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  1. Great shots! Make it even more historical with a classic 737-200 flight from YYC to Edmonton City Centre!
  2. The WJA gang around my parts were pretty choked when the eye-brow Windows got removed - made those circling procedures into CYLW a breeze. Yay RNP!
  3. And once ya get that handle pushed back in just defer the bottle - better yet - get the off-base engineer to swap it with the APU bottle and just defer the APU fire protection. PMDG should really include a MEL with their docs!
  4. You'd need to go into the maintenance pages on the fmc. You get all the data you want down there. (*not simulated* :( )
  5. The real aircraft doesn't have VNAV actually - Curious to why QW included it. From the AMM: Having experience with both aircraft in the real-world, I would vouch for the Majestic over the QW 146/RJ if you are absolutely set on getting only one. It's a pity the QW 146/RJ is a little systems light - but still good fun, Both are really excellent...and I would just get both!
  6. There's no such thing as the Boeing 'original'. The MMEL (Master MEL) approved and published by the FAA (or other certifying authority) is produced in conjunction with the aircraft manufacture. After that each operator utilizes the MMEL to produce a MEL applicable to themselves and equipment...then that gets approved by the authority once again. ...and once again have to emphasize the difference between (M) and (M#). (M) may be a 'maintenance action' but it's something accomplished by flight crews. Only (M#) actions require a maintenance release.
  7. I'm pretty sure default FSX airport vehicles will show up as traffic.
  8. I'm fairly certain there's a host of Sunwing liveries out there already for the NGX. Check the file library!
  9. This is a known issue with Saitek pedals. I've posted it before (can't find it), but this is the solution. Courtesy of the DCS forums http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1398682&postcount=27
  10. We've got lots in Canada...replacing many -200s... We're a bit behind the times hahahh
  11. I imagine the way the HUD has been collimated in the NGX would wreak havoc with the Oculus as well.
  12. The 100ish seat market is so crowded nowadays with newish Embraers, C-Series, numerous Asian projects...it'll be tough to see this project following through.
  13. You need to use the activation code that was supplied to you via email, or through the PMDG website. This is different than the order number For some reason in the past I never received PMDG's activation email when I purchased the NGX, but one is always able to retrieve the activation code from the PMDG website. Go to PMDG's website and select login in the top right-hand corner. Enter the appropriate information. If you had registered when you purchased then use the left fields, otherwise, enter your info in the right one. You will see this page, select previous orders A list of orders (or only one, depending on what you have purchased) will now be displayed. Select the appropriate 'More' pull-down menu next to the appropriate order. Select 'Order Details' Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and your download link, and activation code will be displayed. This activation code is what one utilizes to activate the product. You may copy (Cntrl-C) the activation code. When prompted in Flight Simulator for a code, paste the code and activate the product. Viola!
  14. Pretty much any regulatory authority's website will have MMEL's for a barrage of aircraft types: Transport Canada : http://wwwapps2.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/MEL-LEM/m_e_l_s.aspx?lang=eng FAA: http://fsims.faa.gov/PICResults.aspx?mode=Publication&doctype=MMEL EASA: https://easa.europa.eu/document-library/master-minimum-equipment-lists MEL's are operator specific, but the MMEL is the basis for these documents. The MMEL occasionally has even more information then a specific MEL, as the MMEL may include multiple options and variants in one document.
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