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  1. Did anyone manage to get an improved Scenproc config for generating more buildings and trees, specifically for Europe? 🙂
  2. Yeah I have the sim set up as Orbx Scotland suggests, and also have latest patches and libraries, it's a strange one that's baffling me for sure!
  3. Hey all, I'm having a problem with FTX Orbx Scotland where the scenery gets really blurry, to the point where even if I pause the sim it still stays blurry. Everywhere else is fine, FTX England, Wales, Ireland etc, just Scotland. Any idea how I can fix this? Many thanks, Daniel
  4. Anyone else constantly checking the P3D website..... I certainly am Lol
  5. Out of curiosity, where did the OP download FSUIPC version 4.942 from? On the website here http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.htmlthe only version I see is 4.939
  6. I'm not usually an early bird, but I too jumped at Windows 10 straight away, and it's been a very good experience with it - somehow switching from 7 to 10 improved my performance in P3D 2.5. I've had a few OOMs - only if I fly from A to B, then try to fly from B to C without reloading the sim. Out of curiosity, where did the OP download FSUIPC version 4.942 from? On the website here http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html the only version I see is 4.939
  7. So how many will jump and get V3 straight away and how many will wait to hear some feedback first?
  8. Really looking forward to V3 - hoping it fixes the VAS issues and also handles the anti-aliasing better, as currently these are the only two things I struggle with. Have tried DSR, and Nvidia inspector with 4x SGSS, DSR is okay and inspector is good until you go through cloud and the FPS plummets, so hopefully these will be improved with V3 Oh, also hopefully the LOD radius will be extended also, as I don't like currently how the Autogen goes so far then just stops, it's really noticeable (for me anyway) and also means you see autogen loading up as you fly. I know they did this to help with VAS, but I hope the option comes back to have LOD radius higher
  9. Ah ok Michael that's interesting to know. Yes, hopefully someone can offer some alternative solutions? Kind regards, Daniel
  10. Hi Michael, Thanks for the info, and I have to agree I didn't notice this problem as much in the earlier versions of 2.0, it definitely seems to have got worse in P3D 2.5, which I suspect the same as you is due to memory management and an attempt to reduce OOMs. I have tried experimenting with Zoom levels as you suggest, I run in Wide view aspect so I usually use a zoom level in the flight deck of around 0.70-0.80, but unfortunately it's still pretty noticeable for me. Kind Regards, Daniel
  11. Hello guys, Hoping some can maybe offer some advice on guidance on an issue I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to resolve/improve but have unfortunately had no look. I'm trying to solve the problem of autogen, particularly buildings, loading/popping up in 'patches' or squares, which is really obvious and detracts a lot of realism from the simming experience for me. Rather than it loading up subtly, it loads up in horrible blocks/chunks. I've tried numerous settings, including a whole variety of Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction=xx values, as well as tweaks such as TextureMaxLoad=30 and adding an afffinity mask, but haven't been able to get this problem to improve. I'm hoping somebody can offer some insight on anything I am possibly doing wrong? The sim apart from this runs great, performance is good etc, just this little niggling issue I would love to fix. In terms of In - sim settings, I have LOD at Max (Although I believe this has been limited anyway in P3D 2.5 to help combat the VAS issue, I am wondering if this is possibly causing the Autogen loading up like this due to the LOD restriction?) Kind Regards, Daniel
  12. Hello all, I am running FTX Europe along with FTX trees HD, FTX global and vector with latest libraries. However, I feel like my trees are not changing seasonal colour like they should, they seem too brown. Hopefully these shots will explain what I mean, as these were shot in Summer season in the sim: I think for summer there is too many brown trees? Is there something I am doing wrong or is this the way it should be? Regards, Daniel
  13. That's great, thanks very much for the info! :-)
  14. Yet another question for you guys...... I've noticed in real life pictures of Flybe Dash 8's, that the window wipers are placed in the 'up' position and kept there. I read this this is to reduce noise in flight? I was wondering if this is true and if the wipers stay in that position for the whole flight? Many thanks, Dan
  15. Great, thanks for the info! :-) I'm hoping landing in gusty winds will be covered somewhat in the FO version :-)
  16. Hi there, Yes I do use the AURASIM App, great piece of Kit! I was unsure whether this software took into account the wind speeds, and also as you can not implement wind gusts into this software, I was wondering how I would implement the gust? Many Thanks :-)
  17. Sorry guys, another question from me regarding winds again. What is the maximum cross wind landing for the Dash, and is this figure the solid wind speed, or is it also the gust? Many thanks :-) And sorry for all the questions, just wanting to learn as much as I can about this beautiful aircraft!
  18. This could work, can you remember the location of the scenery.cfg in P3D 2.4?
  19. Yes I am getting the same error, so I don't know how Kevin installed into P3D 2.5 with no problems? The problem is that the change from P3D 2.4 to P3D 2.5 changed the scenery.cfg location, which is why I am guessing the installer can't find it. There must be some way around this, really want to install this beautiful scenery!
  20. Hi, if you could can you tell me the method you used to install them please? :-)
  21. Hey guys, I know EarthSimulations scenery no longer exists, but I found a boxed version so ordered it and it arrived today, it's the IOM scenery and Guernsey. I was hoping to install them into P3D 2.5, but Earth Simulations installer only offers FSX or P3D 2.4. I've tried using the Migration tool but this couldn't find the Scenery.CFG so couldn't install properly, same with the P3D 2.4 installer. I really would like to use these sceneries in the P3D 2.5, so if anyone has succesfully install them, I'd be grateful if you could let me know how you did so :-) Kind Regards, Daniel
  22. Hello again, I was hoping someone could explain to me how wind speeds are taken into account for takeoff and landing. Say for example if we had a departure with winds 120 @ 12 knots gusting to 30 knots, and a landing with the same wind speeds, how would this be implemented onto the takeoff and landing speeds? Many thanks, Dan
  23. Hello guys, another quick question. I have noticed on takeoff, if I advance the power levers forward too quickly, the FADEC doesn't always kick in and the powers shoot all the way to max instead of stopping at the takeoff power. The same happened yesterday on a go-around, is this something that happens in real life, or am I doing something wrong? This only happens if I push my throttle lever straight up instead of doing it a bit more slow and gentle, similar to the way you would in say an Airbus where you set 40% n1 Many thanks, Dan When I say overshoot takeoff power, I mean it shoots passed 90% and goes into the red
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