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  1. electricjohn

    fsx install on SSD drive(E)

    Yes, under more options, I told it to install on my E driive, but still went to C drive. I them wiped fsx off my computer completely(so I thought) but when I went to regedit, I noticed an entry Microsoft games/microsoft flight simulator which when opened said C:\programs..etc. I deleted the entries. Maybe this will now work.
  2. I have a Dell XPS one 27(16GB,3.1GHZ i7 with 2adaptors(Intel HD 4660 and Nvidea GT750M.) My fsx.config lists the Nvidea card but in the game under settings(custom) it lists only the Intel adaptor. My problem is that the scenery has many polygon erratic areas after takeoff.. Am I using the nvidea adaptor or the Intel? I made some suggested changes in the fsx.config with very little improvement. Please help
  3. electricjohn

    fsx install on SSD drive(E)

    I made a folder under E drive(E:/microsoft flight simulator x) Still loads everything under C drive' PS:The install disks are direct from Microsoft(unlicensed and not for retail) Sent to me a few years ago because my original gold edition disks did not work.
  4. electricjohn

    Settings in fsx not recognizes pc's device driver

    Thanks so much. I will try to fix the problem as you suggest.
  5. I have a Dell(XPS one 27) 16GB Ram, 3.iGHZ It has 2 display drivers(Intel HD 4600)and Nvidea GT 750M The settings(customize) only shows the Intel driver. I believe the Nvidea is needed for optimum fsx Scenery is choppy, with many different polygons, lots of black terrain, just horrible with the Intel driver
  6. electricjohn

    fsx install on SSD drive(E)

    All the files go to the c drive, not certain files. Maybe I am not selecting the E drive correctly.
  7. electricjohn

    fsx install on SSD drive(E)

    When asked by fsx to install to another folder, I selected E:\Program files(etc) under more options When the install began, I noticed that it was going to my C drive. I have fsx on my C drive. PS: The fsx disks loaded okay except at the end of disk 2, there was a error message about a missing dll file. I was still able to run fsx using file explorer. Also, because of the error message, I could not load the acceleration disk. John