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  1. FSX-SE

    +1 Just caused me loads of problems when I experimented with it. But, as we always say, every PC build and installation is different. Rupert
  2. As with many, many others I have an unstable FSX:SE experience after build 1709 installed on my system. However, I've tried to make the best of it and - you know what - I've found a silver lining! I got tired of CTD and 'child window' issues, of missing menu dropdowns and erratic behaviour so, since I haven't done it properly for a few years now, I decided to do a forensic test of all my settings (not tweaks - just settings). I set a standard flight and then trialled slider combinations, I experimented with Affinity Mask settings, I tested the effect of autogen buildings and trees per cell and a few more besides. The result? I now have a sim rig which gives me better and crisper graphics than I've ever seen and a smoothness to my visuals that I hadn't achieved until now. (I know I should have done this before now but I was too busy flying ) No rights and wrongs in this - just sharing an unexpected positive from the 1709 debacle. Rupert
  3. FSX-SE

    Me. No PMDG and no FSLabs aircraft, ever. I get the "child window" error when attempting to launch GSX Services. Still a problem after Win10 updates of 14 November. Very frustrating because it's also inconsistent- fails more often than it succeeds but no obvious pattern. Guess I just need to keep reading the forums and hope that someone gets to the source of this and can share the solution. Rupert
  4. Dane, Its not only you. I have the same problems and they all started after Creators update. Ive added nothing since and I rarely get a stable run to the end. I read elsewhere that Microsoft are pushing out a Win10 update on 14 or 15 November so I'm waiting to see if that works. Rupert
  5. Superb! Thanks Ron.
  6. Well, I bought GSX after thinking about it for years - I got 50% off one day only cos it was one if the developers 50th. It’s good insofar as it adds to the realism of the procedures but it is a tad cartoonish: just too many vehicles driving through aircraft and each other to make it wholly realistic. Pushback is neat though - very tidy. Bottom line - I’m glad I bought it but not sure I would’ve paid full dollar. There’s a free trial available - maybe you’ve tried it?
  7. SIMstarter NG! A superb utility that makes things soooooooo much easier.
  8. Ok, I understand where you are and was there myself a while ago. Don't get distracted by "is this right?" but stay with "does it looks good?" I use the default settings on almost everything except the water shaders and, since I bought Cloud Shadows, the cloud shadow strength over water. Honestly though, these are just personal preferences. The DX10 Fixer is that rare piece of software which is so successful in how it works that it doesn't need a lot of adjustment. Remember that Steve has also offered 4 profiles as part of the install - hugely helpful when trying to see what differences each setting might make. If you want to know more about tearing, jaggies etc then there's a lot on NVidia's website which might help: descriptions of all of these graphical anomolies and how they might be resolved through various NVidia driver settings. You'll get there!
  9. Search for The DX10 How To Guide NZ in any browser and you'll find a superb guide which takes you through the settings you are asking about. When read alongside Steve's excellent user manual you should get a really good understanding of what's appropriate for your system. It is worth the effort - the Fixer is a superb piece of software. Hope this helps, Rupert
  10. Moved to a newer sim rig just a few weeks ago without any problem. Installed Steam client and then logged into Steam first time and transferred content via external HDD. All went smoothly. Do you have account verification via text setup - maybe missing a verification code? Hope you get it sorted soon. Rupert
  11. Well said and fair comment. DTFS wasn't particularly engaging but DTG's offer of FSW to Flight School customers was generous. FSW is certainly moving along in Early Access and I, for one, am pleased to see it develop and improve. I'm not really interested in any debate of "which sim is better" because it's all about familiarity and ease of use, about add-on investments and about hardware capability. For now, I would simply acknowledge DTG's efforts and look forward to an interesting future in flight sim.
  12. Matthew I run LNM on a second screen with my FSX running in pseudo full screen. I use the pseudo full-screen app from the AVS Library which gives the "full screen" borderless outcome on my sim monitor whilst allowing full visibility of my second monitor. I've had this setup for several years and it's very stable. Kind regards Rupert
  13. Michael I don't own a single PMDG aircraft because my PC simply couldn't cope with them - I don't know what it would be like to fly them. However, I have greatly enjoyed the iFly 737 for some time and, having also added FS2Crew I find the whole simulation very enjoyable and very satisfying. So, as others have said, it seems there are two 737's polling well but I suggest you should consider FS2Crew too and that'll speed up your learning curve whilst also enhancing your immersion levels. I fly almost exclusively GA, as you do, and have found the above combination to be just right for me with respect to the B737. Decisions, decisions! Regards Rupert
  14. I have the paid version and, like others, think it's indispensable. I run a fairly low end rig and it really helps me get the best out of my setup by allowing me to manage settings depending on what and where I want to fly. I've had it for a year and I'm still learning more and more about its capabilities. It manages scenery, aircraft, FSX config settings and, using its "Run Manager" and clean desktop it can help you run customised external programmes (e.g. NVI, ORBX Vector AEC profile) and temporarily shutdown apps not needed for simming (e.g. virus scanners) then start them all up again when you close the sim. It really is top of my add-on list and, for me, is great value. Worth mentioning that the developer also offers superb support and is really responsive. Top marks from me.
  15. I don't use P3D so I can't confirm this but there's another active thread, started by Rockliffe, which seems to describe a similar problem and attributes it to AS16. There's talk of AS16 having known issues on a specific release combination of P3D and AS16. Worth a look to read the conversation in that thread. I hope you get it fixed - good luck.