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  1. Hey Herc, I didn't had this case, but I am flying the DC-8 in P3D. Maybe you could try LittleNavMap. This flightplanner can also save as *.pln. Looks complex at the first view, but is freeware and an awesome tool: https://albar965.github.io/ Kind regards, Danny
  2. That's interesting, didn't know that. Thank you for your fast reply 😃👍
  3. Sorry for the post above, but it was not possible to insert a text after I wrote @ ... The cursor stuck on the name. So, as I understand Jim Barret: In the real Falcon I also hear this sound when the AP is moving the pitch trim, is this right?
  4. Hi all, could somebody explain me what for are the following switches and if they are working on the CJ2? I couldnt make any clue of them until now... Best regards, Danny
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