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  1. I spent almost full day in elec. stores and could not find more than 24" 16:10 PC monitor (16:10 TV is not available at all). :(
  2. Sounds good. I will look for it. Thx a lot Yes I just realised that 16:9 are commonly used by TV manufacturers. And there should be a reason behind. Thx This is written under the "Minimum" topic. If you look at "Recommended" topic you will only see the 16:10. Thx
  3. Thank you for your reply. What are the big sizes of a 16:10 monitors? Is there for example a 32"size of it or bigger?
  4. Hello folks, As you aware, PMDG recommends a 16:10 aspect ratio monitor for its 777. Since I am using an old LCD 32" TV with 16:9 aspect ratio and forced to buy new TV due to some technical issues, can someone advise the availability of 32" HDTV with an aspect ratio of 16:10 or this pic size applicable only to PC monitors? More info and helps regarding this will be highly appreciated.
  5. lasnubes, Thank you for your reply and sorry for not explaining the problem perfectly. If you look at the picture below you can see this FS9 PMDG 737 and all DU's are fully enlarged in their places all the way to the MCP (By pressing the Z at the lower left corner of the Panel). My question : Is there anyway to do this in the NGX? BR Tareq
  6. Hello, I am trying to get the three Display units in the 2D panel of the NGX zoomed in or enlarged as what we were doing in the FS9 737 by one button press but it seems that it's not available here. I am aware that pressing on the ND/PFD/ED units will open a zoomed-in view out and above it's position but this view for all DU's in the same time will block part of the windshield. I am new to 737NGX, please advise if there is anyway to enlarge the DU's in their positions similar to FS9 737 and MD11. I am using a 32" wide screen. Though, the texts and objects in the Display units are small and hard to read without zooming. Any comments on this issue will be highly appreciated. BR Tareq
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