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  1. jchpa32

    No map in GNS430WAAS FSX

    In the last few days something has happened to the map in my GNS430WAAS. The map only shows a black background and bodies of water. No airports, airspace, etc. No matter what I do it will not return. Otherwise it works, will go direct and show the destination airport. Nothing I have read in the manual helps. This is in FSX SP2, WinXP. Always worked fine for years, now no map. Anyone have any ideas? JCH
  2. In the last few days something has happened to the map in my GNS430WAAS. The map only shows a black background and bodies of water. No airports, airspace, etc. No matter what I do it will not return. Otherwise it works, will go direct and show the destination airport. Nothing I have read in the manual helps.

    This is in FSX SP2, WinXP. Always worked fine for years, now no map.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  3. jchpa32


    OK, just flew version 1.1 and it is much improved! But now a new issue and an old one still needs fixed. New issue: In this version, now E (exit key) opens BOTH doors. Even clicking Pilot door on the animations manager opens BOTH doors. Click Co-Pilot Door and the Co-Pilot door opens. Old issue: The fuel selector now works, but has only L & R or two off selections, should have a BOTH selection (per the manual, and see the placard in the sim). I noticed this issue before but forgot to mention it. If I use the master switch on the panel, apparently it does not turn on the ALT (alternator) or GEN (generator) because after several minutes my electrical system goes dead, having drained the battery. If I use my key assignment for the master, this does not happen. This could be due the way I have saved my default flight, but shouldn't the master switch turn BOTH on, since it isn't a split switch as on newer aircraft? Otherwise, thank you Alabeo for the quick response in fixing the other issues, much appreciated!! JCH Addendum: I tried to submit this as a ticket but their stupid verification robot won't let me verify, it just keeps giving me more pictures to click. I gave up. Apparently they don't want to hear from me anymore.
  4. jchpa32


    Thanks for the update, troybilt! I will DL and check it out. As for the landing light and taxi light, it is the same switch. One notch out is the taxi light, and a second notch out is the landing light. This is real world, as per the RW manual for the 170B. I have to admit, it threw me at first, too, but a detail Alabeo got right. JCH
  5. jchpa32

    The Cessna C170B has been released!

    I submitted my post as a ticket to Alabeo, and the response was: Greetings, Thanks you very much, I'll send this report to the dev department to fix this for the next package. Regards Alabeo. Bob, thanks for posting the pictures. I couldn't figure out how to do it. Nice to know I am not the only one seeing the issue with the glass. JCH
  6. jchpa32

    The Cessna C170B has been released!

    I agree with Bob, looks terrific and flies well. But the bugs are many. I have the same issues as Bob, but is anyone seeing these? Flaps will not move unless the master is on. Odd, as the flaps are mechanically moved with a lever. When I open the pilot's side window, the frame moves out correctly. However, all the glass panels move out of the plane and into space at the same angle that the frame moves! The copilot's window frame rotates INTO the plane. The landing light lens moves above the wing, and the opposite side glass rotates down and out of the plane. Close the window and all the glass returns to it's correct position. Open the opposite window, it works in exactly the reverse. I have never seen this in any other simulation. My stall warning light does not illuminate in the stall. I will report if I find any more. JCH Edit: Just finished flying a trip, and yes, the performance is spot on. ETE 1:15, ATE 1:15, est. fuel burn 10.1, actual 10.4. This was using Skyvector and book figures from an actual 170B manual. But found some more issues; Fuel selector will not move. It clicks, but no movement from off, though fuel does flow-engine runs. Radios-knobs tune the active frequency, not the standby. During slow taxi turns or very slow taxi my airplane starts bouncing-have to brake to a full stop to mitigate it. Following up on Bob's issues: Yes, ammeter pegged at 30. Oil temp, almost top of green, tooltip shows 205, all the time. Oil pressure pegged, tooltip shows 76psi. Suction gauge pegged, tooltip shows 4.9. Carb Temp stuck right at top of yellow arc. I don't mean to nitpick, it is a very good simulation, but these little issues do distract from the realism and immersion factor. I hope they are fixed. This is in FSX. JCH
  7. jchpa32

    310-RW Performance!

    I know the C310 has been out for some time, but it is new to me, and I want to congratulate Alabeo on an excellent simulation. It is spot on as far as performance is concerned. I flew a route from KICT to KIKV (my home base) and using real world charts from a 310R manual, I determined a flight time of 1:43, and a fuel burn of 53 gallons. The charts also showed a TAS of 188K and a fuel flow of 30gph. My flight took exactly 1:43, and the total fuel used was 51 gallons. During cruise my TAS was 188K and my fuel flow was 31gph. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better, or real, than that! JCH
  8. jchpa32

    Warbirdsim Took My Money, No Product

    I started a dispute of the charges with my bank on Saturday, after a week of sending several e-mails to Warbirdsim and receiving no response. On Monday, 9 days after my purchase, I received an e-mail from Warbirdsim with the download links, and a short message saying that the website was not processing sales correctly. Thank you, Alan, I have to assume you helped that process along by contacting them. So I did get my product, and stopped the dispute process with the bank. But I will not buy from Warbirdsim again. JCH
  9. jchpa32

    Warbirdsim Took My Money, No Product

    Well, I won't ever deal with them again. They have simply ignored 4 emails, yet I find them on Facebook posting just recently about projects they are working on, so they are in business, though I don't understand how they could be if this is how they treat their customers. PayPal refused to help me because I don't have an account with them, so I have had to go through my bank and file a disputed charge claim. JCH
  10. Has anyone had problems with Warbirdsim? I bought the Mustang Tales package from their site Saturday, and to date have not received ANY acknowledgement from them at all. No download link, no receipt, nothing. All I have is a receipt from PayPal. I have sent e-mails to their support 3 times, with no response. Are they out of business and didn't shut down the site? Anyone else buy from them recently? I am out $40 US.
  11. I really dislike the only U.S. registered scheme JF included in their Arrow III/IV package. Is anyone willing to do any repainting of it, or even just modify one of their existing liveries with a N number for me? This is for the Just Flight Turbo Arrow IV in FSX. Thanks, JCH
  12. jchpa32

    RXP 530 Old Version Work?

    Thanks, Bert! I will try that. JCH
  13. Has anyone bought this and installed the old RXP 530W? I don't have version 2 that is listed as integrated on the Alabeo webpage. Nor do I have the GTN unit. JCH
  14. jchpa32


    J35OE- I meant that they only included charts for MAX range cruise, showing power settings for 300HP and TAS and FF for those settings. I couldn't tell if I was getting 'book' performance using the higher power settings because they didn't include those charts. I was getting around 40KTS higher speeds than those shown on their included charts. Would you be willing to share the performance charts and maybe some other things from your manual? JCH
  15. jchpa32


    I cannot select altitude in 100's, only thousands with the altitude select on the A/P, no matter what I try, left or right or center clicks. And the clock doesn't work. All else seems OK. The performance charts only show long range power and fuel flows (eg, for 300HP). My flight tonight I had 405HP and fuel flows of 244PPH, at FL230, much higher TAS than charts show. JCH