. Having more fun now with XP/IEXG than with the P3D/PMDG 737 NG I was flying before. Not have to worry about VAS makes a big difference. And I like to use photo-scenery... Don´t know how to do that in P3D.
  13. With previous versions I did have some small problems and also ran into some very very odd things... (hardcore testing of the excellent support, right Dave!?) Version Could not stop myself from flying. Did all off my 4 testflights in one night. ESMT/ESGJ, EGLL/LFPG, EKCH/ESSA, LSGG/LFMN. Not one hiccup from Pilot2atc! Only some navaid mismatch... (come on Navigraph) And some pilot mistake after too many hours flying and a whiskey celebrating that I finally have a fully working ATC system for X Plane! (a good thing it was not real life flying) :smile:
  14. I agree with Michael. It is such a waste and it should and It could be organized in another way. I´m sure they will stop it any day. luckily I have 8 TB scenery on HD now. Because the bottom line is for me personally... Can´t fly without Ortho4xp generated scenery after I got used to it. It´s great! Forgotten all about P3D and all the expensive add-on I bought.
  15. Went back to X Plane again after using P3D for about 2 years. Realized that I wasn't doing much flying... Tweaking, reinstalling, configuring, testing, fixing things... and when flying almost never landing because off OOM or some other crash. I failed to fix the blurriness and the stuttering. I failed to find my home-town... Well, yes it is small. Tried every add-on available... but no, not even a road there... just forest! Half the roads that exist in real life do not exist in P3D but there seems to be a lot of roads there that does not exist in real life!? Half of the smallest airports are missing too. Very noticeable when flying in Iceland for example. Now I'm completely hooked on Ortho4Xp generated scenery. I don't like to fly anywhere without photo-scenery any-more. I can see my house, car, count the beehives in the garden... Don't try it! It's very addictive... I just bought 2 new harddrives, 8 TB each! :wink: I think X Plane is amazing for GA and VFR flying. Especially if you fly where the OSM coverage is good and using World2xp scenery. I guess all this makes me more like a tourist than a pilot :wink: But from my very small real life flying experience I do think X Plane feel more like the real deal. I like it a lot more... the way it feels to fly in X plane compared to P3D. So the problems then: ATC: fixed with Pilot2ATC (amazing program) AI: fixed with World traffic. Weather: OK with SkyMaxPro, Real Weather Connector and NOAA plug-in. Only two small problems left... just joking... huge problems! Very few really good air-crafts. No military air-crafts worth mentioning... No A2A Spitfire. No VRS Superbug. No RealAir Duke. The list is endless! Very few really good airports. No ORBX. No FlyTampa. Not much Aerosoft and... The list is endless here too! I wish I could have a combination! Photo Scenery in a 64 bit P3D or all the P3D add-ons available for X Plane.
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