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  1. Hi, I still use FS9 alongside FSX-SE. Two main reasons, first are the Dreamfleet 737 and RFP747. I love those and they are not available on FSX I use 3D panels only aircrafts in FSX thanks to Chaseplane and this is quite great. But, with the aircrafts that do not have a great 3D panel (MD11, 767LDS...), I prefer using them on FS9 with a 2D cockpit. I do not mind the lower graphic quality (IFR flights with airliners) and I prefer the way 2D cockpits are managed with in FS9 (especially when it comes to looking down on landings). Also, I really like FS9, I do not know why, but each time I go back to it I really enjoy the experience. Happy flying, Olivier
  2. Hi, I had blurry scenery for a long time - what fixed it for me was to install and set up NVidia inspector. Happy flying, Olivier
  3. Hi,Having a virtual copilot reading the checklist would be great.I am not a big fan of the Wilco 737, but the Call! product that goes with it is very well done. I have Flight Deck Companion, but it is not as good as something designed especially for the plane.Happy flying,Olivier
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