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  1. I know things like opinions about a UI can be very subjective, and yet their seems to be a heavy leaning toward the negative about Win10. I'm curious about what the initial reactions to Win7 were, and if they were historically similar? For me, wether Win10 and Dx12 is "the future" is a more troubling issue because a FSX install is not anything close to resembling an easy process for me, or the majority of others here who I assume use MANY third party applications with FSX as well; A complex installation instance that I think no one will argue is a very delicate balance that is especially sensitive to even minor changes in the operating system. I don't feel like 0-1 FPS performance increase "maybe" outweighs, "It works perfectly and is stable, now and for the next 5 years" If the performance increase was a confirmed 5-6 FPS, that would be a different story. I realize the change is inevitable, and it will bring certain significant improvements along with the flight sim and gaming communities ideas of "bad", but as is my traditional MO, I won't even look sideways at a new MS operating system until after at least Service Pack 1 Particularly when the change is barely evolutionary, rather than anything resembling revolutionary (despite the marketing hype)
  2. It looks like its a universal issue, and for me, it seems to be as bad with the NGX as it is with the 777. It's really more annoying than anything else. I figured though that it was better to light a candle then curse the darkness What I do is on my joystick (CH Fighterstick) I've mapped one of the hats to the VC cockpit eyepoint controls, so as I'm taxiing and make turns, I constantly adjust the viewpoint to keep the view correctly centered. In the NGX, I taxi with the HUD down and keep the HUD data centered in the glass. I've done this for so long that it's almost second nature, and I hardly notice it anymore. It would definitely be nicer if there was some built in compensation for this though... It seems odd to me that some third party hasn't dealt with the issue as an addition to an add-on like EZdok... With all the wizardry they do with viewpoint manipulation to synthesize aircraft motion, you'd think they might also do something like write code to perhaps keep two datum points in line to keep the view centered... But you know what they say about the difference between a computer person and a non computer person; A computer person will tell you what you think should be simple is impossible, and what you think is impossible a computer person will tell you is actually very easy
  3. Vonmar,Actually, yes, it was just my own personal situation about the time frame. I do realize that there are many many others who have already gotten to the point where they have been involved for some time and need the new content, I guess it was perhaps just a little too much of my enthusiasm over something new coming thru :) Apologies as it actually sounded more flippant than I intended it too...On the flightplan I actually entered it in manually from jetway, sectional, approach and departure plates I found on the net as well as portions of other recorded flightplans I found (jetways from one way point to the next that themselves contained other waypoints) I don't even know if it makes sense as a logical flight plan, but I just made sure it was relatively straight, made sense departing SFO, and intercepted an actual STAR to the active at KORD. I'm one of the 99% I think that knows just enough about commercial aviation to be dangerous! :)I use Ultimate Traffic 2 set to 100% number of commercial flights too and KORD sure gets BUSY! :)
  4. Hello!I'm new to this kind of simulation (though I am throwing myself fully into it, it's amazing!) so I hope I don't mess up with the syntax...Here is the flightplan I used: MOLEN3.ENI LIN J84 MVA J198 ILC J80 GLD J192 PWE J64 BDF.BDF5Econ Cruise/Cruise Altitude was .783/FL310 and I started making changes to the JNC waypoint about halfway inbetween SAKES and JNC... Equipment was 739, Fail Op, ISFD, Random failures All systems 1 event per 10 hours, limited events (I don't know if you need this information, but I'm including it just in case)I just wanted to say at this point that I find this simulation incredible! I read thru the other thread where some people were complaining about the amount of time it was taking for SP1c, but to be honest, I'll be training with the FMC to get competent with it over the next 3 months! and there is so much to the sim beyond that, just take your time and do the Service Pack the way you want it without rushing. In my opinion there is so much depth here that either the people complaining are retired 737 Captains, or they have a touch of ADHD LoL! :)Keep up the good work!David
  5. I've been able to reproduce this error several times since the first time I saw it.I was enroute at cruise altitude and on FMC SPEED, LNAV, VPATH on a flight from KSFO to KORD the first time it happened and on my LEGS page in the FMC I tried to change the cruise altitude from FL310 to FL335.I typed "/FL335" in the scratchpad and the selected the right LSK next to the waypoint infirmation I wanted to change and the FMC blanked out the whole page of waypoint speed/altitude targets for a second, then repopulated them with profile info appropriate for the new cruise altitude... as soon as the recalculation was finished, VNAV disconnected and went into ALT HOLD mode, at which point I adjusted the altitude knob to 33500 and pressed VNAV and the plane started to climb.I then decided I actually wanted FL330 and so again in the scratch pad I entered "/FL330" and selected the proper LSK, but this time the speed/altitude data blanked out except for the one value I changed and the FMC didn't repopulate with new VNAV information. and the "VERT PATH FULL" message appeared in the scratchpad area, I tried cycling the FD switches, but that didn't work...I'm wondering if there is a VNAV flightplan waypoint number variable that is not being cleared each time the flightplan is reexecuted so that if you have a route with 15 waypoints and the FMC recalculates, that variable goes to 30 and then 45 etc each time a same "session" active (you're actually in the middle of using it) flightplan is reexecuted and then the stack overflows.This is actually my first post and I could be totally wrong, but its what I've seen happen in my installation.I love this Sim, oh, and Hi everyone! :)Addendum: I just realized after trying to remember details, that I did these actions without first, just changing cruise altitude from the cruise page of the FMC... Now I wonder if because it has the old cruise altitude there and a different cruise altitude in the LEGS pages if it doesn't enter some weird situation where it tries to calculate a "bouncing" VNAV route between the two altitudes (and that represents too many altitude changes too quickly, throwing the "VERT PATH FULL" message) instead of throwing a "disagree" error message.
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