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  1. Have a look at FSXMap.com and check out the user guide here - and yes, it does show ILS frequencies. I've been using it for a few years now and I find it really easy to use but also comprehensive enough for what I want to do. Super program IMO.
  2. Sounds like a pretty intense journey for 9 months - impressive. I've been flying around the world for 3 years now and I'm still only 60% complete 😞. I do pause the world flight for other flights though. If I see you overhead then I'll wave as you pass over Scotland 👋 Enjoy!
  3. There you go: The Official DX10 Scenery Fixer Support Forum - The AVSIM Community
  4. Drzewiecki Design used to offer a grass replacement texture exe file as part of their pay products. I use it (not MSFS2020) and it's good. Might be worth searching DD's website (here) to see if it's freeware - I looked but cant see it myself.
  5. LNM is indeed a superb piece of software which I also use. However, if you don't need the flight planning then FSXMap is great for flight following, com and nav setting and ILS approach planning. You can see it here.
  6. If running FSX then I have read of a memory leak if using full screen - which, of course, could lead to CTD's. When I run FSX I use the "Pseudo Full Screen Autohotkey Script" to allow me to run in windowed mode but it looks like full screen. The script is available in the AVSIM library: search for "Pseudo Full Screen Autohotkey Script" I think this only applies to FSX or FSX:SE: I'm not sure if its relevant to P3D. Others may be able to clarify that for you.
  7. Hi, you can do both things with SIMstarter NG. 1. Set your "Run Manager" items via Configure: Run Manager and select "Close this program after sim has been closed". This closes down everything for me, except Steam: I've never found a way to fully close the Steam client via SIMstarter NG. 2. Use Tools : Livery Manager to disable any planes and liveries which you don't want to load. Be careful though because some missions require default planes to be active so if you try any missions and get weird results it may be that a required livery is disabled. Hope this helps - SIMstarter NG is a fabulous tool!
  8. FSiPanel too - I use it all the time; it’s really useful and the developer is very responsive to enquires and support via the relevant forum https://www.fsipanel.com/
  9. I use both in FSX:SE and they do indeed work together. I had an initial problem with using a SIMstarter NG saved flight that meant my aircraft was always rolling when I launched the sim. I now start with no saved flight and load the AH2 flight plan - all is well. There is a good AH2 forum here; it's worth looking at for some hints and tips.
  10. Perhaps not clear, as you say, but to be fair it is in the order confirmation email from simMarket - near the end, but it is there. "Recall that most of our products are split in 2 installers, one containing core files and other containing textures and liveries. The installer containing textures for G91 can be freely downloaded from here:.........." Not trying to be smart - just in case anyone else has the same issue and then reads this - trying to be helpful.
  11. I have SIMstarter NG but i use fsxmap for cataloguing all my airfields. It doesn't do it automatically but if you comment an airfield that you own (e.g. the vendor or the developer's name) then you can clearly see all the add-on airports that you own. Since its a manual process it may take you some time to catalogue everything but once its done, its done and all you need to do is add a comment to the airfield for any future purchases. I have no connection with FSXMAP but I've been using it for a while and think its superb. Has more functionality that I describe above - worth a look.
  12. DX10 Fixer and DX10 Cloud Shadows are, in my opinion, two of the best addons for our FSX setup. They add so much and are great value. I've had both a few years now and I wouldn't be without them. There is a really good DX10 Fixer forum here on AVSIM - worth investigating if you're interested. Mutley's Hangar review here NZFSIM setup guide here
  13. I’m still with FSX:SE because it lets me sim at the level I want with aircraft I’ve invested time and money in - and which I enjoy! I’m really interested in MSFS and, depending on purchase price, would buy it but I won’t be giving up FSX:SE. FSX is like a favourite jumper: it may not look its best anymore but it’s really comfortable and familiar and I like it. 😉
  14. I used to get that in FSX (now on FSX:SE) and it was the window focus that was a problem. A quick Alt-Enter, twice, always brought things back. Worth a try if it’s the same issue?
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