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  1. Technically, you never own it. You pay for the right to use it as it is. But I know what you mean.
  2. If you want to be at the safe side, just dont discuss pricess at all
  3. On the responses available for that item on that checklist, according to the Fs2Crew manual, page 25.
  4. One question though. In the tutorial he uses 3 levels. But Fs2crew only expect Level 1 or Level 2. In this case Level 1 would be the level 2, and Level 2 would be Level 3, according to my last post? Thanks.
  5. No worries Bryan. I found the tutorial on the Majestic web. Thanks!! Level 1, used in all conditions: PITOT HEAT switches…….. ON WINDSHIELD HEAT……. as necessary Level 2, used on the ground when icing conditions exist, temperature +10ºC or below, in flight +5ºC or below Level 1 Items……………..ON Prop Heat………………….ON Engine Intake Doors…..OPEN REF SPEEDS INCR………SWITCH ON (inflight above 1000ft AGL ONLY!) Level 3, In flight during visual accretion, or ICE DETECTED displayed on ED Level 2 + 1 Items……………ON Airframe Mode Select……..FAST (takeoff when above 1000ft AGL, Holds, approaches, landings) or SLOW (in cruise flight when sufficient to remove ice)
  6. Sorry, I didn't get that, As far as I know it is. Maybe I didn't made myself clear. If that's the case, I'm sorry, English it is not my first language. I really didn't meant that something wasn't working, I just wanted to know how to setup the anti ice panel when required, because I don't know how. And this is making that the FO is answering me "Are you sure?" when I reply "Level 1" for the Anti Ice on the After Start Checklist.
  7. Hello Guys I'm having problems to find how to properly setup the anti ice system for a proper level 1 and level 2 configurations. I did the tutorial flight and a couple more and i have most of the thing on this new baby of mine. Also, I've been searching and reading but I couldn't find anything that tell me how to setup the switches. Basically I setup the anti ice, the way I thought it was, but when the moment of the checklist comes, the FO answers "Are you sure?" after I said Level 1 for the anti ice. Clearly I'm missing something. Thanks for any help!!
  8. I you used the SIDSTAR Converter, at the end of the conversion, you get all the lines that you should copy paste to the ini file.
  9. Hello, I'm the developer of the SIDSTAR Converter. Usually if you close the error message and let the program keep running, it should continue converting the remaining files. What Roland said about closing the program when it crash and see witch ICAO was the last one converted, it could give you an idea of witch file is the one making AIConv.exe crash; then you could move that file to another folder and give it another try. If you select the option "Organize procedures into States/Provinces folders", it will narrow the search Let me know if you need any help.
  10. Yes you could do it, but if you want to use PMDG airplanes you shouldn't.
  11. Hello guys, Sorry to hijack this thread, but I've updated the converter tool with some new features. I've updated the thread about the converter here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/446398-sidstar-converter-for-aisidstar/ Follow it to get the latest updates. Let me know there if you need anything.
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