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  1. Thanks John. I have now found a wjhole load of backup on my computer which I have dumped and the free space is now over 100g. You may have a point but ALL the aircarft are ones I had in Windows 7. In any event get well quickly.
  2. Cactus521. I think you have something there and I have dumped whole load of stuff and increased the free space to about 25g. What I find baffling is the difference in frame rates for the default aircraft (quite good) and the 1.5 fps for say the deHavilland chipmunk, external view. Is it possible for a silver surfer like me to upgrade my video card from an Intel G33/G31 chipset to something faster? Although I repeat it all worked perfectly in Win 7.
  3. Wobbie. I have now got everythnig working but still stuck at 2.0 -5.0 frame rates. One thing occurs to me. I have a 285G hard disk but for some reason 275G is used. That is absurd and it seems to me that Windows 10 is backing up everything to itself. I have an external 1.5 T hard disk which I normally back up to. How can I remove that enormous back up volume using Windows 1?. I ask this because somebody suggested that such a large back up must slow the disk down. Does that make sense and how can I proceed?
  4. I have reinstalled FS9 probably 7 times. It now works OK BUT the frame rate can be as low as 1.8 to 2.5. The computer has a 2.9Ghz processor and 6 g of ram so I cannot see where the problem is. Windows 10 does something to the system. I would welcome suggestions. I have set the frame rate at 25 and reduced the various settings but it only improves if I set the background to about zero!
  5. Yes I re-installed the whole program from my original disks.
  6. Having upgraded to Windows 10 I find that the frame rates o all aircraft - especially add-ons is appalling. Sometimes I am lucky to get 2 or 4 FPS. I have change all the sliders and tried all variations without any improvement. I don't know to what extent the sliders affect the outcome but suffice it to say I have set the rate at 28. Can anybody help with this please?
  7. Wobbie. Sounds interesting. Have a lot of work to do for a few days but will definitely come back to you.
  8. Thanks for all your help Wobbie. I will just have to wait and see if anybody can crack it. I have oceans of memory so it cannot be a blockage in that department. What amazes me is that when I did eventually get though to Microsoft some time ago the lady said she was not aware that there was any problem with FS 2004 and Windows 10 !!!!!
  9. Wobbie. Yes I have Everything and located the FS9.cfg and removed it permitting the programme to make a new one. Just the same I am afraid. For your information, when I ran it as Adminsitrator it was worse with two panels, one above the other. I think I am close to abandoning Flight Simulator and hanging up my flying helmet. Microoift are just not interested.
  10. Wobbie. I am having another crack at getting FS 2004 to run in Windows 10. I stripped out every conceivable FS item from my desktop and then carried out your routine exactly as recommended. I can now get to the starting pages and with the Cessna on the runway but with jerky images. The sound is fine. I then use the S key to change view but have to press ESC and then continue flying for it to take effect. When viewing from outside the aircraft the flight is normal and all flaps etc work fine. The same applies to using switches on the panel. Any ideas how I can sort out this mess of jerky images and constant use of the ESC key and Continue Flying?
  11. I did exactly as you suggested but without any success. However, I have now deleted everything relating to FS9 from my computer and am going to try to load FSX which I also have as original disks. Have you any suggestions as to what I should do for this package with Windows 10 other than just load it?
  12. A32xx Indeed I have but nothing solves the problem. It is quite surprising that on this excellent site nobody has come across this problem before or knows of a solution. I fancy my FS days are over.
  13. I have installed FS2004 in windows 10 but every time I wish to make the panel live or switch view - in fact everything - I have to press ESC first and then "Continue Flying" from the exit FS screen. Can anybody advise what I can do to rectify this? I also find that the image is very jerky. I have ample memory.
  14. I am following up this problem very late but I have done all that was requested and am still grounded. I now have FS9 loaded with all the patches and the no disk start. I have the shield on the icon and when I start all goes well finishing with the Cessna on the runway and engine running. However as soon as I press the S kyt the window splits in two with the top half sky and the bottom half of most of the panel but cut off in a straight line. Nevertheless the sound does change as if I am moving around the aircraft. If I then press ESC the Exit or Continue Flying panel comes up. When I select continue flying I get the external view of the aircraft in perfect state with the numbers keys working, sound change and flaps etc. But on using the S key I am back to the frozen panel. Likewise if I select ESC from the panel I can get the autopilot control to work but cannot look outside the aircraft util I press ESC again. There must be something simple wrong here. Any ideas? I have deleted the FS9.cfg file and had the programme create a new one.
  15. This may answer my problem of when I load the Cessna for example the aircraft comes up on the runway but the panel is frozen with the sound operating normally. When I move around the aircraft the sound changes but not the aircraft. If I use Alt/enter I can sometimes get the aircraft in flight but only external view - i don't know how and it is jerky. The brake button also does not work nor the gauges. The language in earlier replies completely baffles me with the exception of the CFG issue which I will try. FSX deluxe has been loaded from disks without any issues. I have oceans of memory but have not been able to fly for nearly a year now since moving up (perhaps I should say backwards) to Windows 10. Are there any Microsoft fixes?
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