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  1. Well done Bryne!I like the Level-D version more but this is (you have already said it) a SDK problem. Anyway again a fantastic add-on :( Thank you very much!!!P.S. Probably there will a way to make a least the Alt selector work in the future!? Would be very helpful.
  2. Hmm,seems that there is no answer to my question :(According to my manuals the power has to change to CLB (not CRZ) after selecting a pitch mode.Maybe someone can test it for me if it works on his system in the same way!?Probably it has with my pc, installation or something else to do.Thank you,Holger
  3. To set VNAV or LVCH at 1000ft agl is SOP.For example you can look here http://www.smartcockpit.com/pdf/plane/boei.../diagrams/0002/Meanwhile I talked to a real life 744 pilot and he said that the thrust power doesnt change when you selecting VNAV (LVCH).So there are two possebilities:1. I make something wrong (most probably)2. There is something working wrong in the aircraft.Any further ideas very welcomeThanks,Holger
  4. Thank you very much!The article is very interesting but unfortunely I didnt find a answer to my special question.You have two options to set the GA-Thrust. If you push once the toga then you get a reduced GA-Thrust, if you push twice times you get the full GA-Thrust.If choose the first option (reduced GA-Thrust, I think in most cases enough power)then the N1 Power is at aproax. 90%. If I now reach the acceleration hight and I select VNAV then the power rises up to N1 103%.This is my question or "problem". Hope you understand my intention because my english is not the best, unfortunely....Thank you,Holger
  5. And did you try a go around or you
  6. Does the silence mean that max thrust is correct when pushing the VNAV (LVCH) button during a go around procedure?Thank you,Holger
  7. Hello,one question concerning the correct go around procedure.I push the toga button, flaps 20
  8. Hello!In which part of the airfile can I change the lift effect of each Flap-setting seperately?Thank you,Holger
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