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  1. I have a very much Love/Hate relationship at present with MSFS 2020. It tried VERY hard to manage my expectations before the release; Thinking of what they were trying to accomplish. I also knew leading up that software was $120 so that fell on the side of raising my expectations a bit higher. There are some regions I fly in where things are suitably impressive (GA Aircraft/wilderness, and many others (mainly population centers) where I feel utter frustration. I watched the preview videos and thought that those would of course be the creme-de-la-creme of hardware and maybe a little bit of doctoring distorted by excitement on my part, but, at least initially, the experience has been more on the frustration and disappointment side, then on one of excitement. Admiration is definitely still there for what they have done, but I feel like the "hype" doesn't live up to the product as it exists in my hands on my hardware. I am currently running a i9-10900K that is overclocked to a point where it touches 5.2Mhz briefly at some points and loads, an Asus Maximus XII Extreme Motherboard with 32Gb of Corsair 3600 ram, An EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3 video card, and 4Tb of SSD storage with 2 Samsung Evo SSDs running in RAID0, System is running a 1Tb Samsung 970 Pro NVME drive, Corsair 1,000 Watt P/S to power the whole thing and 9 120mm fans and an NZXT Kraken Z73 CPU Cooler to keep the brain cool. when I run the various 3dMark graphics test on my PC I will consistently get a score that it tells me is "your PC is faster than 98% of other PCs listed" and faster than 99% of other PCs if I do a 2k resolution test. I've been at the PC building game for a LONG time (over 35 years) and am painfully aware that "integration" of lesser components can often be an ace-in-the hole when it comes to performance as opposed to a machine that contains every top-of-the-line part. Often components, no matter how high-end they are, will just not play nicely with each other. However, my rig performs in a stellar way with every, and I mean every, other AAA title; shooters, DCS, Steel Beasts, racing sims, etc etc. The list is literally never ending. In FSX with payware airports, PMDG aircraft, Megascenery, Ultimate Traffic Live, FS2Crew, GSX, REX Textures, Active Sky and more, I was getting 40fps on the ground at payware airports with 100% traffic and max or near max settings at 4k. In the air 60FPS was normal. The "hate" part of the Love/Hate is that I can't run MSFS 2020 in 4k without the sim bogging down relentlessly at large airports. Frame rates which dip so low that you can see the individual frames go by, stutters everywhere, and weird inexplicable behaviors like my GPU actually running HOTTER (75 Celsius) in the menus, than when I'm in the sim... Why? I laughed the other day just because I said to myself, "I better get out of this main menu and flying over a metropolitan center to cool down my GPU!" LoL! Running in 2k at medium/high settings is the only way I can get an "enjoyable" experience 30-35fps and I've tried what I assume is everything to get 4K to run passably; killed live traffic, weather, enabled hardware accelerated GPU scheduling, increased rolling cache to 100Gb (I have a 320Mbit internet connection) When I fly over cities, I don't see these stunning arrays of highly detailed buildings, I see mounds of what look like melted buildings that SLOWLY morph into something more recognizable over time (sometimes a LOT of time) an amount of time which, even in a piper cub have the buildings transform into acceptable clarity only after I have passed and look at them in the rear view. I still have a high level of acceptance and hope though. The program is brand new, I might have crappy integration of my high end PC components (or even a fault) that MSFS2020 is "specifically" sensitive to, the servers used by AZURE might be impossibly overloaded at launch, etc So at this point I can say Love/Hate is an accurate assessment for me. Hate, that $120 has gotten me "this" and Love that I see the history of MSFS and know it's not a false hope that things will firm up. Right now, I am scouring the internet and forums for every tip/trick to hopefully identify why I am getting such horrid performance from a pretty stellar PC, wondering if reviewers are just way too forgiving, or if Microsoft and Asobo were running their demos on a multiple bank of LN2 cooled super computers (especially the shots of multiplayer flight!) Hang in there everyone! David Specs above in the post
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