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  1. Hi, I still use FS9 alongside FSX-SE. Two main reasons, first are the Dreamfleet 737 and RFP747. I love those and they are not available on FSX I use 3D panels only aircrafts in FSX thanks to Chaseplane and this is quite great. But, with the aircrafts that do not have a great 3D panel (MD11, 767LDS...), I prefer using them on FS9 with a 2D cockpit. I do not mind the lower graphic quality (IFR flights with airliners) and I prefer the way 2D cockpits are managed with in FS9 (especially when it comes to looking down on landings). Also, I really like FS9, I do not know why, but each time I go back to it I really enjoy the experience. Happy flying, Olivier
  2. Hi, I had blurry scenery for a long time - what fixed it for me was to install and set up NVidia inspector. Happy flying, Olivier
  3. Yes, I press the autoflight when I'm taxiing towards the runway I belienve is should be done right before takeoff to avoid problems if you push your throttle a little too hard during taxi Is your plane trimmed correctly when you engage the autopilot? My advice - if you learn the plane why don't you engage the autopilot a bit higher in altitude? - this will give you a chance to hand fly a bit, trim it correctly and feel how the plane reacts in manual flying. If you takeoff thinking "the sooner the autopilot the better", it is likely you will rush things a bit. Happy flying, Olivier
  4. Hi, For a long time I struggled with blurry textures both in FS9 and FSX. I tried everything inside the sim, but this was solved the moment I configured Nvidia inspector using a few sources here and there to find my own personal tweak. Happy flying, Olivier
  5. HI, I really think you should try Radar Contact, if IFR flights are your thing. You can tune on arrival airport early to get the info on the weather conditions (by default, it will tune around 40NM from final). Now, I hardly ever follow STARS (unless on difficule approaches) and let Radar Contact guide me (as in real life actually). Happy flying, Olivier PS: I do not have any relation to Radar Contact team, I am just saying this because this is soooo much better than default ATC
  6. I believe RC, you need to setup the SID/STARS in your flightplan ahead of time. Not in Radar Contact - just fill your flight plan in a regular way (first point being last point of SID). IF your first waypoint is more than 30 miles from the departure airport, you have a choice, when you setup your flight, of using a SID or being vectored to this 1st waypoint IF it is less than 30 miles from the departure airport, then you can only be vectored. When you choose to use a SID, Radar contact indiquates it in the clearance and you are free to flight anyway you want as long as you reach this first waypoint - this is easy and practical, even if it does not assign you a SID, the choice of SID is up to you (but you do not often have many choices). Same with instrument approach - if you want to use a instrument approach, it will leave you alone until you are aligned with the ILS - this is a big difference between RC and real, RC does not recognize mountains so, in a mountain surrounded airport, it can vector you straight into the ground. If you fly to Innsbruck for instance, you want to make an instrument approach. Thanks, Olivier
  7. You guys are crazy for not flying online I flew online for some time, but I prefer now using Radar Contact - off course, human contact is better, but flying online is not really "harder" than using Radar Contact. With young kids in the house, I use FSX whenever I have the time and often the airports I want to fly from and/or to are not controlled - some controllers leave while I am in the air....so while flying online is great, Radar Contact is quite close without the contact and without the flavor of real control, but in my case this is a great substitute. Also, what you learn using Radar Contact will be very helpful the day you will want to try real control. I will go back to IVAO when I have more time, but in the meantime I really will go on using Radar Contact. Happy flying, Olivier
  8. HI, Radar Contact is the only one I use - I have used it of years and I love it - its interface is very basic (but it does not get in the way during flight) and it has lots of features. One of my favourite utitilies ever for FS. It is a pity its development has frozen but the current version is very solid and bug free. Happy fliying, Olivier
  9. Hi,Having a virtual copilot reading the checklist would be great.I am not a big fan of the Wilco 737, but the Call! product that goes with it is very well done. I have Flight Deck Companion, but it is not as good as something designed especially for the plane.Happy flying,Olivier
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