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  1. So far so good. Hopefully this will be better than the ISDG version and feature most of the buildings in the downtown area.
  2. Thanks for the detail info. It's quite easier to create orth4XP than I thought it would be.
  3. I am interested in creating some photoreal scenery using ortho4XP. I was watching a video online and it sais I need python for windows. This tutorial doesn't say anything about python, so do I need it or don't need and where do I get it? What is the difference between this and HD mesh4?
  4. I cleared the path under the sound tab in the P2A configuration and it is working now. I followed what I was told to do in the X-atc-chatter demo video. Why does it work for some and not others. I am happy it's working now. Dave needs to know about this. Thanks for your help
  5. Firstly I will try without a sound path. Frequency is not changing in the plane at all I am not getting an error message. Chatter just doesn't work I will get the log file and send later Thanks for your help
  6. I just purchased pilot2atc last week and file path is pilot2atc_2018_x64. I have pressed the comm standby and clicked on the up button to increased radio volume. Not sure what you mean by I don't have to specify a path to the sounds folder. The demo states that you need to do this. I don't see anyone in these forums with the same issue I have so i keep thinking I am doing something wrong but no idea what that could be. I did a couple flights with Pilot2atc and everything else works great.
  7. I purchase this rescently and over the last 2 days I've been trying to get this thing to work but no luck. I hear no chatter. Watched the demo, copy US controller folder to C:/pilot2atc_2018_x64/sounds/atc_chatter/controllers. In pilot2atc and under the sounds tab the root folder is pointing to C:/pilot2atc_2018_x64/sounds. controller folder chkd play chatter chkd pause between file playback chkd x plane 11-running in administrator x-atc-chatter Newest version of pilot2atc -running in administrator comm radio up button pressed several times when on ground and tower frequency is active. mute is off aircraft pwr on and tuned to ground or tower or clr delivery frequency The individual sound wav files play back no problems Pilot2atc and IXEG aircraft is fully functional and working in all other aspects Did I miss something?
  8. The only payware aircraft I own is 737 ixeg, and I'm hooked. I would like to buy another aircraft and looking at the FF a320 or 757. The FF 757 cockpit looks terrible to me. I need some good shots of the new version to see the improvement. I'm leaning towards the A320 at this point.
  9. I see default aircraft works in situation save. Add on aircraft do not it seems, because it doesn't save plugins. When I initially started using this sim about a month ago I found it to be very immersive but not being able to save a flight and ATC,,...don't have to say any more. Hope these features improve because there are very good things about X plane.
  10. I was trying to save IXEG 737 both times in LNAV and VNAV. The engines are not running and no power to systems. I advance the throttle but nothing. I will experiment with simpler default aircraft. Maybe the IXEG is too complex. Anyone else having problems saving this aircraft?
  11. I've saved two flights now in situation save but aircraft engine and systems are off in both instances when I load the situation. I'm guessing that I'm not doing anything wrong it just doesn't work very well in x plane?
  12. You are correct, I was saving in replay mode. Did not notice the switch above the file name. Thanks for making me aware of this.
  13. New to explain and have lots of question but I will start with this one. When I load a saved flight in FSX it would load in the position that I saved it. In x plane when I try to load a saved flight , it doesn't seem to work. I don't even know what I am suppose to do. What is this console popup doing? What do I press? When I press play it either crashes or the timer starts but no sound and no power in the plane.
  14. Best

    NG3? MAX?

    Pmdg 737 MAX for x plane. Just let me dream
  15. Bought this plane and happy I bought xplane. I now prefer x plane over P3D by a mile. Wish they had a good traffic program though.