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  1. Thank you so much for replying everyone. Unfortunately, I am currently very busy and so it will take me time to read through everything (I'm not saying make your answers shorter) so please I may take a while to reply so please don't think Iv'e just ignored everything. Thank you so much for your effort in answering to my topic. All the best, JWMuller
  2. Hello everyone, Its been a while since Iv'e posted a topic on AVSIM and this time I'm a little confused on the 'Minimums' callout upon landing. I already know that the Minimums is the lowest altitude you can get before touching down on the runway (correct me if I'm wrong). However, I was watching a video and the guy in it was landing and while doing so, said that he forgot to set the minimums and began to do that. I never knew you had to set minimums. So the question is: How do I know my minimums and how to set them (on the 737 like PMDG)? Please answer clearly so I don't get a headache while reading it Thanks for your answer, JWMuller
  3. "VP3D" Honestly they sound so fake. Anyone would notice somethings fishy going on and its obvious when you look at the screenshots.
  4. How much will the upgrade to v2.0 be? About $20 USD or something?
  5. When do you think v2.0 will come out? Thanks, JWMuller
  6. Hi all, I want to purchase the Take Command! Saab 340A, however first I need to know whether it works properly with X-Plane 11.00 (NOT BETA). Does it work properly with it? Are there any major bugs? And when will there be an update for it to be compatible with v11? Thanks, JWMuller
  7. I know, but I wasn't talking about those videos. Yes, I know that these videos do not have anything related to the two scam flight sims that you mentioned. It was just once when I was looking at videos on flights sim on Youtube. When I saw 'Flight Simulator 2016' or some rubbish like that I actually thought that 'Flight Simulator 2016' was a real flightsim! Then I just googled it and I got Virtual Pilot 3D and at first I didn't even know that it was scam until I saw an article on it on c-aviation.net. So tha'ts the story
  8. Aha, so its just a backup autopilot?
  9. What is the Second Autopilot for? I didnt know there was two??!! Thanks
  10. Hmm... Try 2500, Thats the altitude that the FSX default ATC gives you to stay on
  11. Hmmm, Now Im thinking about the Airbus, the Aerosoft A320 more specifically, Where is the TOGA button in it? Do I just press the Autothrottle and then press Speed? Thanks, JWMuller
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