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  1. i see .. it’s all clear to me now , thanks for the info Ahmed Ali
  2. so in WXR it will be without turbulence ?
  3. hello my question is about the B777 generally I would like to know about some weather radar’s symbols and what does it mean : [Hosted image showing WX+T and 0A] this WX+T some times it has a 2A under it or 3A or -2A ... bla bla bla what does all that mean ? and there is another mode ( WXR ) [Hosted image showing different values] what is the difference between it and ( WX+T ) mode ?
  4. hi i have CLS A330 with wilco panel ( without VC ) i was wondering how to create a wingview in it ?
  5. will that’s a bad news although the all other info like hPa and surface wind and temp are all correct and matches the real report
  6. hi folks i have this problem with Active sky 6.5 it gives me wrong wind aloft at the top yesterday i was on a flight at 34000 and the wind was 230/104kts i went to ADDS and checked the real wind conditions at the same spot i was flying over and i found that it’s not exceed 40 to 50kts ! any help to correct this ?
  7. Hi folks I have 2 problems with my posky a330 1- the speed gets out of control , for example when i start descent with only -1500fpm the speed starts non stop increasing just like that , so i must open spoilers all the way to maintain it , and when i need to decrease it here’s come the struggle i must open spoilers ( fully ) and reduce v/s to 500fpm and after all that it barely decreasing .. 2 - at takeoff when i reach Vr speed and start rotation the plane it dosent takeoff it stay like that until it reachs a very high speed and then takes off , I checked the Trim it was all ok i dont know what’s wrong any help ?
  8. it’s a normal climb , after takeoff shifting the throttle back to CLB mod and when the speed reaches 250kts it starts climbing by very high fpm
  9. Hi folks i have wilco airbus A330-300 , the problem is aircraft climbing too fast last flight I had 5800fpm ! any help
  10. Hello i have a Weird Question , first watch this video you saw how the spoilers extended Literally Quickly ? I mean not like real a320 the spoilers extending slowly slowly after touchdown i know this is Silly but can i change spoilers Extend speed in wilco A320 ?
  11. zool

    PA A321

    I use Project airbus A321 CFM for FS2004 and for the trim I solved the trim prablom yesterday speed : that's the Weirdest problem , in Climbing the plane Reaching the crz alt very very fast like in 10 mnt I Reach FL360 . but the Suffering is in des the speed doesn't Decreases ! fro example my speed is 280 knots and Iam des from 23000 to 12000 with VS:1200 when I Decrease the speed to 230 knots I have to open the spoilers and but the VS to 500 ! and after all that it Decreases very very very slow Note : I use Wilco A318 Panel on the PA321 , is this had to do with the prablom ? sorry for the long post but Plz help !
  12. zool

    PA A321

    I tried that but The link is not working and the package was deleted from AVSIM
  13. hello can someone please give me his Aircraft.cfg and air files for the project airbus A321 ? becuse mine is so bad and Shaky and have a lot of prablom like : Trim , Speed , landing .. I dont know it's just not right Plz help
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