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  1. Hey everyone. Just tried a flight in the caravan and was struggling to maintain any speed with it at all. Also half way though the flight the AP stopped working properly and the VS decent values stopped working . The AP in generally seemed to glitch out. Anyone had any issues with this plane?
  2. All popout windows including the nav map drop me from 60fps to 30fps. Major perf hit for me anyway. 1-4 popouts combined in a single popout drops to 30. Separate to 2 unique popouts still 30. Separate to 3 drops to 20 something, and then 4 drops to around 12fps. So ya they are really hungry. Btw.. I am running an i7-9700k @ 4.8ghz, 32gb of DDR4 3200mhz ram and a GTX1080ti watercooled and overclocked. So not a crappy system. Running all ultra @ 1080p on a single screen and in a GA aircraft outside of a hub area I am getting 50-60fps. Flying a heavy out of Heathrow with traffic and heavy weather 25-30 on the ground and 30-45 in the air. Hope they manage to further optimise performance before PMDG release some products otherwise things will be tricky to run. Overall performance seems ok for the stock aircraft, but guessing there is room for improvement. Hopefully DX12 will improve things when they add it.
  3. Thanks peter. I meant fsx ai. What about something like ultimate traffic? Also how about using the cockpit share feature built in with either the maddog, or the a320. Then using your program to sync traffic and weather? Sorry for all the questions.
  4. thanks for the reply mate. What I meant was to have a shared cockpit session with a friend, so we are both in the same aircraft. But then I wanted to sync the ai traffic so we both see the same ai. And if player 2 calls the tower to ask for clearance, does that sync with player one, or are they just two separate instances with only certain things shared. Cheers, Mark.
  5. Hey guys. Stumbled upon this page while trying to figure out how to add shared ai traffic to a shared cockpit session. Is it possible with JoinFs? Cheers, Mark.
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