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  1. i see .. it’s all clear to me now , thanks for the info Ahmed Ali
  2. so in WXR it will be without turbulence ?
  3. hello my question is about the B777 generally I would like to know about some weather radar’s symbols and what does it mean : [Hosted image showing WX+T and 0A] this WX+T some times it has a 2A under it or 3A or -2A ... bla bla bla what does all that mean ? and there is another mode ( WXR ) [Hosted image showing different values] what is the difference between it and ( WX+T ) mode ?
  4. hi i have CLS A330 with wilco panel ( without VC ) i was wondering how to create a wingview in it ?
  5. will that’s a bad news although the all other info like hPa and surface wind and temp are all correct and matches the real report
  6. hi folks i have this problem with Active sky 6.5 it gives me wrong wind aloft at the top yesterday i was on a flight at 34000 and the wind was 230/104kts i went to ADDS and checked the real wind conditions at the same spot i was flying over and i found that it’s not exceed 40 to 50kts ! any help to correct this ?
  7. Hi folks I have 2 problems with my posky a330 1- the speed gets out of control , for example when i start descent with only -1500fpm the speed starts non stop increasing just like that , so i must open spoilers all the way to maintain it , and when i need to decrease it here’s come the struggle i must open spoilers ( fully ) and reduce v/s to 500fpm and after all that it barely decreasing .. 2 - at takeoff when i reach Vr speed and start rotation the plane it dosent takeoff it stay like that until it reachs a very high speed and then takes off , I checked the Trim it was all ok i dont know what’s wrong any help ?
  8. it’s a normal climb , after takeoff shifting the throttle back to CLB mod and when the speed reaches 250kts it starts climbing by very high fpm
  9. Hi folks i have wilco airbus A330-300 , the problem is aircraft climbing too fast last flight I had 5800fpm ! any help
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