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  1. Here is a test flight I use to check the limits and proper operation of ILS/AP systems. Any aircraft can be used. ILS Procedure for FSX (practice) at KSEA (B738 <39% fuel): Set COM1 to Tower 119.9. Set NAV1 to ILS RWY 34 RT 110.3. (Left Window - Active on Comm and Nav radios) Set NAV2 to ILS RWY 34 LT 117.1. (Both DMEs the same) Set GPS/NAV switch to NAV. 1. Taxi to position and hold Rwy 34 RT. 2. Don't call the tower and they will ignore you. ATC/Tower procedures come later. 3. Set AP HDG to 343, ALT to 5000, and AT AS to 250.Turn HSI CRS to 343 just for correct card situation. 4. Takeoff. Set AP/HDG/ALT/AT to ON. 5. Turn HDG to 168. Aircraft will turn to 168 and level off at 5000. 6. At 23 miles DME, turn HDG to 010 and AT AS to 190. (The LOC needle will stay active to about 25 Miles. When the DME reads about 20 miles the Glideslope (GS) needle will go active and peg to the top of the guage and the BELOW G/S light will come ON). 7. When the LOC needle comes off the right peg, set APP to ON. The aircraft will turn to center the LOC needle and HDG will dis-engage. The GS needle will slowly come down and center (~18 NM). The ALT will dis-engage. 8. Drop 3 clicks of flaps, Set AT AS to 160. Drop gear. The aircraft will fly 2.5 degree slope. 9. Drop gear and set AT AS to 150. Add flaps slowly to Full DN. 10. At 100 feet, dis-engage AT and AP, close power levers. 11. Flare/land. Do a touch and go to try it again until you can get the hang of it. Now call the tower to get them involved. Make a IFR flight plan to Vancouver, Have fun Dave
  2. Are you sure you don't have AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE HOLD on? If not, delete your FSX.CFG and let it re-build a new one. Dave
  3. At the bottom of the 172 panel there is a trim wheel. Can you run it up and down with the mouse pointer? Does it change your trim? Turn numlock on. Does 1 and 7 work now? Dave
  4. I made a 100gb partition on my 1TB drive. I used the image backup that comes with Win7. It has saved me twice when bad programs trashed my OS. Works like a charm and it's free. Be careful of any drive system changes. I don't trust Restore to be 100%, but I know image works. Good luck Dave
  5. I do a "image backup" of my Win7 drive before making any changes to the OS. Make a copy of any file changes in FSX. I use Nick's suggestions on 3 computer installs all had better performance. What is exactly the problem? Dave
  6. Press SHIFT and hold, then press E, and then release both. Then press 1 to open the main door, then press 1 again to close. Press 2 to open the cargo doors, then press 2 again to close. etc. Dave
  7. Something changed your Power Options from High Performance back to Balanced Plan, or Power Saver. Dave
  8. Do you have 24 bit Studio sound selected? Dave
  9. What's on your mind?

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