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  1. Peter1016

    FSX Problem

    Hi all, I have recently re installed windows and all of my fsx but I have recently come across this problem with my installation of fsx and I cannot figure out how to fix it as I have never had this problem before. My fsx starts off fine but after a few mins of flying and switching views, I get these problems with textures? After 30 seconds or a bit longer, they do load. Again I have never had this problem before so would anyone be able to shed some light? Spec i7 2700K OC'd to 4.7GHZ 16GB RAM DDR3 @ 2133 GTX660TI - Running Primary Display in 1st slot (FSX runs off this) GTX460 in third slot running secondary/third display 1000W PSU 1TB HD OS and Other Software/ 232GB for fsx installation/ 149GB for files I have FSX - FSXSP1 - FSXSP2 Installed I have reinstalled FSX as i normally do and I have got this problem! Never before have I got it and I installed FSX and all addons the exact same was as I have before. I have used Ventubos tweak as per normal and nvidia inspector for anti aliasing