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  1. Why didn't they say so? Instead just closing the thread without any answer. It doesn't cost nothing to give a polite answer.
  2. I asked on .org what to do if my XP11 DVD 1 gets corrupted. I thought there was some routine how to get it replaced without have to buy XP11 again. But the thread was closed without any answer. Such topic was not allowed to discuss.
  3. Tanks for your answer but I'm using X-plane only, so I believe 'Missions' for MSFS doesn't work fork me.
  4. I have been away from flight sim some years, but have again found interest in the flight sim hobby. I'm looking for VFR/IFR tours with GA airplanes. With descriptions, flight plans etc. I use X-plane, so these tours most not be exclusive for other simulators. By googling I have found some, but they are scattered on different site. Any tips where to find such tours?
  5. Yes it's a problem. Who do you trust? I would be nice to have a list of trusted reviewers, but it would be difficult to make a such list, because who shall judge a reviewer is honest?
  6. I'm returning to flight simulators after flying fs2004/fsx 10 years ago. In order to get updated on what addons are available, I have looked at many reviews on youtube. I notice there are some reviewers who almost always gives very good opinions. Like 10 of 10 possible points and such. Nothing can be so good. Meaning there are nothing to improve. I consider these reviews are more like advertisements, then honest reviews.
  7. I agree. My current PC is good enough for FS2004/FSX but it's too slow for the new 64-bits sims which I want to upgrade to. My first idea was to change parts in my current PC, but the only parts I could re-use was the power supply, case, DVD-reader, keyboard and mouse. For the new 64-bit sims, I need to a change motherboard, RAM-memory, CPU+cooler, video card and monitor. So I decided to build a new PC and keep my old PC for all other things besides gaming.
  8. Yes, I know. I'm is going to retire latter this year. My pension is decent, but even so, my income will be drastically smaller. But as i said, if you have the money, I think you should spend those on something you like. Not saving them to the heirs.
  9. Correction of wpell error in the previous post: "You can't take them (the money) with you in the grave"
  10. I think is also a philosophical question. What do you value in life? What is important? You don't always be happier if you buy new things, but some still do this. And for a while it feels better, but in the end it's the same. It's also an economical question. If you have the money, why not spend those on something you like? You can't take them without in the grave.
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