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  1. How did you resolve this issue? I am having a similar problem
  2. Hello, I am looking for an American Airlines livery for Leval D767, does anyone know where I can get it?
  3. Hello, I wanted to see if we already purchased previous copies of PMDG 777 and NGX for FSX, can we get the 64 bit version for P3D V4 for a discount?
  4. Hey Byork, can you post an example of what I need to do, I think I am not getting the correct numbers, Thanks in advanced!
  5. After shutting engines down at the Gate and F/O calls for disarm doors, and waiting a few minutes, he doesn't shut the lights and ETC off, also, when I request Shutdown Check List, he keeps saying Standby! Please help me resove this issue! Thanks in advanced! Andre'
  6. Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to explain this to me byork! I realy appreciate you patience!
  7. Thank you guys VERY MUCH for your help! Is DA and the FAF found in the legs section on the FMC?
  8. I thank you for your information, but I have read the FS2Crew manual and I just needed a little help with the Reboot version considering changing from the first NGX FS2Crew to Reboot version, as they are very different As for charts, I just use the FSX ATC for all of my flights
  9. I appreciate your help! I see that you have to put the number text in the red letter places, but, can you give me some standard numbers to enter in the sections? Final Approach Fix Alt. and Missed Approach Alt PLEASE
  10. That must be in the NGX manual, right?
  11. Hello! I am having problems with my approach checklist with the new NGX Reboot, I keep getting a Play Brief (incomplete Data) message with Final approach fix alt., Minimums (DA) Baro, and Missed Approach Alt. I dont have a clue on how to correct this problem, PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advanced! Andre' The words are in RED color
  12. Hello, I am having trouble with the PMDG 777-300, I am unable to click on anything, buttons, FMC, or anything using the mouse. PLEASE help me resolve this major issue so that I may continue to enjoy this awesome aircraft. Thanks in advanced! Andre'
  13. Thank you VERY much! I will try this if it happens again, I just reinstalled it and that fixed the problem for now
  14. When I start up FS2CREW for the NGX it has a message saying to go to the forum due to an error, can someone please let me know what is going o FS2CREW failed to initialize error message when started with the NGX, can someone please HELP me resolve this issue! Thanks in advanced!
  15. drego22

    where are the liveries?

    Where can I find the Liveries on Avsim for the NGX 737?