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  1. Hello Andy, I contacted both the vendor and both places at VRINSIGHT as you suggested. The Vendor contacted VRINSIGHT and lit a fire under you know what and then VRINSIGHT responded with the info I needed. The unit now operates exactly as it should using the VRSIM along with the Radio Stack. Thanks again for your interest and help.
  2. Thanks Andy, I will try this, as this is just getting ridiculous. I will let you know what happens ! Looking more and more like they will be getting this thing back. Just not worth the trouble.
  3. Just purchased and received VRINSIGHT'S AutoPilot Module Pro. Have struggled for 2 days trying to get it to work. I have the VRINSIGHT Radio Stack which installed perfectly and works great using either the VRSIM setup or the SerialFP2 ( both work equally well). There is no mention of anything at all in the included disk about the AutoPilot Module Pro. Nothing about setup etc and no drivers or "panel" file as there is for the other VRINSIGHTS products. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to set this module up or if there are "panel" files available somewhere for this unit? The VRINSIGHT home page and software update page does not list anything for this panel. I suppose that there must be some way to do this through FSUIPC which I have the latest paid version of, but I believe that will be far to difficult for me to accomplish correctly. If I'm unable to find a solution to this I will have to return the unit to the supplier, which would be a shame as I would really like to keep it. The advertising for this unit CLEARLY states that it is fully integrated for FSX using the VRsim setup. Thanks to anyone who may be able to help. I have contacted VRINSIGHTS TECH for support and help, but NO reply.
  4. Hi JON, Thought I'd better give you an update. This issue is totally resolved. We COMPLETLY uninstalled both ORBX Global Base and Vector. Just too complicated for this old guy I guess. Things got badly messed up in other areas as well as what we mentioned in the post. From now on the Only stuff we will load into FSX is the Regions and Airports for those regions as they become available as well as trusted developers such as yourself, Don and Larry. I should have known better and stuck to the tried and true. Most of our flying is in the PNW area anyway, and it is a pleasure to do so due to you guy's and your efforts. Many thanks for all your help and prompt reply's to any questions we have had.
  5. Hi Jon, Got a small surprise after installing Orbx Global and Vector products. They have removed a portion of the inner harbor buildings (opposite side from the Legislative complex) East-?. They also put a static cruise liner almost on top of the Tai Harvester. The construction crane and building it was on are also gone. Wondering if anyone else has seen any issues with Global and Vector installed ? Vector allows you to disable any interfering elevation issues, but none of the files are listed in the provided list in Vector for any Vic + files. (If that is even the issue). As a side comment, we got another surprise. All of a sudden the whole downtown area of Richmond appeared on the other side of the float plane base (across the river to the south) We have NEVER seen that scenery component before !! It is great, but never even knew it was there. (this is in Vanc + 3 of course) Vic Harbor is not a big deal, but we liked it better before. Anything you can think of?
  6. Thanks Jon, Excellent explanation. We will re-install VicPlus V8 PNW.
  7. Jon, I assume that when you referred to the "last install" after Van Plus for Vic plus V8 PNW, that you mean it's position in the FSX Library ? Would you mind giving us the order you recommend for the Library regarding Vanc., Vic., Don's files and of course Larry's, as well as FS Dreams Vanc Intrn. Seems to be some confusion, at times with Documentation as to whos "1st" > LOL. Thanks as usual.
  8. Thanks Jon, You where correct, the problem eventually sorted itself out by letting it clear the memory.
  9. We don't have P3D yet, but we do operate with DX10 FSX and everything runs just fine. All aircraft are visible with correct textures and paint etc. We get great frame rates as well. We also have all of Larry's add-ons with the exception of the AI version of the Coho. We use the static one.
  10. This issue is resolved, I just did a system recovery to a date previous to doing NickN mods to the OS Windows system. FSX is again running beautifully along with Nvidia inspector. Thank heaven I did Not do as He suggested and disable the ability to use system recovery!! I will not be doing any further suggested mods from "the Bible" to the OS Windows. Be very cautious in this regard. This could have been a disaster. Thanks to those who may have reviewed this post.
  11. Thanks for responding Martin, unfortunately it doesn't matter where I put the zip file! I've tried in a temp folder in all 4 of my drives, no go.
  12. Have a new system, built using NickN's Bible. Installed all FSX systems and Windows (add-ons) IE Adobe etc. Fsx working perfectly along with Nvidia inspector. Completed last part of Nick's Bible (all the Windows mods). When opening Nvidia Inspector from Desk top Icon the Nvidia inspector screen comes on and does show temps, fan rpm etc working, but as soon as I click the profile box (crossed tools icon) a windows information box opens (red dot with white cross) comes on indicating an "unhandled exception has occurred in your application" continue, quite, etc. "the path's format is not supported." If I try to Re-Install Nvidia inspector from the compressed zip download I get: "Compressed(zipped) folders ERROR. Windows cannot complete the extraction, the destination file could not be found." I believe this has something to do with Nickn;s mods for the windows section, as everything worked OK up to that point. Hope this is the "right forum" if not I apologize and could someone please direct me to the correct place for help. Thanks
  13. Hi Jon, Finally have the new system up and running. Have Orbx PNW installed, Tongas Fjords, Vancouverplus V3, VictoriaPlus PNW 8, and Don's Vic Int. cyyj (2014). Float planes are smashing into each other at the Dock and on takeoff and landing. Sometimes as many as 3 or 4 will all park on top of each other at both Harbour Air and at the Regency Hotel (hyiate). The AI_Floatplane_DHC-2_Beaver_FSX and TFX are the only AI Floatplane_DHC-2_Beaver_XXX files listed under SimObjects/Airplanes, and are not duplicated. The Aircraft CFG is dated (created Aug-14-2014). I do have a number of Traffic Files listed under their respective Scenery files for each installation, as follows: Tongas Higher Priority - Traffic_TF_FSX_floatplanes_DHC2.bgl and also DHC3+6.bgl VancouverPlus V3 Higher Priority - Traffic_Vplus1_FSX_Seaplane.bgl VictoriaPlus PNW - Traffic_VicPlus_Seaplane.bgl Wondering if the traffic files could be conflicting ? The new "Victoria" is awesome, we get great framerates now compared to old install. BTW all of the above was with fresh installs as we did a complete fresh install of everything on the new system, so no old files could have been left behind by accident. Thanks to you or anyone else who may be able to shed some light on this issue.
  14. big bird

    static Coho load error.

    Hi Jon Sorry I didn't get back to you quicker. I was able to get the correct Victoria + 7 downloads, and followed your instructions. We now have float's landing and taking off in Vic harbour for the 1'st time !! We also saw the cruise ship leave. At the same time I also installed Larry's "water taxi". Works perfect. What a great job. We are looking forward to your upgrade package for Version 8 and also Dave;s new Victoria Int airport which will certainly enhance the Victoria area. I was wondering if it is OK to leave the ORBX Library just above the Orbx scenery files and below all of your's, Dave's and Larry's? Seems to work fine there. We havn't reloaded Vancouver + 3 yet, so that is next. Still trying to figure out the best setup for our new system IE Buffers and affinity masks etc. Thanks to all you Guy's for your great work (and help).
  15. big bird

    static Coho load error.

    Hi Jon, I tried to get the Vic+ version 7 from Avsim Libraries but no matter what I do they will not allow me to register for that site !!! I've actually tried before to register with them, but no go. Don't know why. Also tried Flight Sim site but couldn't find it on their site. Is there any other possibilities for this down load? Question, will I have to do anything to V8 before or after I load V7? Or just install it and then uninstall it if I can find it ? Thanks again.