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  1. CB_Pilot

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    AVSIM is in good hands when it makes an appointment as good as this. Thanks for your work for us and for sharing your vast knowledge so willingly.
  2. CB_Pilot

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Thanks Ray I didn’t know I could do that. Your sharing of this info is appreciated.
  3. CB_Pilot

    FSX Recommendations Please

    I run FSX:SE and would also recommend it but isn’t the P3D 64-bit already out - quite some time ago? Sorry if I’ve misunderstood. Back to subject - you’re choices look good but I’d add SIMStarterNG as a tool to help you keep everything lean and clean.
  4. CB_Pilot

    For those who like ideas on from and where to fly

    +1 ... and it can be both relaxing and satisfying at the same time. I fly mostly GA and take my inspiration from TV or YouTube stuff. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how familiar my simulated landscape looks after watching a real world flight. To the OP; thank you - a good tip.
  5. Pretty much any UK2000 airport will work for you - they’re very good. If you don’t mind a slightly smaller airport then Edinburgh UK2000 is good since it’s a beautiful approach, especially from the north east, and you won’t spend a lot of time taxiing to and from gates. (... and, yes, Manchester is good too 😉)
  6. CB_Pilot

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Thank you Antonmorse - your new gshome.spb file fixed the problem for me. I do appreciate you sharing that with AVSIM members. Great job.
  7. CB_Pilot

    Aerosoft's SimStarterNG problems FSX-SE

    I use it on FSX Steam Edition - should have said that earlier.
  8. CB_Pilot

    Aerosoft's SimStarterNG problems FSX-SE

    +1 - it’s brilliant. Been using it for over 2 years now and never an OOM, different configurations for tubes, GA, fast military and total control of scenery activation depending on chosen flight area. Its worth persevering with. Once you get it set the way you want then you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
  9. Hi Dirk Steve provides an excellent User Manual but there is also another excellent guide, "DX10 How To", at NZFsim which steps through all the Fixer settings and their counterparts in NVidia Inspector. As it says there: I'm not at all PC technical but I think the answer to your question is "set in both" - more detail in the NZFsim document at page 5. I followed both documents very carefully and the difference in my sim was truly outstanding. Steve's Fixer was a revelation for me - hope you find the same. Regards
  10. CB_Pilot

    FSX freezing when you switch windows

    You’re welcome Gary. AVSIM has been a huge help to me over the years so I’m glad I can also help you. Enjoy that next flight!
  11. CB_Pilot

    FSX freezing when you switch windows

    Hi Gary No guarantees that these suggestions will work but worth a try. 1. Make sure that "Settings\General\Pause on task switch" is unticked if you want FSX:SE to keep running when you switch window. 2. My former PC setup used to suffer from your issue and I found that selecting the FSX:SE icon on the taskbar and then selecting ALT+ENTER brought the simulator back in to view. (ALT+ENTER is switching between full screen mode and windowed mode.) 3. Also, if you are running two monitors (not sure if you are) then make sure that the resolution settings are set properly for each screen. You can do that via "Settings\Graphics" and checking that the Device parameters are appropriate and correct. It will be something simple, it usually is with FSX: the trick is knowing what to check and where to look. Good luck.
  12. CB_Pilot

    Airbus WideBody "Prologue" + DirectX10?

    I have both and they work - but I also run Steve’s DX10 Fixer when in DX10 mode. JF have a free 757 Freemium which you might want to try before committing money to the Airbus - assuming they’ll behave the same way. These JF models are not study level so it’ll be a different experience from PMDG - still great fun to use though when you want to just up and away!
  13. CB_Pilot

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    An Update: From Dovetail Games support forum: "This is an issue that we are aware of and working on, we hope to have the home screen restored soon." Monday 19 February 2018. Sounds promising!
  14. Totally agree with these quotations. There’s no need to be negative or cynical: if you don’t like it then don’t buy it or use it but please - try to at least be constructive.
  15. CB_Pilot

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Tonight's WIN10 update (KB4074588 and others - 13th Feb) went smoothly and when I launched FSX:SE I got this scripting error (below). Does that explain anything to anybody? I'm still stumped - always online with fibre optic at 100MB so its definitely not that I'm offline.