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  1. Hi all. I have the ifly 737NG on my fairly new computer (Basically, 3.2 ghz CPU...8gb memory..geforce GTX 960). I have most of my scenery settings on medium, also no traffic at all. When I'm flying after about 5-10 minutes it freezes and gives me the message that my computer has run out of memory. I would have thought 8gb was plenty to run this. Has anybody any feedback on this please. Thank you David.
  2. Hello!! could someone direct me to where I can get help about a question re the A2A Cessna C172 I have just downloaded it today, but cant seem to find how to access the "maintenance hanger" Does anyone know...or where do I get this info.. Thank you Dave
  3. Hello DJ Firstly I cancelled the refund because it seemed unfair to ask that for something that surely is a very good addon. I've decided to close this issue now because I feel I'm becoming bothersome and probably boring!! However I will continue to work on it myself.. I'll let you all know if I get it to work... Thank you all for trying to help me.. Cheers!!! Dave.
  4. Yes Donor they both say "installed". In the fs9 folder..textures..the texture dates are 2003 I believe they should change to 2006 (according to a previously reply from flightone forum. I've tried installing several times but its always the same result, but the check boxes always do say installed!! I think something is blocking the transfer!!! Thanks mate Dave
  5. Hello Donor! Thanks for you response! About the choices I have to make I presume you mean ticking the boxes on the first page that comes up when I go in to gepro? I do that and it goes through the sequence of "installing textures into fs9 (from 0% - 100%). I do really feel that it has NOT installed correctly you know!! What is the "red airplane" flight one downloader icon I have for eg. I've never understood that!!?..when opened it says "load from ddf data file"?? I'm not very computer savvy really but I do learn fast!! It would be great if you could stick with me for a while...I am so loathed to ask for a refund!!! Treat it as a challenge!!!! Cheers my friend Dave
  6. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies!! OS is vista ultimate Uac is off Anti virus is off Fs9 is installed in its own folder with 9.1 update Run as administrator Don't know about red flight 1 installer...I just installed it as normal??? Also don't know about firewall..I'd have to find out how to turn that off too.(easy) Gepro doesn't seem to fail! It goes through the seemingly correct installing textures to fs9 from 0% - 100% but somehow it doesn't install the textures into fs9 folder! (Sorry, does that make sense?) Just so you know I've tried flight 1 forums about this (they have been brilliant of course!!!) BUT I still haven't got gepro to work on my fs9!!! Very sadly. Thanks guys. Any ideas??
  7. I don't know whether you'll get this reply now mark22, cos its 2014 now!!! But I bought gepro 3 weeks ago and I cannot for the life of me get it to install the textures into fs9!!! I have tried everything from reinstalling to almost throwing my computer out of the window!!! I just wonder if you ever sorted your problem out or bought a different add on for ground textures (if there is one) Dave
  8. Thanks very much for your reply tgibson...I've resolved my problem by updating the driver!! Must admit I didn't think that would make such a huge difference!!! Thanks again my friend.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys..so has anyone else any ideas!!
  10. Hello all! I'm new to the forum and would like some help please!! I have recently installed fs2004 again after using fsx for a while... My computer isn't quite up to fsx really so have come back to fs9. I'm very disappointed because the textures in general are very poor!! Including the planes..much much worse than fsx!!! I was surprised to see no anisotropic filtering, as in fsx...just to say I've had fs9 on this computer before with excellent results, so I don't know what's going on! These are roughly my computer specs.. Intel 2.4 (quad core..and yes I know that FS doesn't take any advantage of multi core) processor. ATI radeon 7700 1gb card 4 GB memory This computer should easily handle fs2004.. Does any one have any ideas or comments on this..I would really appreciate it please cos I'm quite disappointed right now!! Thank you.
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