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  1. CB_Pilot

    Plot your aircraft live on FSXmap.com

    Thank you - good addition to a fabulous app.
  2. CB_Pilot

    GSX Question

    It’s in the latest update to GSX - you don’t need GSX2. The option to enable this is in Settings. It’s a tick box at the bottom of the page. (Sorry - bit vague, not near my pc right now). Once ticked in Settings it appears as one of the options on the GSX on-screen menu.
  3. CB_Pilot

    fsxmap.com not working

    Tommy Great news - thank you. Nice start to the weekend. Thanks for your work in this super app - much appreciated.
  4. CB_Pilot

    fsxmap.com not working

    Fsxmap is a really good airport map which you can use for ILS frequencies and runway info. It’s just so handy as a reference: quite simple to use but really good at what it does. Its not working on my setup either - hope it’s just s temporary outage. Missing it.
  5. CB_Pilot

    Best "tipoff"

    Best tip-off ever here was the common cry to buy the RealAir Lancair Legacy - I do enjoy that plane. I always check the Bargain Hunter's Shack and have bought many a discounted addon that I wouldn't have known was on offer. Some airport sceneries and other mission packs have been my best investments for giving me an interesting sim. However, my main flight-sim PC and my Track IR were bought second-hand through AVSIM Classifieds and have represented a fantastic investment from generous sellers. But, you know, without all the other tip-offs throughout this forum I wouldn't have my FSX:SE running anywhere near as smooth and stable as it does - so kudos to all contributors. I'm running on almost max settings and never, yes never, had an OOM with FSX:SE.
  6. The NZ DX10 Fixer Guide, when used alongside Steve’s user manual covers a lot and I found them very helpful in establishing a satisfactory setup. Is there a specific issue for you that anyone can help with? For what it’s worth - once I established good Fixer settings I found the eureka “smooth and stable” moment for me was moving things like ASN and SimpleCam to specified cores, away from the FSX-running cores. Theres also some excellent threads here on various aspects of the Fixer and, trust me, you should persevere because the Fixer is truly transformational to FSX: it’s a fabulous app.
  7. CB_Pilot

    P3Ders: Understand this please!

    ... or it might just be that I’m content with FSX and really don’t see any need to change to another? I don’t mind the debate - really, I don’t - but sometimes it’s worth remembering that some of us are simply happy with what FSX gives us. The main thing is that we’re flight summers - and happy!
  8. CB_Pilot

    PC Pilot or Computer Pilot?

    PCPilot subscription questions can be sent to "orders(at)keypublishing.com" or you can browse at www.pcpilot.net
  9. Happy days - now THAT was an excellent flight sim.
  10. A bit of explanation might inform the discussion. I continue with FSX because I’ve been using it for ever (FS3) and because it works well on my setup. I’ve never tried P3D - don’t see the need for me. I tried XP10 and it was good but I was just more familiar with FSX so stuck with it. I’m not promoting any specific sim - just that the one I use works for me. Simple as that. It’s like a favourite chair - I just like it.🙂 I know FSX has a limited shelf life but I’m ok with that. As and when it dies then I’ll look at my options.
  11. CB_Pilot


    You're unlucky; it works in my FSX:SE installation. In the spirit of trying to help: 1. Did you remember to make the adjustments in your panel config files? 2. Remember, the four switch panel only appears in 2D flight deck and not in virtual flight deck.
  12. CB_Pilot

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Confirmed working for me. Thanks Braden
  13. CB_Pilot

    FFTF questions

    +1 - using in FSX:SE. First and only time I’ve ever bought one of these “managing apps” but it has given me a smoother sim.
  14. I use FSXMAP It's freeware and if you use your linked Google account then you can add a comment to every airport you bought and it will be obvious on the map. A great utility for thinking about where to fly and setting ILS or LOC information.
  15. CB_Pilot

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Braden Thank for sharing version 2 - it’s appreciated. I’m travelling for a while but I’ll check this out soon and let you know how it goes for me.