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  1. Hi, I had blurry scenery for a long time - what fixed it for me was to install and set up NVidia inspector. Happy flying, Olivier
  2. Oli

    PMDG MD-11 Autopilot problem

    Yes, I press the autoflight when I'm taxiing towards the runway I belienve is should be done right before takeoff to avoid problems if you push your throttle a little too hard during taxi Is your plane trimmed correctly when you engage the autopilot? My advice - if you learn the plane why don't you engage the autopilot a bit higher in altitude? - this will give you a chance to hand fly a bit, trim it correctly and feel how the plane reacts in manual flying. If you takeoff thinking "the sooner the autopilot the better", it is likely you will rush things a bit. Happy flying, Olivier
  3. Hi, For a long time I struggled with blurry textures both in FS9 and FSX. I tried everything inside the sim, but this was solved the moment I configured Nvidia inspector using a few sources here and there to find my own personal tweak. Happy flying, Olivier
  4. Hi, On my computer, if I run Radar Contact and S-Combo at the same time, the FPS drop to 1 and everything is nearly frozen If I stop either of those, then it goes back to normal. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks in advance. Happy flying, Olivier
  5. Hi, Thanks for your answers - Ryann, I have used this plane for some time, it is fascinating and there sure is a lot to discover and learn. Bryan, this will certainly by my next FS2crew purchase, after I get used to the 737 version. Happy flying, Olivier
  6. Hi, In the past, I bought FS2Crew for both the Leveld and the ATR - I did not like them, I just did not have time and patience to learn both the plane and the flows - I chose to spend time learning the planes. Those were (arnd are) great products, just not for me. I recently bought the 737NGX version, and I love it - the product is much easier to use, the user interface is great - I can really see how the developper spent time improving the concept, well done! Now, I am wondering if I should get the MD11 button version - is it simple to use as the 737NGX version, or more on the complex side, like the 767 version? Thanks for your input, Olivier PS: the key for me is to be able to skip the preflight really - this is one of the fun part of flying those automated planes and I do not like someone else to do it for me ^_^
  7. Oli

    Engine start with APU

    Hi, Am I missing something, because it does not work here - I turned on the APU before the "before start procedure", turn on the APU bleed, disconnected external air and power. I checked the control panel and it did not switch to "APU". Thanks for your help, Olivier
  8. Oli

    Engine start with APU

    Hi, There does not seem to be a "APU/EXT" option? I tried as described in the manual, but no success, the configuration does not update to APU - did someone actually try it successfully? If so, when exactly do we need to start the APU? I started it before the pusback/engine start request and made sure the bleed was on. Thanks for your help, Olivier
  9. Oli

    Engine start with APU

    Hi, It was right there on the manual, sorry. Thanks for your help, I will take a good look. Happy flying, Olivier
  10. Hi, I looked for an answer in the forum, but I could not fine a precise answer. How exactly do you do to start the engine with the APU and do the preflight with the external power. The idea is to do the preflight with the external power and, before push, switch on the APU to start the engine during pushup. This is how I did things before getting FS2Crew. Would you know what the exact procedure is ? Thanks ! Olivier Noir
  11. Hi, My FS2004 display problems vanished when I started using NVidia inspector - you should maybe download and set it up. You will find lots of tweaks and ideas on the net. On a good machine, FS2004 is not ridiculous compared to FSX (I use both). Happy flying, Olivier
  12. Oli

    New B742 panel

    OOps, not for me then, I only have the version 2. Happy flying, Olivier
  13. Oli

    New B742 panel

    Great - is is an impression or does it seem sharper than the original? Happy flying, Olivier
  14. Oli

    New B742 panel

    Hi, Would it be possible for you to post a new picture of your panel? Thanks! Olivier
  15. Oli

    Pro-Atc or Radar Contact?

    HI, I really think you should try Radar Contact, if IFR flights are your thing. You can tune on arrival airport early to get the info on the weather conditions (by default, it will tune around 40NM from final). Now, I hardly ever follow STARS (unless on difficule approaches) and let Radar Contact guide me (as in real life actually). Happy flying, Olivier PS: I do not have any relation to Radar Contact team, I am just saying this because this is soooo much better than default ATC