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  1. Is the free version (P3D V3) still available for download?
  2. I have. I'll give this a go on the vPilot forums. Thanks for your help! Harry Karmel
  3. Both are admin. I've also tried not as admin. Harry Karmel
  4. I have the ngx and have encountered radio issues since I uninstalled FSX (I use P3D V3.4.). I have seen threads with the Airbus x and I also have this problem although none of the solutions have worked. I have reinstalled FSUIPC multiple times and when I try to reinstall SIMCONNECT files I get "the specified article already exists" message so it doesn't install. I have tried getting rid of the SIMCONNECT files but it didn't work still. I can't change the radios from stby to active when connected to vPilot which I need to be able to do to use VATSIM. Any ideas? Would reinstalling FSX help? I have installed the demo since I lost the discs, and would that have the same effect as the licensed to make P3D work?
  5. It should support p3d- it works for fsx! No progress even with downloading from the link...
  6. Hi, I have just bought the VRinsight CDU1 (from the SerialFP2 range)- it has a two line LCD disply, not a full screen like the CDU 2. I am having trouble getting it to work. It works fine as a radio, when I set it to the radio function, but has no effect as a CDU-what is was built to do! It shows what i type on the CDU on the LCD, but not on the sim. I have tried it in the planes that it is supposed to be compatible with, but it doesn't work. I am running P3D V3.4 on Windows 10. And whilst I'm on the topic, when it does work how can I program it? I can't program it through LINDA as it is not picked up as a joystick. I do have a registered version of FSUIPC4 as well, and have followed a tutorial (.pdf) but I can't program it there. Thanks a lot Harry Karmel And yes, I have read the manual!
  7. Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Aerosoft Aircraft: A330 Comment: Will be amazing when it comes out! The biggest add-on since the PMDG 777 in my opinion!
  8. Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Captain Sim Aircraft: 777-200(ER) Comment:Would be great to have the great effects on the -200ER, rather than only the -LR
  9. Hi, I have P3D V3.2, and I have the PA A380 installed. It works great, except for the main panel. When I press shift+1, P3D pops up with a fatal error message and shuts down. This happens as well, when I press A in the cockpit to see the panel. I need this panel to switch from nav, to GPS. Any ideas? Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
  10. Just realised on other thing. The CPU terrain dial, is stuck on 1% and the texture filtering dial doesn't move either- does this solve anything?
  11. OK- that didn't work as it was up to date, but I reinstalled it from the website. But with no success. And I don't have anymore uses left... Any more ideas? Thanks.
  12. Maybe the demo version I downloaded wasn't the latest P3D one. I'll have another go this evening with a different one
  13. Hi there, Does anyone have a solution to FSPS's fiber accelerator not working with P3D (V3.2). I have 1 more use with the demo version- I am thinking of buying it. The application registers that P3D is active, as the dials move with P3D's FPS, but it doesn't change anything as when I close (and open) the app, there is no frame change. And also, when I start P3D in legacy mode (to fly my FSX CS 777), it doesn't even recognise P3D is active as the dials don't move. I am consulting the avsim forum because I have a much better response rate here than the sim flight, which FSPS use! Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
  14. Damn! But still, I want to able to start it in legacy mode for other addons though. I might just have to use the 1.4 version as that had a p3d option, before they introduced a separate version as I still have the installer. Thanks for your help anyway though!
  15. No- on the flightsim Estonia website or documentation it says it is compatible in leagcy mode. The fact that it won't start in legacy mode, has nothing to do with the 777 anyway
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