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  1. Hi Bill,

    I have a PC-12 mod from you and I have a great time with it. Now I found a modification for B200 and I would like to give it try :-). Can I ask you for it?

    My email is: maverick24@seznam.cz

    Many thanks to you and your work.


  2. Hi Bill, I have a PC-12 mod from you and I have a great time with it. Now I found a modification for B200 and I would like to give it try :-). Can I ask you for it? For some reason I am not allowed to send PM to you, My email is: maverick24@seznam.cz Many thanks to you and your work. Jiri
  3. Yes, but it was not succesfull. Every time I was couple of hundreds meters around.
  4. Hi guys, I did not have a much time for this, but I can say - I am figured this out. It was quite simple. The topic you recomended me I saw before but my problem was, I could not get a quite right coordinates. It was enough to change coordinates format at Google Earth and I got them from it. Rest of work was according to recomended topic above. Thank you guys, you´re the best. Jiri
  5. Hello again, Kevin thank you very much. I had to overlook this fact. But there is another problem. I can deal with flying without sid/stars, but I would like to add runways. I mean those runway markings - intermittent lines in runway heading on MFD. I added informations to airports.dat, put them according to ascending latitude sorting. But in FMS are no rwys. Could you give me some hint on that please? Thank you Jiri
  6. Hello, I instaled military airport Mozdok XRMF scenery. I would like to use it with PMDG 737 and 777 and I realize I have to add data about this airport to FMS database. So I looked for some information here and I am a little stucked now. I added according information to airports.dat and ARPT_RWY.dat. Now I am on XRMF airport, simulator showing the same position I entered to those files, FMC shows same last position (around N43°.47.26; E44°.35.15), but if I entering position in FMS, XRMF has still some strange coordinates (N43°28.4; E044°.21.7)which makes XRMF airport on MFD showed about 20 miles elsewhere. I cannot find the incorrect coordinates anywhere to change. Delete a ARPT_RWY.dat did not help. In picture you can see what I describing above. https://ctrlv.cz/LqqA Could someone help me with this? I want to add Shukhumi and Gudauta airport too, but I am stucked with first airport I want to change. Jiri
  7. Simbol, you are very kind and I really apriciated it and thank you. You are one of the only a few people who are willingly talk to me. I think out your offer and send you a PM, is that ok? What boders me is the fact that noone, milviz, flight one, carenado or lockheed do not confirm problem with lights and do not make a some statement about it. I think it´s not a small deal. On the other hand, could be only some users who are having theese kind of problems. But in that case I think it could be solved on users side via some different settings, or it could be caused by some external aplication. I posted topic on lockheed P3D official forum and waiting for some answer.
  8. Light effect by simbol are just beautiful. I will consider buy if it will be public some time. So that´s it? I have to get some other payware addon to make things right? Or what is some solution? I dont want to be rude or start some kind of flame, but I wrote on 4 forums already and noone helps with this problem. Just confirm it. Pay for another product, wait long time for some fix by developers or even longer time for some fix by P3D? That is all options I have?
  9. I dont know, I am not a pro. DL on = dont see a thing with taxi lights and see something more (depends on aircraft) with landing lights. DL off = see everything I need, but lights are ugly... Totaly understand, no question:).
  10. And is there some place to buy it or just see the project info? It this possible for me? Who telling I did not contact them? Unfortunately this problem is relate to a few or many other addons, so I supposed that I can get quick and "larger" answers or solutions here. Milviz has its support forum and first mention with this problem is there since December 19th . I dont see anywhere some official answer for it - yes we know that and we will fix it / we will not fix it. Only answer I got so far is "turn off dynamic lights", that is all I know for now. I hope that I get some info to my second email too. I dont want to rush anybody, I understand it could be a complicated, just trying to get some informations.
  11. I understand you. But still - for me it is a new feature, which is obviously not compatible with a lot of third party addons. Yes, it is not bug as I thought for the first time, but it is not good for users. Seems like we dont fully agree with each other :). Via custom jobs you mean some payware modification by you? Or could I get to theese modification somehow?
  12. It´s not about trusting you, I believe you, but I pointing a one thing - it happened after update so something had to change and I ask what. What changed that I cannot see a thing with taxi lights on default or payware aircraft? What can I do? Freeware orbx airport, default aiport, other freeware addon, everything is the same. I tried this and nothing changes.
  13. As I wrote higher - it happened with different planes. And as I wrote on other topics or forums, some users experiencing same thing. So I do think is the P3D problem, especialy it happened after I updated.
  14. Hi all, after an update P3Dv4 to a latest version I noticed that night flying is impossible, because aircraft taxi and landing lights are nearly invisible. Or mainly the taxi lights, but I think landing lights should be a little stronger either. I tried everything I find on forums: set MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=0 or to false, set MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=800 MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=700 (from 250), tried play with dynamic light, lens flare and cloud cast and nothing works. Same situation with default Mooney, or Milviz cessna 310R. Example: Milviz cessna taxi lights OFF: https://prnt.sc/mjmzu3 Milviz cessna taxi light ON: https://prnt.sc/mjn096 Sorry for the colours, but is the best I can do with a lightshot. I think the difference is noticable. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you Jiri
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