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  1. Square Nozzle

    Elevator trim not working

    Using the Real Flight 6.5 system. I went for many years with out a simulator but when I got into flying jets I got the Real flight. It helps keep me sharp during the winter break in the North East (Connecticut). I tried "choosing" the Logitec controller in the settings menu but it never locked in. The system always reverted back to the Real Flight controller. Never did figure out how to lock the MS system controller in. Thanks Dave. I did what you instructed and it works fine. Now I don't have to unplug the Real Flight controller when I want to fly MS FSX. Now why didn't the MS Tech have me do that?
  2. Square Nozzle

    Elevator trim not working

    Dave, I got on the phone with MS and worked with a tech to find and fix the trim problem. He tried a few adjustment but nothing worked so we deleted and reloaded the entire program. Still had the trim problem. I always had a minor question about having my Radio Control Flight simulator plugged in as well as the Logitec 3D controller for the MS system. While waiting for the Tech to do some research I unplugged the R/C controller and tried the trim. Problem resolved. It appears that the MS system didn't know which controller to choose and that caused the trim and eventually throttle problems. I still don't know why when I selected the Logitec controller in the settings window the system would revert back to the R/C controller. I don't have the same problem when I fly my R/C system. So I unplug the R/C controller when I fly MS and all is well.
  3. Square Nozzle

    Elevator trim not working

    Dave, The trim wheel does not respond to the mouse pointer. If I turn the Num Lock on, the 1 and 7 keys affect the pilots view not the trim. The only time that I get trim response is when I do a Ctrl-T and then the trim responds while the down trim button is pressed. Once I release down trim (the 7 button) the trim auto adjusts back to 19.5 degrees up trim. I'm tempted to call MS Support but I know they will ask for a credit card. John
  4. I am new to this forum and to MS FSX. I have gone into "settings" and did a reset on the controls, num lock is off. Using a Logitec Extreme 3D pro stick. When I try to trim my Cessna 172 using the 7 and 1 keys on the keypad, nothing happens. All the other flight controls work as expected. I just can't trim the plane so I have to fly holding the nose down with the stick. Help greatly appreciated. John
  5. Square Nozzle

    Can't get trim to work

    I am new to MS Flight Simulator X and am having a problem with trim. Flying the Cessna 172 the trim on buttons 1 and 7 does not work. The Num lock is off -------I did learn that little trick. In trying to resolve the problem I found that Ctrl-T would get trim working to some extent but when I get the trim wheel to move towards nose down it would make an uncommanded move back to 19.5 degrees nose up once I released the button. I have to fly holding nose down pressure. John
  6. Square Nozzle

    Elevator Trim not working properly!

    I am new to the MS Simulator X. My Son gave it to me for Christmas. Problem!! I cannot get the trim function to work. Pushing button 7 or 1 with the Num lock off does nothing. Just searching around I found that pressing Ctl-T got the trim to move but when I released the 7 button the trim went immediately to up 18.5 degrees. What am I missing? By the way, I'm flying the Cessna 172.