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  1. freshJet_Virtual

    AA A320 repaint for PA
  2. Does anyone have Dry Operating Weights for the British Airways A319, A320 (preferably G-EUU*, with or without sharklets) and A321 (G-EUX*) fleet? Surely someone from BAV has access to them?
  3. freshJet_Virtual

    CLS A330-200 Etihad new livery

    Is anyone willing to repaint the CLS A330-200 in the new livery? Would be much appreciated!
  4. freshJet_Virtual

    CLS A330 gear contact points

    I'm no expert with the contact points, should I need more or less?
  5. freshJet_Virtual

    CLS A330 gear contact points

    This is hence why I think the contact points are the only option. Even if it means that they won't touch down properly, adding additional contact points might improve the effect.
  6. freshJet_Virtual

    CLS A330 gear contact points

    Very good. I don't believe CLS use XML animation for their A330, does that mean it's impossible to achieve?
  7. freshJet_Virtual

    CLS A330 gear contact points

    Yes, I'm not holding out for PA if I'm honest. I do think that contact points can improve the effect if anything, I have made progress on it but simply not reached a good result.
  8. freshJet_Virtual

    CLS A330 gear contact points

    Anyone who owns the CLS A330 will know that the gear animation is completely unrealistic, particularly on touchdown. I have spent hours attempting to modify the contact points to achieve a more accurate animation but it's proving impossible. Does anyone with experience tweaking contact points wish to have a go? Or does anyone know a solution? It's a shame because it's otherwise the best model out there!
  9. I don't own the Airbus X however I have had the work done for me and provided as dds files. I'm wondering how the registration and SELCAL plate is customised. Assuming it is done through the texture files, can anyone point me in the direction of the real-world font or as close to it as possible? If it is not done through the texture file, is it added somewhere else? Thanks in advance.