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  1. Great shots! Make it even more historical with a classic 737-200 flight from YYC to Edmonton City Centre!
  2. The WJA gang around my parts were pretty choked when the eye-brow Windows got removed - made those circling procedures into CYLW a breeze. Yay RNP!
  3. And once ya get that handle pushed back in just defer the bottle - better yet - get the off-base engineer to swap it with the APU bottle and just defer the APU fire protection. PMDG should really include a MEL with their docs!
  4. You'd need to go into the maintenance pages on the fmc. You get all the data you want down there. (*not simulated* :( )
  5. The real aircraft doesn't have VNAV actually - Curious to why QW included it. From the AMM: Having experience with both aircraft in the real-world, I would vouch for the Majestic over the QW 146/RJ if you are absolutely set on getting only one. It's a pity the QW 146/RJ is a little systems light - but still good fun, Both are really excellent...and I would just get both!
  6. There's no such thing as the Boeing 'original'. The MMEL (Master MEL) approved and published by the FAA (or other certifying authority) is produced in conjunction with the aircraft manufacture. After that each operator utilizes the MMEL to produce a MEL applicable to themselves and equipment...then that gets approved by the authority once again. ...and once again have to emphasize the difference between (M) and (M#). (M) may be a 'maintenance action' but it's something accomplished by flight crews. Only (M#) actions require a maintenance release.
  7. I'm pretty sure default FSX airport vehicles will show up as traffic.
  8. We've got lots in Canada...replacing many -200s... We're a bit behind the times hahahh
  9. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/468253-07may15-updates-released-for-all-777-packages-fsxfsx-sep3d/?p=3234554 I quoted the what-appears-to-be-somewhat-confusing bit below. In my installation (a standard, FSX-SP2 installation - no FSX-Steam - no nutin; ), The repair option was present. I suspect is also was for the OP if this thread. Now, Robert above doesn't mention anything about uninstalling the 777 preceding the upgraded install. The fact that he wants you to run the ops center to 'capture' currently installed liveries kind of implies (to me anyways) that he kind of wants you to keep the 777 installed. I'm pretty sure specific user's liveries and options would be lost from the Ops Center if the 777 was uninstalled. The language around the "update/repair" is a little vague. Granted, when you run the new installer, you are (typically) presented with two options. Uninstall, or repair. There is no "update" prompt or action. But Robert only states the installer may prompt you that cannot repair, then you have to uninstall - as it's an action only required in that case. Users seeing the cannot repair I suspect are running an even older version of the 777, or as in your case - have two FSX installs and the respective PMDG registry entries. So my understanding/process was: - Download new installer from PMDG eCommerce - During download, ran Ops Center (Noted message that this update to 777 was available - but didn't action anything through Ops Center). -Closed Ops Center (and didn't have FSX or anything like that running of course) - Ran new installer (200LRF only - don't have -300) - Wasprompted with Uninstall or Repair - Selected Repair - InstallWizard appeared to do a pretty thorough install of 777 update (For me, it took just as long as I recall the initial install did - appeared to reinstall all the gauge and dll magic...and those pesky large-chunky .DEM files). - Install complete (or should I say 'Repair') - Installer and stuff closed. - Ran Ops Center - Was prompted to repair liveries and such - completed that. Version info checked serviceable as current. - Went on me merry way. - Re-installed current NavData as installer appeared to install default NavData. I agree with you regarding an installer providing an "update" kind of message typically - but I'm pretty sure the InstallShield installer PMDG currently uses doesn't support that. I hope one can understand what I'm trying to get at here. I know my explanation is perhaps as head-scratching as Robert's post . The wonders of the written word - so powerful - but so limiting! I just don't want PMDG to be fighting all this tickets/support regarding existing memory issues when they could nip-it-in-the-bud with a true, full re-install.
  10. Have ya tried throwing in some of your company's waypoints in the NGX SD? Just curious.
  11. On a RNP side note: I've been playing around with RNP approaches into Canadian airports (which unlike US, some are publicly available). For giggles, I thought I'd just input the waypoint names into the FMS one day and low and behold...they appear to be in the navigraph database. For example: Throw any of the LWxxx waypoints in the FMS and they appear to be accurate. Granted, you don't get the fancy specific arcs and other RNP accoutrements, but it allows you to fly a reasonable representation of an RNP approach. It is a little tedious to input each waypoint in manually to the FMS, but it will make building these approaches correctly a lot easier...one does not have to guess waypoint positions.
  12. I've been getting a 'fatal error' from FSX after exiting for years. Never could pin-point it to a single thing. It doesn't seem to affect my FSX install at all so I haven't been too worried about it.
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