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  1. jdwgraf

    Painting VA

    You might have more success if you actually mention the model you want painting , just writing Airbus isn't enough information for any potential painters . The more information you , as the OP puts in your request , the more chance you will have for a result . John
  2. jdwgraf

    Helicopter controls

  3. Just to add , like Leen I still use PSP7 as well as it is what I am most comfortable with , have PSP Photo X2 as well , just never got round to reading the novel that came with it ! One major drawback with PSP7 however is that any paint kits with more than 100 layers will not load correctly . Discovered this with RealAir's Spitfire ( some sections had more than 300 layers ) . Layers that have an extra function added to them don't open at all . I imagine that Leen will have mentioned this in the FAQ's but one thing to remember is to use " Save as ... " when working on the psd files, lost quite a lot of my work in the begining by forgeting to do that . Saving as a psp file also means that you have a miniature of the texture when opening the paintkit ( after setting this in the preferences section of PSP7 ) . PhotoShop ( Adobe ) doesn't have this limitation but I am not a fan of the way the software is packaged these days - having to pay a subscription fee , prefer to buy my software with the right to support . John
  4. I might have been bitten by the A2A bug after looking through my C172 textures , just a shame that I will have to buy the P3D version as well as I hardly use FSX these days . No idea if A2A has sales these days . John
  5. If the C172 is also from A2A , the spinner is more central on the texture sheet ( to the right of the prop textures ) but the principle is the same , there is a stationary and a " blurred " texture that have to be painted . John
  6. Had a quick look at the textures , unfortunately I don't have the C182 so I can't try it myself in the sim but here is my version of your paint . Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxjqw4ijopfzure/c182_t_N118GS_spinner.psd?dl=0 One note , the spinner ( top left ) is drawn twice , stationary ( bottom 3 cones ) and in motion ( top 3 ) , you have to paint all of them . I used 192,192,192 for the spinner and 32,32,32 for the alpha , you will ( possibly ) have to alter this yourself to suit you but from what I know this should be a good starting point . John
  7. I had to check here in the library , my paints were uploaded back in 2013 ! Each one here has a painted spinner but I had others that were never uploaded so will have to go through the paint kit to find one . The method I described above works with most other aircraft , the possibility that you may have to alter the spec texture is also an option . Like I said it's been a while ! John
  8. It has been a while since I painted the A2A 172 but from what I remember painting the spinner in the alpha ( reflections ) layer an almost black colour will give you the polished spinner you want . Most of my A2A 172 paints were uploaded here and I will check on my PC if I can find one of these ( no longer installed ) . As for PhotoShop surely you can save directly as a DDS file using the NVIDIA plug-in ? The lastest version of DXTBmp ( mine has been installed some years now ) can also open DDS files . John
  9. As far as I was aware , anywhere in the [GRAPHICS] section but most advise to put it at the top . John
  10. Missing the line HIGHMEMFIX=1 In the [GRAPHICS] section John
  11. jdwgraf

    Monarch ceases trading

    How would that " help " Ryanair , of the 36 aircraft Monarch have 35 are Airbus "ses" . Not forgetting Ryanairs attitude towards it's pilots and cabin crew . John
  12. Paul , Here's a link to the new textures : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ab9nf5rdv1wk9ia/N274HA.zip?dl=0 To keep the download small I have only added the textures that have been altered . Either just place them in the existing texture map for the electric blue paint OR place the map texture.n274ha and copy the textures from electric blue . When asked to overwrite answer NO . Also included is the [fltsim=??] section of the aircraft.cfg . Just replace the ?? with the next consecutive number . John
  13. Not seeing your font but the font used in the original " electric blue " livery is Amarillo as used by the US military . I have the reg as Amarillo but just noticed that there are also specular textures ( just this paint ) so am now making a set for those too . John
  14. Were you successful ? Working on a similar request for the " electric blue " livery ( also here in the forum ) . If not , are you wanting the reg in the same position ? John Glanville
  15. Paul do you have any photos of N274HA ? It's been a while since I painted anything made by Carenado ( several in the library here ) but the 210 " paint kit " is straightforward enough . Looking on the net there is a postage stamp sized photo though the paint scheme is totally different . It would also help to show the font and size used for the reg . John Glanville