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  1. I have both and they work - but I also run Steve’s DX10 Fixer when in DX10 mode. JF have a free 757 Freemium which you might want to try before committing money to the Airbus - assuming they’ll behave the same way. These JF models are not study level so it’ll be a different experience from PMDG - still great fun to use though when you want to just up and away!
  2. An Update: From Dovetail Games support forum: "This is an issue that we are aware of and working on, we hope to have the home screen restored soon." Monday 19 February 2018. Sounds promising!
  3. Totally agree with these quotations. There’s no need to be negative or cynical: if you don’t like it then don’t buy it or use it but please - try to at least be constructive.
  4. Tonight's WIN10 update (KB4074588 and others - 13th Feb) went smoothly and when I launched FSX:SE I got this scripting error (below). Does that explain anything to anybody? I'm still stumped - always online with fibre optic at 100MB so its definitely not that I'm offline.
  5. It does indeed say that but, as I also said, I AM connected. I'm permanently connected via a 100 MB fibre optic service. It doesn't make sense. Well, reassuring that it's not just me. Thanks guys. Let's hope someone knows what's causing this.
  6. My FSX:SE home screen has stopped displaying the Dovetail FSInsider page and I don't know why. Screen shot below shows what I now have - and I am running online with a good internet connection. I'm not aware that I changed anything other than the normal Win10 updates and driver updates. It doesn't seem to be causing any disruption but I'm REALLY curious to understand what's happened. Does anyone know please? Thanks
  7. Selecting Cores - SIMstarter

    You got me! That’s a really good question and highlights a mistake: I think Steam would only need the one LP. I’m new to Affinity Mask settings so if you have suggestions for alternatives then please don’t hesitate. Re. ASN and which “exe”: I’m not near my pc for a week but I know I simply followed the shortcut properties to the exe location and ran that. Thanks for your interest and questions.
  8. I just wanted to say thank you for the superb application which is FSXMAP. I use it all the time and I find it so very, very useful. It is so simple and elegant in use but it achieves a great deal: it’s well designed and informative. Thank you indeed.
  9. Selecting Cores - SIMstarter

    Hi Scott You know that "every PC is different...." but I recently set my FSX:SE cores as follows below (I think that P3D might be a little different with regard to Affinity Mask settings) and, I tell you, I have a sim that's running smooth as silk and with a clarity like never before. I did a lot of trial and error with my cores, using Task Manager core activity graph monitoring to view the impact (I even put up a topic that Creators update wasn't so bad since it gave me time out to test all this!). I run FSX:SE and I have an i7 6700K CPU: 4 cores - hyper threading enabled, i.e. I can choose from 0 to 7. ASN: core 7 Steam: cores 5 and 7 Track IR: core 2 DX10 Fixer: core 5 FSX:SE cores 0, 2, 4 and 6 Note that I start ASN from Run Manager rather configure as part of the Extended Settings page - that lets me keep it off the primary cores which FSX:SE can use. There's also a really good topic on Affinity Mask and cores which helped me: "affinitymask i7 7700k" by ronnay on 01 April 2017. I'm not a PC expert so if anyone else spots a way to improve things from my settings then go for it - but, for sure, this works for me. Will be good to hear how you get on with this and what works for you. Enjoy the trials and good luck.
  10. I was skeptical - but WOW...

    Join the club Scott! I have had the same experience with SIMstarterNG. I've been using it for 18 months and I'm still discovering little gems on how to use it. Simply, it's a FABULOUS piece of software and Capt Pero offers great support too. Rupert
  11. FSX Smoothness Configuration

    +1 Just caused me loads of problems when I experimented with it. But, as we always say, every PC build and installation is different. Rupert
  12. As with many, many others I have an unstable FSX:SE experience after build 1709 installed on my system. However, I've tried to make the best of it and - you know what - I've found a silver lining! I got tired of CTD and 'child window' issues, of missing menu dropdowns and erratic behaviour so, since I haven't done it properly for a few years now, I decided to do a forensic test of all my settings (not tweaks - just settings). I set a standard flight and then trialled slider combinations, I experimented with Affinity Mask settings, I tested the effect of autogen buildings and trees per cell and a few more besides. The result? I now have a sim rig which gives me better and crisper graphics than I've ever seen and a smoothness to my visuals that I hadn't achieved until now. (I know I should have done this before now but I was too busy flying ) No rights and wrongs in this - just sharing an unexpected positive from the 1709 debacle. Rupert
  13. Cannot create child window

    Me. No PMDG and no FSLabs aircraft, ever. I get the "child window" error when attempting to launch GSX Services. Still a problem after Win10 updates of 14 November. Very frustrating because it's also inconsistent- fails more often than it succeeds but no obvious pattern. Guess I just need to keep reading the forums and hope that someone gets to the source of this and can share the solution. Rupert
  14. Dane, Its not only you. I have the same problems and they all started after Creators update. Ive added nothing since and I rarely get a stable run to the end. I read elsewhere that Microsoft are pushing out a Win10 update on 14 or 15 November so I'm waiting to see if that works. Rupert
  15. Oh no! Another Q400!

    Superb! Thanks Ron.