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  1. geeksnrobots

    TCAS showing random aircraft

    Yes, but when flying at FL330, I don't believe that they should cause any problems. Additionally, I have GSX longer than I own 737NGX, and in the 2 years that they have worked together, this is the first time I have such problems. I have all FSX AI traffic turned off... Martijn Sassen
  2. geeksnrobots

    TCAS showing random aircraft

    In Geneva, yes. But I also have the problem when I'm flying at Zürich or Schiphol (both of which I don't own any addons)
  3. geeksnrobots

    TCAS showing random aircraft

    Hello everyone, I have recently had a lot of problems with my PMDG products (737-800/900 + 777-200LR). My TCAS starts indicating random planes on my display, even though there is nobody. This can go from a single aircraft, to a swarm of 10. This is specially annoying during a short final, in an already crowded airport (so when I get a warning "CAUTION TRAFFIC", I can't know if it's an actual aircraft or not). To my experience, it only happens in TA/RA and TA only Until now, I would just turn off the transponder, but this is not a solution I would like to continue using. Thank you, Martijn