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  1. Johan_Dees

    Always good reviews

    They dont bite the hand that feed them.
  2. Johan_Dees

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    The whole thing looks nice, but the colors are way way off. there is no brown in a -200 cockpit.
  3. Johan_Dees

    Back.. sort of

    Tanks Ed. Doing now Amsterdam to New York, and all goes nice, just left Oceanic control (PFE) with pmdg 747.
  4. Johan_Dees

    Back.. sort of

    [RANT] After a year back in the FS sadle. My windows 10 messed up my FSX installation after updates, missing fonts and stuff, I decided I was done with that c.r.a.p No more BS'ing to me MS. I am done with that. Just imagine, how many megabytes you need to just start your computer and be able to do nothing. THAT was different in the MS DOS days! Anyhow, I exorcised (spelling?) the devil, and put win-7 back. Disabled updates, no more messing around and installed FSX. Now, that was a bummer. My i5 cannot hold up flyable frames with this abomination, regretting to give my i7 to my daughter.. but you do everything for your kids. So, the only thing left was FS2004, with all the bells and whistles... and yes, any weather, aerosoft eham, pmdg 747, FDE, PFE, REX, GE-Pro, and still 20+ frames! Did some serious flights, and when busy, the outside doesnt matter, because no time to look!. But with good ground textures approach isnt that bad at all. [/RANT] So, back in the sadle. Even thinking about online flying, while being a long time ago, I still have my SATCO/VATSIM acccount. [RANT] Whats the fuzz about SF3D ? looked at some youtubes, but don't see a difference ? [/RANT] Only thing left is weather.. In stead of real weather I used to use in the past, I think about doing it the other way round, ME deciding the weather. Going to mess with themes, and saved weather. Good luck to you all, and be prepared for more grumpy me.
  5. Johan_Dees

    Looking for a tropical destination flight tonight

    9 hrs ago he posted.. you didnt think about he already made a trip and is sleeping now ? Or am I getting grumpy..?
  6. Johan_Dees

    Procedures for Kai Tak

    Kai Tak is closed long time ago.. you need to google old charts. Navigraph wouldnt have any...
  7. Johan_Dees

    Hello AVSim. Happy to be here

    Beware for a lot of grumpy old men, word not allowed and more.. woehahah!
  8. Johan_Dees

    What is this all about?

    I can play a whole saturday, but when on approach, someone has to call on phone, or ring the doorbell. It just calls for a shotgun..
  9. Johan_Dees

    Win10 upgrade isn't all bad...

    I just upgraded to Win 7 from Win10. very happy now.
  10. Johan_Dees

    A2A Connie - sweet ride, eventually :)

    That Connie has the same issue. Almost impossible to trim. Manfred's DC3 for example is easily to trim and fly. So its not my controller setup. A lot of other planes fly nicely. A guy on youtube (Wells?)was busy with it and saw a lot of wrong settings. He never did the pitching moment correction, and for me its to long ago to know how to solve this.
  11. Johan_Dees

    A2A Connie - sweet ride, eventually :)

    The pitch problem is indeed the biggest issue with this Connie.
  12. I will take a look. Thanks.
  13. There is no roadmap, so you dont know. You hope. I hope it will have all bells and whistles. But not sure they will ever do that. Depens on sales I think.
  14. If true then DTG have adjusted the dynamics engine. Something I dont believe. They only focussed on eye candy yet, and removed features. I suspect that the core will not change.