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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, I'd like to face with you about total loading time of FSX-SE, in my case takes very long to get in the cockpit from clicking the fsx.exe icon on desktop. My scenario: FSX Steam Edition installed in a normal HDD (500G) 1 only scenery in Addon Scenery folder No AI traffic (I removed it for trial purpose, and in effect removing it shorten the boot time, about 1.30 min) Orbx Global, Vector and Landclass Europe 5 payware (PMDG 737 and MD11, Majestic Dash-8, A2A, e Ant's Airplane Sierra) I clean up dll.xml from any old installed software I don't use anymore. My loading timing: From click: 0.00 --> 1.16 sec (when EZCA 1.85 icon appears on the tray) then continue loading..... 1.116--> 1.58 sec appears FSX-SE window menu, where you can choose your flight Make a free flight, choose the aircraft (still 20-25 for aircraft drop down menu, but I don't count it) From FLY NOW: 1.58-->4.18 to get in the cockpit (I tried NGX, without counting initial 16 sec setup) Total time: 4 min 18 sec In your opinion is it normal? If I re-add AI traffic (17 giga) you have to add another 1.30 min, so total amount is about 6 mins. I also inserted [DISABLE PRELOAD]=1 but seems that nothing change. I almost got the urge to uninstall FSX:SE and reinstall FSX Boxed (I didn't remember so long time to load up, even if in the forum I find similar result). Any ideas on how to reduce the loading time? Thanks in advance, Ric
  2. Hi All: Thought some of you might be interested in a discovery I made today on loading times for FSX from a cold boot to the 'Free Flight' screen. I recently upgraded to an SSD for my OS (Windows 7) and FSX. I, however, have several hundred GB of scenery data that won't begin to fit on the SSD so I have it still installed on a hard drive. But with the rest of FSX and W7 on the SSD I expected to see a significant improvement in FSX startup times. I did not. Maybe 30 secs at the most (3 mins before, about 2.5 mins after). Why? The only data not on the SSD is the scenery data. That must be what is still slowing my startup times. I tried some things. As a first test, I substituted the default scenery.cfg file from back when FSX was installed for my current one, expecting a big difference in startup times: No! Barely any difference! FSX was still reading lots of scenery before the 'Free Fligh't Screen would appear. Next I tried an empty 'Addon Scenery' folder (moved my current one outside of FSX and replaced it with an empty one, just like FSX newly installed). Some improvement but still slow (2:22). I have lots of scenery installed in the FSX folders, not just in the 'Addon Scenery' folder. So next I moved all those folders (only my payware/freeware folders, not any of the default folders) outside of the FSX folder structure and retested from a cold start: Big improvement! Startup time a mere 0:20!! So it appears FSX scans all the folders within the FSX file structure for scenery on startup, even when there is no corresponding entry in the scenery.cfg file. So next I put back my scenery.cfg file, but modified it with the new locations of all my scenery folders outside of the FSX main folder. This was very easy to do, just needed to add a "..\" in front of each local= entry for folders that were moved. Shut down the computer, waited a minute or so then restarted. My new boot time, with my 'normal' scenery active: 0:35!! A full 2 minutes quicker than before. I will add that the load times from pressing 'Fly Now' until the cockpit appears, ready for flight, do not change with this technique. So if you normally fly with most of your scenery active this method will not help you. But for me, with hundreds of GB of scenery data, and only a small portion of it active at any one time, it made a very welcome difference. Almost as good as a brand new installation! The only scenery folder I cannot move in this fashion is Orbx. That has to stay where it is. FTX have not provided a way to move it elsewhere. I have 68GB of data in that folder (linked to a hard drive folder). It is costing me 10 seconds in startup time! I could move that 68GB to my SSD but that would nearly fill it. If anyone knows a way to move it so FSX doesn't scan it on startup I would love to know! David CYXE
  3. Hello Bryan/Guys, I'm having a weird problem. Every time a load the MD11 whether from the Main Screen or already on the ramp, FSX crash throwing an error quite unique cause where should say the name of the module causing problems it says unknown. I detected FS2Crew might be the problem becasue if a restore the PMDG panels from the FS2Crew program, the MD11 load just fine. Let me tell you that recently did a full re-install of SO and FSX and been flying other PMDG with FS2crew without a problem, the only difference that they are al Voice edition. Do you know what could be causing troubles with FS2Crew? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have recently re installed windows and all of my fsx but I have recently come across this problem with my installation of fsx and I cannot figure out how to fix it as I have never had this problem before. My fsx starts off fine but after a few mins of flying and switching views, I get these problems with textures? http://gyazo.com/5657a42bfda8e142b71d2fb5c4ac6478 http://gyazo.com/572a6c73be30966a74cf4745bea12852 After 30 seconds or a bit longer, they do load. Again I have never had this problem before so would anyone be able to shed some light? Spec i7 2700K OC'd to 4.7GHZ 16GB RAM DDR3 @ 2133 GTX660TI - Running Primary Display in 1st slot (FSX runs off this) GTX460 in third slot running secondary/third display 1000W PSU 1TB HD OS and Other Software/ 232GB for fsx installation/ 149GB for files I have FSX - FSXSP1 - FSXSP2 Installed I have reinstalled FSX as i normally do and I have got this problem! Never before have I got it and I installed FSX and all addons the exact same was as I have before. I have used Ventubos tweak as per normal and nvidia inspector for anti aliasing
  5. Hello, After loading OPUS weather, the weather loads (cloud, visibility etc), but after a couple of seconds, the weather disappears and return to CAVOK (back to what I started with). I am using FSInn (VATSIM), I have 'Disabled weather by default', I have tried running in CAVOK condition with FSInn, and running the program without touching the weather config settings. I have to my knowledge disabled the FSInn weather. It seems to me something is stopping OPUS weather from staying 'loaded'?? Also, I am seeing the OPUS software updating the weather, but again, something seems to knock it out after a couple of seconds. Any help, much appreciated!
  6. 4I have now installed FS 2004 7 times from my disks but still cannot get it to function correctly. The loading procedure was FS 9 into C:\OS, 9.1 update, file not mentioned. When I click on the icon I am always asked to say yes to to Administrator start. That's ok. However, everything loads correctly, with sound etc. I leave the flight on the Cessna 172 and open the throttle and the aircraft starts to move. BUT if I touch the "S" key to change view the top of the screen changes but the panel remains. This happens on every aircraft. Can anybody help? I have deleted every non-FS9 aircraft to ensure no pollution from that source. However, with hidden files viewable I cannot trace the FS9.cfg file.
  7. Hello, I tried this figure out on my home forum, P3D forum, but nowhere no effective help yet. I am new user of Prepar3D, changing from FSX. And sorry for my english. Three days ago I installed Windows 10 on new SSD HDD, check or install drivers for HW and then the first application I installed was Prepar3D v3.3 (last version I could download). After install I start the sim and hit OK in the menu. I just wanted to look how it looks. No addons. Then loading started, and when the status bar reach 100%, the program froze there a little while and then crash. No message, no problem, just dissapeared. So I tried for at least 5 times, everytime the same situation. So I was checking event protocol during loading and there was no fault log (that one with the red exclamation mark and nothing else either), only some log where was marked prepar3d.exe as a faulting program, but no faulting module or other information. When I had a problem in FSX, the event protocol was the first thing I started to look what happened. Only once there was faulting module as facilities.dll, but in other 20+ tries to runup the simulation there was nothing. I really looked forward for new sim, better performance and first of all I need it for my bachelor thesis and the first experience with this sim I got is CTD, wich I have many times with FSX, that so sad. I asked on this on P3D forum, but no effective advice for this time. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=119573 Here are the things I tried to figure it out without effect: Changing planes, locations, time Delete Prepar3D.cfg Added AffinityMask = 84 and erase path in Situation=... (see this on the other topic with same problem: http://www.avsim.com/topic/443954-p3d-will-not-start/) Repair the program Reinstall the program Updating all drivers I have Made sure that my primary graphics is my nVidia and not the motherboard adapter. (I cannot simple disable it, in my BIOS is only option for setting one of them to primary. The other one will be disable automaticly. I dont know if there is any other option. I have ASRock B75 Pro3-M). My desktop machine: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Intel Core i7-2600 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM nVidia GTX 960 I please for any advice. Thank you for your help, have a nice day. Jiri
  8. Hello guys, it's a bit of time that I wonder whether this effect is normal and inherent in FSX or if you can correct it in some way. I'll explain it, being in short final during landing I see in the distance the ILS path's lights that as I approach the runway treshold will light up with a more intense light, this also happens with the default airports, and is most evident during the day with bad weather and low visibility and at dusk and night of course Look at these two videos to understand what I'm talking about: Watch from 2:08 mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu_H7o1gFlQ Watch from 0:39 mins (look at red and green lights here, more intense when aircraft is near runway) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXujm2_Jypo is it normal or is there something to correct this "strange" and unreal effect?
  9. Hello I know lots of people have reported that FS is locking up on the blue bar during loading, but has anyone like me experienced this problem after a DVD install? In my case when the blue bar gets half way across the screen background goes blank, the bar then continues very slowly to the end, after which nothing happens. I have tried the various fixes suggested online, like running as Admin, with no success so have given up for the time being. Are we confident that the up and coming patch, we I believe is releases tomorrow, will fix this problem? Thanks Robin
  10. Hi. Today I reinstalled my whole FSX. I had this problem sometimes before but now its like 8 out of 10 times the 737 doesent load properly. Either the displays are dark or i cant use any button or I can hear the engines but they are not spinning and I cant move at all. It really happens 90% of the time. Reloading the aircraft at the gate doesent help, ending the flight and starting it again helps sometimes but most times I have to restart the whole simulator. It seems like the only way its working is if I have the 737 as standard flight. Can somebody help me? Is there any fix?
  11. Hello guys, Hoping some can maybe offer some advice on guidance on an issue I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to resolve/improve but have unfortunately had no look. I'm trying to solve the problem of autogen, particularly buildings, loading/popping up in 'patches' or squares, which is really obvious and detracts a lot of realism from the simming experience for me. Rather than it loading up subtly, it loads up in horrible blocks/chunks. I've tried numerous settings, including a whole variety of Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction=xx values, as well as tweaks such as TextureMaxLoad=30 and adding an afffinity mask, but haven't been able to get this problem to improve. I'm hoping somebody can offer some insight on anything I am possibly doing wrong? The sim apart from this runs great, performance is good etc, just this little niggling issue I would love to fix. In terms of In - sim settings, I have LOD at Max (Although I believe this has been limited anyway in P3D 2.5 to help combat the VAS issue, I am wondering if this is possibly causing the Autogen loading up like this due to the LOD restriction?) Kind Regards, Daniel
  12. I am new to AVSIM, thought i would post to see if anyone is having the same performance issues as i am or possibly a solution to my (hair pulling :mad:) problem. My Frame rates are fluctuating from 7-30 FPS at any airport(addon scenery and default) any aircraft(addon aircraft or default) and do not go any higher than my record 31 fps :lol: . My average is about 21 FPS in the air and 11 FPS on the ground. I have FSX gold which comes with Acceleration so both service packs are installed. My setup goes as follows: HERES THE KICKER- I7 2700K CPU OVERCLOCKED TO 4.8GHZ(SCRATCHING MY HEAD) ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 MOBO 1200W PSU 8GB VENGEANCE RAM @2133MHZ EVGA NVIDIA GTX 680 VIDEO CARD WITH 2GBS OF V MEMORY OCZ AGILITY 3 480GB SSD(ONLY FSX INSTALLED ON THIS) I am getting the same performance on fsx now as i did when my processor was not overclocked!!! In fact I recently restored default settings in my bios and for some wierd reason FSX loaded textures quicker without the overclock!! same frames though. what ive already tried: Ive already tried the ******* tweak! -after this i had crazy stutters, horrible FPS, and slow texture loading in the default 747! Ive already tried setting frames unlimited- no difference Ive already tried an External frame limiter- set at high 60 fps or above w/ the FSX limiter at 40 gives best results(31fps not locked goes down to 18 in some areas) also lots of shimmering and tearing when moving camera angles. Ive already tried changing things around in Nvidia Inspector- yeilds alright FPS but who wants to fly a plane that looks like FS 2000? Besides i have sufficient hardware that should handle it fine. The best results ive had and that is 30 FPS LOCKED with no stutters or shimmering was with Word Not Allowed's Hardware and Tuning guide. I would stick to these settings but with Antialiasing turned off i might as well have saved a few hundred bucks and not have built such an expensive machine, or spent all the money on addons to have the same look as freeware! I get frustrated when i hear that people are getting smooth 60fps and higher in their sims with alright hardware and im barely pulling 28 on a good day with high end components! there has to be something not right to have such a high overclock and no better performance. I even tried it at 5.0ghz and still no difference! Im sure there is a setting missing somewhere.
  13. Hi there, I have a really serious problem with my flightsim. When I select to load my plane at a certain airport, it unfortunately, does not do that. This happens at a number of my airport with sceneries. For example: I select my plane to load at flytampa tampa. Yet, when it has finished loading, it loads the plane 5 miles from the runway, in a field or in tampa bay. FSX can't understand it, and tries to reload the plane, but it just ends up with a continuous loop of loading in a field or water. Also, when I fly within a 100 mile radius of the airport, fsx refreshs into a new load but on the ground, no matter what my altitude or speed is. However this doesn't happen at night... This happens to a number of my other airports- all flytampoa tpa, and dxb (sometimes), simgiants (free) tenerife north, hawaii photoreal mesh, and some other areas. Just now, I was flying Bristol to tenerife, at FL370, but when I came within 500 miles of tenerife, the fsx reloaded, and the next thing I knew, my plane was in the water. This problem first arose, back in November, when I installed Flytampa tampa. I really need helpm with this! Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
  14. What are the reasons one would want to do this (see topic)? I question this only because sometimes when I load a saved game the INS is all goofed out. Waypoints seem loaded but the plane does not at all go to the proper point. I'm guessing that my plane position while in flight is not seen properly by the INS and I somehow have to retell ( aka as Alignment?) the INS where the plane's exact current location is. This sound right? I'm trying to learn all this btw. Thanks for any help.
  15. Hi to all I would like to share how I solved a Local profile loading error/problem Last night I shut-down my computer normally I turned up and logged-in with my usual profile today, and then a black-colored desktop appeared with very few icons and a 'bubble' message saying that Windows could not load the profile, and a temporary instead had been loaded. :angry: :( Logged in with an alternate profile (good to have at least two) checked Windows logs and discovered some Event IDs 1505 and 1530. "Goggling" around for Event ID 1530 didn't have much success, looking for Event ID 1505, I came across the following MS KB: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/947215 I followed Method 1 step-by-step and my problem was solved !!! :smile: Last summer, exactly the same problem, forced me to restore and reinstall my FSX add-ons one-by-one - a nearly 2 month labor. (image was FSX SP2 only) I hope you found this post useful. Kind regards
  16. Have a new system, built using NickN's Bible. Installed all FSX systems and Windows (add-ons) IE Adobe etc. Fsx working perfectly along with Nvidia inspector. Completed last part of Nick's Bible (all the Windows mods). When opening Nvidia Inspector from Desk top Icon the Nvidia inspector screen comes on and does show temps, fan rpm etc working, but as soon as I click the profile box (crossed tools icon) a windows information box opens (red dot with white cross) comes on indicating an "unhandled exception has occurred in your application" continue, quite, etc. "the path's format is not supported." If I try to Re-Install Nvidia inspector from the compressed zip download I get: "Compressed(zipped) folders ERROR. Windows cannot complete the extraction, the destination file could not be found." I believe this has something to do with Nickn;s mods for the windows section, as everything worked OK up to that point. Hope this is the "right forum" if not I apologize and could someone please direct me to the correct place for help. Thanks
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