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  1. Disregard my previous post, I forget to set the layers properly for the registration to show correctly. Link and new version sent with a PM. Just reminds me what a worthless model was to paint with!! John
  2. @jchpa, Sent you a personal message. Let me know when you have downloaded and installed them (space is limited on my DropBox account). John
  3. Looking at the Blue livery (N399CK), it does seem that it could be slightly larger. Will get back to you later.
  4. You still haven't mentioned which registration / paintscheme you were looking for. I never said it was impossible, just that creating an accurate paint would not be easy. As I wrote earlier I haven't even looked at the Carenado C172N for some time but I could make a livery showing the area that can be used (regarding the size of the registration). Or look at it in a positive manner and realise that you saved yourself $25 !!
  5. And again the texture mapping will not allow it. The nose section and tailfin are only one sided meaning any text is mirrored on the "other" side. The only positive is that any striping will be aligned. As i said in my previous post, the texture mapping is not good (actually pretty dismal) and quite a few repaints I was planning to make just could not be made. The A2A and the Flight1 C172's offer far more possibilities than the Carenado offering. As for Carenado "paintkits" the answer is simple , they don't make them, you have to use the BMP's supplied in the "no livery / white" version normally added as an extra. This also complicates the painting as different techniques have to be used. Also with this model any text or logos that are placed on the doors or tailfin will be mirrored making those liveries less than accurate. You haven't mentioned the registration of the C172 you are looking for (or the paintscheme). I did upload some Carenado 172 paints here in the library but haven't touched the "paintkit" since then.
  6. There is a very good reason why the reg is what it is. The texture mapping on this model does not allow it. Have painted a few with this model and that was the reason I stopped making them as an "accurate" paint job was almost impossible. A2A's model was much better, even the Flight1 model allowed you to put a reg in the "correct" position.
  7. Reminds me of the HP printer I had. Just purchased new ink cartridges (all colours) and the printer no longer worked. After several attempts to contact HP was informed that the "problem" related to the printer head (remember when the printer head was actually on the cartridge) and could not be repaired and that the printer was no longer in warranty. This meant I had an expensive paperweight costing €80 (the ink) and no printer. The cartridges would only work in that particular model too. In the end I had to purchase a new printer of the same model (costing €60 !!). Always used the orignal cartridges (they do have a chip) and every time I renew them am offered a reward from HP for using their brand. No intention of doing that though, hopefully when the printer head on this one quits it will be before I purchase new ones. It's just cheaper to buy a new printer every time you run out of ink !!
  8. I've made a few Archer paints in the past ( search here at AVSIM under my name ) send a personal message ( to exchange email adresses ) and I should be able to help. John Glanville
  9. Ron , no , but you did forgot they're .
  10. Before you run ANY updates make sure to copy the [fltsim.XX] entries ( NOT the entire .cfg) from your aircraft.cfg . This will mean that by cutting and pasting the fltsim entries ( after you have updated ) you will not have to re-install your third party liveries . Have no idea if the Livery Manager has been updated to include the A330 yet but until then it will save you a lot of work in the future . Don't forget to make a fresh copy after installing any new liveries . John
  11. If you have the liveries installed and working correctly you only have to make backups using the Livery Manager - unistall the old version - install the latest and then use the Livery Manager to reinstall the liveries . The only other way to do this is to copy the entire textures folder ( for each model/type) and copy the [fltsim=XX] entries ( only ) in the aircraft.cfg then replace them when the new version is installed . Repalcing the entire aircraft.cfg would overwrite any changes made to it so not recommended . John Glanville
  12. You might have more success if you actually mention the model you want painting , just writing Airbus isn't enough information for any potential painters . The more information you , as the OP puts in your request , the more chance you will have for a result . John
  13. http://www.hovercontrol.com/
  14. Just to add , like Leen I still use PSP7 as well as it is what I am most comfortable with , have PSP Photo X2 as well , just never got round to reading the novel that came with it ! One major drawback with PSP7 however is that any paint kits with more than 100 layers will not load correctly . Discovered this with RealAir's Spitfire ( some sections had more than 300 layers ) . Layers that have an extra function added to them don't open at all . I imagine that Leen will have mentioned this in the FAQ's but one thing to remember is to use " Save as ... " when working on the psd files, lost quite a lot of my work in the begining by forgeting to do that . Saving as a psp file also means that you have a miniature of the texture when opening the paintkit ( after setting this in the preferences section of PSP7 ) . PhotoShop ( Adobe ) doesn't have this limitation but I am not a fan of the way the software is packaged these days - having to pay a subscription fee , prefer to buy my software with the right to support . John
  15. I might have been bitten by the A2A bug after looking through my C172 textures , just a shame that I will have to buy the P3D version as well as I hardly use FSX these days . No idea if A2A has sales these days . John
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